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Team has disbanded.
BrawL eSports
BrawLlogo square.png
Team Information
Org LocationMexico Mexico
OwnerSergio "Apocalypsis" Mendoza
CreatedOrganization 2013-11-04
DisbandedLoL Division 2017-11-08
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BrawL eSports is a Latin American team. They previously had a sister team in North America.


BrawL was created on November 4 2013. It's objective is to become the best League of Legends team in Latin American. The initial roster was H4ckerv2, Genre, Shakita, Xelth, Renack and Jamón.

On November 15, 2013. Renack left the team and Urek Mazin0 took its place. Five days later the player Xelth left the team too.

On December 4, 2013. GeneralMint joined the team to play in the offline tournament 'Liga Exodo' as the new ADC. GeneralMint, however, left the team on December 10 after his participation in this tournament.

On November, 2014. The organization decided to hire a more professional staff by adding a Psychologist and 2 Coaches.

On January 2, 2015. Jonag and Yoshi moved to substitute position because according to the team they didn't have enough time to focus on training with them. Ralso and Rophercy (former Satori botlane) joined replacing them.

On October 29, 2016. New roster is formed. Bazu, Quesito, Seifer, xKov and Ichigo joins for the 2017 spring split. Koifish joins as a coach/analyst.


  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013

Player Roster[edit]


C ID Name Role Next Team

Bazu Andrés Campos 11Top Laner PEX Teamlogo std.pngPEX Team

Devil de Grey Víctor Díaz 12Jungler PEX Teamlogo std.pngPEX Team

Flacoyo Dante Díaz 13Mid Laner PEX Teamlogo std.pngPEX Team

Kovako Daniel Duarte 14Bot Laner Regular Teamlogo std.pngRegular Team

Sony Nicolás Jiménez 15Support Lyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team)logo std.pngLyon Gaming

Guachi Javier Caonabo 21Sub/Top Retiredlogo std.pngRetired

Queso Daniel Coronado 22Sub/Jun Zeu5 Gaminglogo std.pngZeu5 Gaming

Darp Daniel Ruales 23Sub/Mid 6Senselogo std.png6Sense

NoLimit Jorge Santamaría 25Sub/Sup Darkness Eagles Esportslogo std.pngDarkness Eagles Esports

BethJB Elizabeth Muñoz 25Sub/Sup Retiredlogo std.pngRetired

Fearless Álvaro Menéndez 11Top Laner Gaming Gaminglogo std.pngGaming Gaming

Ichigo 15Support Pixel Esports Clublogo std.pngPixel Esports Club

Seifer James Quesada 13Mid Laner Deliverance Esportslogo std.pngDeliverance Esports

Prashant Tomás Sosa 11Top Laner 6Senselogo std.png6Sense

Acerola Daniel Villalobos 12Jungler Authority E-sportslogo std.pngAuthority E-sports

Rapid Jeff Macolonie 13Mid Laner Authority E-sportslogo std.pngAuthority E-sports

Manu Manuel Villa 14Bot Laner Authority E-sportslogo std.pngAuthority E-sports

Keoo Yair Campos 15Support Just Toys Havokslogo std.pngJust Toys Havoks

Seboo Sebastián Reyna 21Sub/Top Silver Crowslogo std.pngSilver Crows

Choisix Steven Cordero 15Support Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngInfinity Esports

Praisex Ibrahim López 12Jungler Hafnet eSportslogo std.pngHafnet eSports

Fearless Álvaro Menéndez 11Top Laner Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngInfinity Esports

Voltigore Mauricio Gutiérrez 11Top Laner Royal Academylogo std.pngRoyal Academy

Nymue Roberto Galán 12Jungler Silver Crowslogo std.pngSilver Crows

Sandroxx Alonso Reyes 12Jungler Ordo Equitumlogo std.pngOrdo Equitum

Axkhan José Peñaranda 15Support Coachlogo std.pngCoach

Zevymo Ezekiel Liu 11Top Laner Retiredlogo std.pngRetired

Idiovishus José Cordero 12Jungler Analystlogo std.pngAnalyst

Yogi Bryant Burgos 15Support Logo std.pngVentus (Latin American Team)

Harm Fernando Rivera 26Substitute Logo std.pngVentus (Latin American Team)

