Baron Nashor

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Baron Nashor
Baron NashorSquare.png
Health 11541 (+140 per minute the game ensues)
Attack Damage: 500
Range: 955
Armor: 120
Magic Resistance: 70
Critical Strike Chance: 0%
Attack Speed: 0.75
Movement Speed: 0
Initial Spawn Time: 20:00
Respawn Time: 7:00
Gold Gain on Kill: 300
Experience Gain on Kill: 900


Baron Nashor is the most powerful neutral monster on Summoner's Rift. He is described in game as follows: "This is a very powerful hostile monster, approach with caution! Killing this monster will yield great monetary and magical rewards to the team, but it should not be confronted alone." Baron Nashor's name is an anagram of "Roshan", a neutral monster in Defense of the Ancients that fulfills a similar role.

Killing Baron Nashor grants the Exalted with Baron Nashor buff to all living champions on the team lasting a maximum of three minutes. Along with 300 gold and 900 experience to each champion on the team (living or dead).

The Baron Nashor buff grants a champion:

  • increased attack damage
  • increased ability power
  • a reduced recall time of only 4 seconds, this recall gives a massive heal and an 8 second movement speed buff after the recall.

Baron buff buffs nearby minions around the buffed champions granting them up to 90% of your movement speed.

Specific bonuses for different kinds of minions:

  • Melee Minions: Gain 80% damage reduction from almost all damage types
  • Ranged Minions: Gain increased damage and a minor increase in range.
  • Siege Minions: Gain massive increases to range – such that they outrange towers. Their attacks are 50% slower but are AoE and deal 4 times the damage to towers.
  • Super Minions: Gains 75% Movement Speed when nearby enemies as well as 25% Attack Speed.

The player who gets the last hit to kill Baron Nashor gains an additional 25 gold.


Unlike most other neutral monsters, Baron Nashor has four abilities. While they are not specifically referenced in-game, their animations and effects are visible and distinctive.

Wrath of the Ancients
Wrath of the Ancients deals magic damage and applies a debuff which increases magic damage taken. It stacks up to ten times on each target. While the debuff is similar to magic resistance reduction, it is different in that the increase in damage is applied to the damage taken before magic resistance is calculated.

Voracious Corrosion
Voracious Corrosion deals physical damage and applies a non-stacking debuff that reduces the physical and magic damage the target deals to Nashor by 50%

Sweeping Blow
Sweeping Blow knocks all champions away from Baron Nashor by a set range. This range is equivalent to the distance from Baron Nashor to the entrance to his locale.

Fluid Knockup
Baron Nashor's unnamed fourth ability is a knockup ability similar to
's Rupture. A green puddle of liquid shows on the ground where the knockup will happen, allowing players time to move out of the way of it.

Baron Nashor will usually start by using Wrath of the Ancients. If he feels you are doing too much physical damage, he may switch to Voracious Corrosion to cause the Attack Damage debuff while continuing to use Wrath of the Ancients for damage. He will mix in the knockback and knockup moderately often throughout the fight.


  • Baron Nashor is often a key objective in games because of its massive gold bonus and global buff.
  • Baron is immune to all forms of Crowd Control. However, any damage with the Crowd Control is dealt.
  • While soloing Baron is possible on some champions, it is not recommended. The key to soloing Baron is to have a high amount of damage per second, along with lifesteal(or similar sustain).
  • Killing Baron is simplest with the help of a whole team. Baron will usually attack the target closest to him, so players may trade off on tanking by moving closer or further to/from him.
  • It is common for teams to put a ward in the Baron pit or in the river near Baron. Before attempting to kill Baron, it is recommended to either place a Vision Ward or use an Oracle's Elixir to kill the enemy wards.
  • Because the Exalted with Baron Nashor buff is given to the team that deals the killing blow on Baron, it is possible for players to steal the kill after the enemy team deals most of the damage. While it is easiest to steal Baron using the Smite summoner spell, some champions can steal it with abilities like
    's Feast or
    ' Collateral Damage.
  • When Baron dies, the Exalted with Baron Nashor buff is only granted to those team members who are currently alive. Dead team members will respawn without the buff. Unlike the Ancient Golem and Lizard Elder buffs, the buff will not transfer when a player with the buff is killed.
  • Baron Nashor respawns 7 minutes after being slain

Patch History

Patch Notes 6.20

Knockback when dashing over Baron reduced.
Quote.png Let’s go back in time to the Summoner’s Rift update. In that update, we made Baron Nashor much, much bigger to make the encounter feel appropriately epic. As a result, crafty playtesters could ‘hide’ inside Baron through positioning tricks. We gave Baron a knockback to avoid these scenarios before we shipped the update. Cut to today. We took a look at Baron’s mechanics and felt the full second is a bit overkill for what the knockback is trying to do. While not the largest problem in the world, it does make a few champs feel bad about using their full suite of abilities to fight the Rift’s biggest bad. That doesn’t explain why some of you feel the need to dash right on top of a giant void worm, but hey, more power to you. Unquote.png
  • DASH COLLISION KNOCKBACK: 1 second ⇒ 0.33 seconds

Patch Notes 4.21
"Now that Hand of Baron has CLARITY OF DESIGN, players have been pretty good about using it to its maximum potential. Unfortunately, this makes outlasting or enduring a Baron buffed team pretty tough, so we're lowering its duration to maintain its clear identity without teams getting steamrolled as soon as it lands."

  • DURATION: 240 seconds ⇒ 180 seconds

Patch Notes 3.10
Summary: Baron Nashor now takes less physical and magical damage from targets affected by Voracious Corrosion (the single target debuff he applies to whoever's tanking him) as opposed to directly reducing Attack Damage. Context: Soloing Baron with sustained magic damage was too easy for a select few champions. This change makes things more consistent overall. A noted side effect is that teams who start fighting Baron will be at less of a disadvantage when engaged upon by the enemy team due to the fact that Voracious Corrosion no longer alters overall attack damage and instead only reduces damage directed at Baron Nashor. We'll continue to monitor this and act if it seems to be a significant problem.

  • Voracious Corrosion
    • No longer reduces the target's Attack Damage by 50%
    • Now reduces the physical and magic damage the target deals to Nashor by 50%

Patch Notes 3.04

Patch Notes 3.02

  • Dragon and Baron kill callouts should now display assists

Patch Notes

  • Base Health increased to 8,800 from 8,000
  • Health per minute increased to 140 from 125