BRCC 2018 Split 1 Promotion Access

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BRCC 2018 Split 1 Promotion
Access Tournament
BRCC 2017 Access Tournament.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerRiot Games
Promo Arena
FormatOpen Qualifiers
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
CountryBrazil Brazil
Start Date2017-08-07
End Date2017-08-15
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The Access Tournament (Portuguese: Torneio de Acesso) is the qualifier for the Brazilian Challenger Circuit. Eight teams from open qualifiers play for two spots in the Promotion Series.


  • Five open qualifiers
  • Ranking based on the points awarded at each qualifier
  • Eight teams qualify for playoffs:
    • Winners of each qualifier
    • Top three teams from points ranking that haven't won a qualifier
  • Playoffs' seeds determined by the position of the teams in the ranking: 1st vs 8th, 2nd vs 7th, etc.
    • In case of ties in points, the tiebreaker criteria is:
    1. Total of qualifiers won by the team
    2. Total of qualifiers the team was part of
    3. Best average placement in the qualifiers
    4. Head-to-head results
  • Quarterfinals are best of three, deciders are best of five
  • Winners of the deciders qualify to BRCC 2018 Split 1 Promotion

Qualified Teams[edit]

QBRCC 2018 Split 1 PromotionStay Gaminglogo std.pngStay Gaming
CNB Trinitylogo std.pngCNB Trinity White
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NQRagnarok e-Sportslogo std.pngRagnarok e-Sports
Logo std.pngSeguidores do Vastolord
Logo std.pngIlha do Medo
Logo std.pngHow I Met My Gikko
Sons of Tzu Gaminglogo std.pngSons of Tzu Gaming
Neo Llamas & Friendslogo std.pngNeo Llamas & Friends
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Playoffs Participants[edit]

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#1 from Ranking
Logo square.png


 The Nys



#2 from Ranking
Sons of Tzu Gaminglogo square.png





#4 from Ranking
Stay Gaminglogo square.png





#5 from Ranking
Logo square.png





#7 from Ranking
CNB Trinitylogo square.png






#8 from Ranking
Ragnarok e-Sportslogo square.png






1 Prior to playoffs, roster of Merciless Gaming Academy leaves the organization and forms How I Met My Gikko.



1Logo std.pngIlha do Medo110010075-75250
2Sons of Tzu Gaminglogo std.pngSons of Tzu Gaming-251075100210
3Logo std.pngSeguidores do Vastolord--100-50150
4Stay Gaminglogo std.pngStay Gaming2--2510010135
5Merciless Gaminglogo std.pngMerciless Academy105050--110
6Neo Llamas & Friendslogo std.pngNeo Llamas & Friends12575---100
7CNB Trinitylogo std.pngCNB Trinity White1501010-1080
8Ragnarok e-Sportslogo std.pngRagnarok e-Sports1010-501080
9Iron Hawks e-Sportslogo std.pngIron Hawks Ultimate--1025-35
10Cursor e-Sportslogo std.pngCursor e-Sports----2525
11ZION e-Sportslogo std.pngZION e-Sports3-10--1020
12Alpha Pro Gaminglogo std.pngAlpha Pro Gaming---10-10
12Logo std.pngBICA O POMBO---10-10
12Curupira e-Sportslogo std.pngCurupira e-Sports10----10
12ETES e-sportslogo std.pngETES e-sports-10---10
12Logo std.pngGaragem Gaming--10--10
12Iron Hawks e-Sportslogo std.pngIron Hawks Academy10----10
12Logo std.pngLEGAL---10-10
12No2B e-Sports Clubelogo std.pngNo2B e-Sports Clube---10-10
20Logo std.pngXaubras Returns175----0
1 Due to doing more roster changes than permitted, Ilha do Medo lost the points and qualification spot earned in the first qualifier. Since 2nd placed team Xaubras Returns disbanded (thus also losing their points), the spot goes to the 3rd placed team, CNB Trinity White. After losing the first spot, Ilha do Medo kept the spot earned in the second qualifier, that would otherwise go to Neo Llamas & Friends.[1]
2 Prior to Qualifier #4, roster of En9my Team leaves the organization and forms Stay Gaming.
3 Prior to Qualifier #5, roster of MPB Gaming is acquired by ZION e-Sports.


Round 1
Logo std.pngILHA
Ragnarok e-Sportslogo std.pngRNK
Stay Gaminglogo std.pngStay
Logo std.pngHOW
Qualification Match
Ragnarok e-Sportslogo std.pngRNK
Stay Gaminglogo std.pngStay
Round 1
Sons of Tzu Gaminglogo std.pngTZU
CNB Trinitylogo std.pngCNB TrW
Logo std.pngSEGU
Neo Llamas & Friendslogo std.pngNLlamas
Qualification Match
CNB Trinitylogo std.pngCNB TrW
Logo std.pngSEGU


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