Pedro Pedro Hernández 26Substitute Retiredlogo std.pngRetired

dawolfsclaw Michael Taylor 13Mid Laner Magneticlogo std.pngMagnetic

Ralso Rubén Torres 14Bot Laner Satorilogo std.pngSatori

Rhopercy Armando Argüelles 15Support Satorilogo std.pngSatori

DevilFenix Mauricio Madrigal 22Sub/Jun Retiredlogo std.pngRetired

Torrasque Tomás Madrigal 23Sub/Mid Retiredlogo std.pngRetired

Jonag Jonathan García 24Sub/Bot Retiredlogo std.pngRetired

Yoshi Axel Tirado 25Sub/Sup Retiredlogo std.pngRetired

LuisioG Luis García 26Substitute DnH Advancelogo std.pngDnH Advance

Zeypher Esteban Guzmán 14Bot Laner Tesla Gaminglogo std.pngTesla Gaming

Billyjimi Adrian Moreno 26Substitute MaD Gaming MXlogo std.pngMaD Gaming MX

Banano Sebastián Ribas 26Substitute Retiredlogo std.pngRetired

Soscope Jhefferson Rondón 14Bot Laner CSG Gaminglogo std.pngCSG Gaming

Sky Ángel Trasfi 15Support CSG Gaminglogo std.pngCSG Gaming

Cero Christian López 26Substitute Team LoL Cavelogo std.pngTeam LoL Cave Mexico

N0thing Roberto Ponce 26Substitute Rejectedlogo std.pngRejected

NeeDlesS Fernando López 15Support Rejectedlogo std.pngRejected

DCStar Carlos Méndez 26Substitute Satori Redlogo std.pngSatori Red

FalleN Carlos Calderón 11Top Laner Silver Crowslogo std.pngSilver Crows

H4ckerv2 Gustavo Leyva 12Jungler Satori Redlogo std.pngSatori Red

Urek Mazin0 Daniel Carbajal 11Top Laner Rejectedlogo std.pngRejected

Genre Gerardo González 13Mid Laner Retiredlogo std.pngRetired

everDC Dante Gómez 14Bot Laner Team ANGlogo std.pngTeam ANG

DON CHOLO Sergio Salas 26Substitute Rejectedlogo std.pngRejected

Shakita Dan Villagómez 15Support Rejectedlogo std.pngRejected

4zeer0 Pedro Alcalá 14Bot Laner Rejectedlogo std.pngRejected

Jamón Jaime Villaseñor 26Substitute Destroy Gaminglogo std.pngDestroy Gaming

GeneralMint Roberto Ponce 14Bot Laner Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngInfinity Esports

Xelth Rodrigo Villanueva 14Bot Laner Aztek Gaminglogo std.pngAztek Gaming

Renack Fernando Sánchez 11Top Laner None



C ID Name Position

Apocalypsis Sergio Mendoza Co-Owner

Andarrack Andrés Sánchez General Manager


C ID Name Position Next Team

Madoka José Miguel Melquiades Head Coach Dragon Armylogo std.pngDragon Army Academy

Tahen Fabrizio Cano Analyst Mad Kingslogo std.pngMad Kings

KoiFish Christoffer Christensen Head Coach & Analyst Team Justlogo std.pngTeam Just Alpha

Idiovishus José Cordero 90Analyst None

Gio Rz Geovanni Ruiz Psychologist None

Leviathan Jordan Thwaites Head Coach Baskonia eSportslogo std.pngThunderX3 Baskonia

Apd0 Devin Hoback Coach None

Axkhan José Peñaranda 90Coach Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLoto Gaming

Kyore Diego Lizcano Analyst RvG eSplogo std.pngRevenge eSports

Snake Manuel Pérez General Manager None

Cneo Daniel Saeto Coach None

Manuel Cordoba Coach None

Wally Mario Armendáriz Manager None

Xavy Becker Javier Rodríguez Coach/Manager Satorilogo std.pngSatori

Lhoki Hugo González Coach Casterlogo std.pngCaster

JJ EX Alberto Laveaga Manager Rejectedlogo std.pngRejected


This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

BrawL eSports Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
CDLN 2017 Closing
2-5-3Blanklogo std.pngRR

 Devil deGrey,
CDLN 2017 Opening
2-3-5Blanklogo std.pngRR

LLN 2017 Opening Promotion
0 : 3Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF

LAN 2016 Closing Cup
2 - 8Blanklogo std.pngRR

LAN 2016 Closing Cup Promotion
3 : 0Tesla E-Sportslogo std.pngTeslaE

CDLN 2016 Opening Playoffs
0 : 3ZAGA Talent Gaminglogo std.pngZTG

CDLN 2016 Opening
11 - 3Blanklogo std.pngRR

2016-03-200020002$1,000$ 1,000€ 880
Riot Open Red Opening
5 - 2Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Prashant,  Frescolita,  Rapid,  Manu,  Choisix
2015 CDLN Closing Season
7 - 5Blanklogo std.pngRR

2015-06-050010001$500$ 500€ 450.18
Go4LoL LAN May 2015
1 : 0Red Arrows Teamlogo std.pngRedA
Total Prize:USD 1,500


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