Black Market Brawlers (Showmatch)

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Black Market Brawlers Showmatch
Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerRiot Games
FormatBO1 Black Market Brawlers
Location & Dates
 North America
Event TypeOffline
CountryUnited States United States
AddressRiot North American Studios
Los Angeles, California



  • Single match Black Market Brawlers
  • Blind draft
  • Theme: Hard Times Gangsters (each player wears makeup and costume and has a gangster alias)
  • Team comms instead of live cast



International Kraken Society (IKS) Gangsters Against Nice Kids (GANK)
Player Champion Champion Player
Dignitaslogo std.png
  Jatt as Kittystomper
UdyrSquare.png Udyr Xin ZhaoSquare.png Xin Zhao Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.png
  Kobe as King Kobe
Complexitylogo std.png
  MeyeA as MayeBabe
AnnieSquare.png Annie DianaSquare.png Diana TeamMRNlogo std.png
  ClakeyD as CrayCray
Riot Games Inc.logo std.png
  Dash as Skippy
VladimirSquare.png Vladimir IreliaSquare.png Irelia Complexitylogo std.png
  Nick Wu as 2CrayCray
Riot Games Inc.logo std.png
  Phreak as PhLeak
JinxSquare.png Jinx TristanaSquare.png Tristana Dirtnaplogo std.png
  JDWU as NotoriousGG
Riot Games Inc.logo std.png
  Zirene as SaltyDoge
NautilusSquare.png Nautilus ThreshSquare.png Thresh Riot Games Inc.logo std.png
  Rivington as Roughington


EU LCS (pre- and post-match analysis) - Sjokz, Deficio, PiraTechnics, Krepo, Stress and Quickshot


International Kraken Society 1 0 Gangsters Against Nice Kids

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