Bread Bandit

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Bread Bandit
WYG Pan Stealer 2020 Closing.png
Background Information
NameFelipe Mendoza
Country of BirthColombia Colombia
 Latin America
Prev Residencies
TeamWygerslogo std.pngWygers Colombia
Competitive IDsPan Stealer
Social Media & Links
Infobox Twitterlogo std.png
Team History
Feb 2018 - Apr 2018
Logo std.png2Days
Jul 2018 - Nov 2018
Zeu5 Gaminglogo std.pngZeu5 Gaming
Dec 2018 - May 2019
MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMADL Colombia
May 2019 - Dec 2019
VAULTlogo std.pngVAULT
Dec 2019 - Jun 2020
Onoda Esportslogo std.pngOnoda Esports
Jun 2020 - Present
Wygerslogo std.pngWygers Colombia

Felipe "Bread Bandit" Mendoza is a League of Legends esports player, currently support for Wygers Colombia. He was previously known as Pan Stealer.



Tournament Results[edit]

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Bread Bandit Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2020-08-032 GL 2020 Closing
11 - 3Blanklogo std.pngRR
Wygerslogo std.pngWY Darkin,  Lio,  Shieldworm,  Guzke,  Zeypher,  Pan Stealer,  Insane
2020-05-032 GL 2020 Opening Playoffs
0 : 3Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ5
Onoda Esportslogo std.pngONODA Darkin,  Chinguita,  UnicornG,  Darp,  Zeypher,  Pan Stealer,  Insane
2020-04-062 GL 2020 Opening
12 - 2Blanklogo std.pngRR
Onoda Esportslogo std.pngONODA Darkin,  Chinguita,  UnicornG,  Darp,  Zeypher,  Pan Stealer,  Insane
2019-11-252 Super Copa Norte 2019
0 : 2Estral Esportslogo std.pngEST
VAULTlogo std.pngVLT Bazu,  Kouke,  Shieldworm,  Zeypher,  Pan Stealer,  RyuDkno
2019-10-253 - 4 Logitech G Challenge 2019
0 : 2Azules Esportslogo std.pngUCH
VAULTlogo std.pngVLT Jujo,  UnicornG,  Scythes,  Zeypher,  Bread Bandit,  Diego
2019-09-081 Logitech G Challenge 2019 - Colombia
2 : 1Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG
VAULTlogo std.pngVLT Jujo,  UnicornG,  Scythes,  Zeypher,  Bread Bandit,  Alpakalipstick
2019-08-063 - 4 GL 2019 Closing Playoffs
2 : 3MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLC
VAULTlogo std.pngVLT Jujo,  UnicornG,  Scythes,  Zeypher,  Bread Bandit,  Alpakalipstick
2019-07-162 GL 2019 Closing
10 - 4Blanklogo std.pngRR
VAULTlogo std.pngVLT Jujo,  UnicornG,  Scythes,  Gwiwis,  Zeypher,  Bread Bandit,  Alpakalipstick
2018-09-183 - 4 2018 CNCO Season
1 : 3VAULTlogo std.pngVLT
Zeu5 Gaminglogo std.pngZ5 Sander,  Athyz,  Falconz,  Gobely,  Chomi,  Pan Stealer,  Kusara
2018-09-013 Logitech G Challenge 2018 - Colombia Qualifier
1 : 2Regular Teamlogo std.pngRT
Zeu5 Gaminglogo std.pngZ5 Sander,  Athyz,  Falconz,  Chomi,  Pan Stealer,  Kusara




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