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PNGA Bgob Path to Pro.jpg
Background Information
NameBruno Giovane
Country of BirthBrazil Brazil
BirthdaySeptember 9, 1997 (age 22)
Favorite Champs

Soloqueue IDsKeep BGOB, Godbgob
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Jun 2015 - Jul 2015
Ownerd e-Sportslogo std.pngOwnerd e-Sports
Jul 2015 - Aug 2015
Dexterity Teamlogo std.pngDexterity Team
Aug 2015 - Sep 2015
Santos Dexteritylogo std.pngSantos Dexterity
Sep 2015 - Oct 2015
Infinity Gaming e-Sportslogo std.pngInfinity Gaming e-Sports
Oct 2015 - Oct 2015
Gathers e-Sportslogo std.pngGathers e-Sports
Oct 2015 - Nov 2015
AceZone e-Sportslogo std.pngAceZone e-Sports
Nov 2015 - Dec 2015
Estúdio XP e-Sportslogo std.pngEstúdio XP e-Sports
Dec 2015 - Apr 2016
Keyd Warriorslogo std.pngKeyd Warriors
Dec 2015 - Apr 2016
Keyd Starslogo std.pngKeyd Stars
Apr 2016 - Apr 2016
Robot E-Sports Teamlogo std.pngRobot E-Sports Team
May 2016 - Aug 2016
Operation Kino e-Sportslogo std.pngOperation Kino
Jan 2017 - Apr 2017
Keep Gaminglogo std.pngKeep Gaming
Apr 2017 - May 2017
Sons of Tzu Gaminglogo std.pngSons of Tzu Gaming
May 2017 - Aug 2017
Brave e-Sportslogo std.pngBrave e-Sports
Dec 2018 - Nov 2019
Painlogo std.pngpaiN Gaming
Jan 2019 - Nov 2019
Painlogo std.pngpaiN Academy
Dec 2019 - May 2020
Intergalaxy Tigers Gaminglogo std.pngIntergalaxy Tigers

Bruno "Bgob" Giovane is a League of Legends esports player, previously jungler for Intergalaxy Tigers Gaming.


Gillette ULT[edit]

He was part of Brazilian reality show Gillette ULT, which was done in Brazil by Procter & Gamble (P&G) in a partnership with Riot Games, eventually winning the show along with Eradan, Ace, Blacky, Mestre, and Lannik.[9]. He was later contracted by paiN Gaming as part of the show's prize.


Tournament Results[edit]

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Minimum place

Bgob Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2020-05-19NQ BRCC 2020 Split 2 Promotion
0 : 3Rensga eSportslogo std.pngRNS
Intergalaxy Tigers Gaminglogo std.pngITX Eradan,  Inoue,  Bgob,  Deoxys,  Juzo,  Nano,  WizardKira
2020-05-056 BRCC 2020 Split 1
1 - 14Blanklogo std.pngRR
Intergalaxy Tigers Gaminglogo std.pngITX Eradan,  Bgob,  Snowlz,  Deoxys,  Inoue,  Juzo,  nano,  WizardKira,  Pegasus
2019-08-19NQ BRCC 2020 Split 1 Promotion
1 : 3Falkollogo std.pngFKL
Painlogo std.pngpaiN.A Eradan,  bgob,  ShiN1gami,  Yan,  nano
2019-08-07Q BRCC 2020 Split 1 Promotion Qualifiers
2 : 0Santos e-Sportslogo std.pngSAN
Painlogo std.pngpaiN.A Eradan,  bgob,  ShiN1gami,  Yan,  nano
2019-07-211 BRCC 2020 Split 1 Promotion Q3
2 : 0Logo std.pngAMIG
Logo std.pngPOWE Eradan,  Bgob,  ShiN1gami,  Yan,  Nano
2019-07-072 BRCC 2020 Split 1 Promotion Q1
1 : 2RED Academylogo std.pngRED.A
Logo std.pngPOWE Eradan,  Bgob,  ShiN1gami,  Yan,  Nano
2019-04-22NQ BRCC 2019 Split 2 Promotion Qualifiers
0 : 2WP Gaminglogo std.pngWP
Painlogo std.pngpaiN.A Eradan,  Bgob,  Grevthar,  Yan,  Nano
2019-03-312 BRCC 2019 Split 2 Promotion Q2
1 : 2Havan Liberty Gaminglogo std.pngHLA
Painlogo std.pngpaiN.A Eradan,  Bgob,  Grevthar,  Yan,  Mestre,  Nano
2019-03-243 BRCC 2019 Split 2 Promotion Q1
1 : 0INTZ Academylogo std.pngINTZ AC
Painlogo std.pngpaiN.A Eradan,  Bgob,  Grevthar,  Mestre,  Yan,  Nano
2017-08-22NQ BRCC 2018 Split 1 Promotion
2 : 3CNB Trinitylogo std.pngCNB TrW
Brave e-Sportslogo std.pngBrave Daniquest,  Bgob,  Evrot,  Sarkis,  Cabuloso



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