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Brave e-Sports

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Brave e-Sports
Brave e-Sports.png
LOCATION: Brazil Brazil
COACHES: Erick "Erickão" Cardoso
MANAGERS: Erick "Cynical" Cardoso
TEAM CAPTAIN: Matheus "Sarkis" Guimarães
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CREATED: 1998-03-13
FORMER: RMA e-Sports

Brave e-Sports, formerly known as RMA e-Sports is a multigaming team sponsored by Ozone Gaming.


RMA was a team of 15-year-old founded in Diablo 1, well known by its Diablo 2 team and its renowned MMO roster. Since its inception, the team has as one of its priorities the base category and the revelation of new homemade talents. RMA is present in 7 games.

The team was known for encouraging the competitive scenario in the Diablo series in late 90s before the existance of the e-sports system. In the early 2000s, after more than 9 years of dedication to the Diablo series, the team migrated to MMOs, building an international legacy in several games in the genre such as Lineage 2, Perfect World, Aion, Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, always being among the top guilds.

In 2007 there was the first attempt to enter in the competitive scenario by creating the DotA team that was later the base of one of Brazil's most respected DotA teams. In 2008 RMA joined the Guild Wars competitive scenario. In October 2012, the RMA officially joined the League of Legends scene when hiring the former representative of Monomaniac.Peritus to represent the team in the Riot's Brazilian Championship.

Since then, the team has consolidating itself as one of the most important teams in Latin America [1]. On May 28th, RMA e-Sports rebrands itself into Brave e-Sports after good results in Brazilian Challenger Series.


Player Roster

ID Name
Top Laner Brazil Thulz Vinicius Machado
Jungler Brazil Bgob Bruno Giovane
Sub Top Laner Brazil Daniquest Daniel Cerruti
Sub Jungler Brazil Misor Gabriel Vicente
Sub Support Brazil huez0rd Guilherme da Fonseca

ID Name Role Next Team
AD Carry Brazil Sarkis Matheus Guimarães
Support Brazil cabuloso Victor Oliveira
Mid Laner Brazil Evrot Danniel Franco
Jungler Brazil 4Lan Alanderson Meireles
Team oNe eSports
Jungler Brazil Ferchu Fernando Aoki
T Show
Jungler Brazil Freire Matheus Freire
eChamp Gaming
Jungler Brazil Ktchorro Guilherme Henrique
AD Carry Brazil EzPrince Victor Sun
Operation Kino
Support Brazil BocaJR Emerson Alencar
Big Gods e-Sports
Mid Laner Brazil Sáss Eduardo Sass
Seven Wars e-Sports
Jungler Brazil bielz Gabriel Dallaruvera
Seven Wars e-Sports
Jungler Brazil Djokovic Thiago Maia
Mid Laner Brazil Shin1gam1 Alaor Leão
Support Brazil Korvac Eulio Rudá
Jungler Brazil Piolho Alexandre von Flach


Mid Laner Brazil frosty Arthur Rossoni
Cyber Gamer
Top Laner Brazil Element Arlindo Neto
Cyber Gamer
AD Carry Brazil Kalec Rodrigo Rodrigues
Cyber Gamer
Top Laner Brazil Age Felipe Alexander
Mid Laner Brazil Mandiocaa Adrian Romero
AceZone e-Sports
AD Carry Brazil MicaO Micael Rodrigues
AceZone e-Sports
Mid Laner Brazil prZo Gabriel Hirota
AD Carry Brazil Kiralho Vinicius Heidi Coachlogo std.png Coach
Support Brazil Gutso Gustavo Franco
Jungler Brazil Draek Rodrigo Oliveira
Support Brazil Bechede Bernardo Chede
AD Carry Brazil rhyuga Ramon Galego
Mid Laner Brazil Maou Rafael Cavalcante
Support Brazil RedBert Ygor Freitas
Mid Laner Brazil Rakin Rafael Knittel
JAYOB e-Sports

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
Brazil Fox Leandro Lisboa Top None Riot Season 2 Brazilian Championship
Brazil Ramires Allan Ramires Top None GeForce GTX League of Legends Invitational Brasil
Brazil Luk3z Lucas dos Santos Support BocaJR Go4LoL BR Cup #136


ID Name Role
Brazil Thongar Tiago Sans CEO
Brazil Cynical Erick Cardoso Competitive Manager
Brazil Erickão Erick Cardoso Coach
Brazil RafaP Rafael Pinheiro Assistant Coach
Brazil Cais Felipe Camargo Analyst

ID Name Role Next Team
Brazil Neki Vinicius Ghilardi Coach
KaBuM! e-Sports
Brazil Feefoo Sylvio Junior Coach
KaBuM! e-Sports

Team Achievements

2017 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-07-17 2017CDBr.png 6th 2017 Circuito Desafiante Stage 2 0-0-5 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L) R$ 3,500
2017-03-12 CBLoL.png 8th CBLoL 2017 Stage 1 0-3-4 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L) R $ 1,500
2017-01-18 ESLBrazil.png 2nd ESL Brasil Premier League 2 : 3
Operation Kino
R$ 5,000

2014 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-03-01 Go4LoL.png 1st ESL Go4LoL 2014 February 1 : 0
R$ 700
2014-02-23 Go4LoL.png 1st Go4LoL #69 1 : 0
R$ 500

2013 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-07-20 RpPoints.png 3 - 4th Riot Season 3 Brazilian Championship 0 : 2
paiN Gaming
$ 5,000
2013-06-16 RpPoints.png 4th BGL: Cartada Final 0 : 2
CNB e-Sports Club
$ 1,000
2013-05-12 RpPoints.png 3rd ESL Brasil Open 2 : 1
playArt Gaming
$ 1,500
2013-04-28 RpPoints.png 4th AGE Campinas 0 : 2
Keyd Team
$ 1,000
2013-04-14 1st LoLBrasil/Acezone #1 1 : 0
Insight eSports
R$ 500
2013-04-05 Go4LoL.png 2nd ESL Go4LoL 2013 April 0 : 1
CNB e-Sports Club
R$ 250
2013-04-22 BGL logo small.png 1st Brasil Gaming League Battle #8 2 : 0
SemXorah Gaming
R$ 250
2013-03-25 BGL logo small.png 1st Brasil Gaming League Battle #4 2 : 1
Keyd Team
R$ 250

2012 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2012-12-01 1st Torneio dos Legends #07 2 : 0
Nex Impetus
R$ 1,000
2012-11-25 5 - 6th GeForce GTX League of Legends Invitational Brasil 0 : 1
Insight eSports
2012-11-25 TeamRZR Logo.png 5 - 8th Razer Challenge Brasil 2013 1 : 2
Insight eSports
2012-11-02 BGL logo small.png 1st Brasil Gaming League #10 2 : 1
vVv Gaming Brasil
R$ 250
2012-10-12 RpPoints.png 5 - 8th Riot Season 2 Brazilian Championship 0 : 2
Insight eSports
2012-10-02 BGL logo small.png 1st Brasil Gaming League #07 2 : 0
Influxo Gaming
R$ 250

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