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Bulldog Esports
Bulldog Esportslogo square.png
Team Information
Org Location
United Kingdom
OwnerTony "Newts" Newton
Head CoachMarc "Suzu" Fábregas de Miguel
PartnerSharQ Controllers
GT Omega Racing
Created (1)2016-10-18
Disbanded (1)2017-07-07
Created (2)2018-06-17
Disbanded (2)2018-08-27
Created (3)2018-12-12
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Bulldog Esports is a British team.


On December 12, 2018, it was confirmed that the team will play in the UK League 2019.[1]


  • 2021
  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016
  • January 9, new roster is announced. Phawkes and Archie join. M.A.G joins as an analyst. Synygy leaves analyst role.[51]
  • January 14, Grievance leaves managerial role.[52]
  • January 25, Bradtek joins as a sub.[53]
  • February 8, Sir Scott joins as a sub.[54]
  • March 1, Synygy rejoins as a sub. Archie leaves.[55][56]
  • April 20, new roster is announced. Mooon and Raizins join. Nyx, Bradtek, Sir Scott and Synygy leave. Mac moves to Team Manager & Head Coach. Cyn joins as Assistant Coach. Exi joins as an Analyst. M.A.G leaves analyst role.[57]
  • June 18, Harro joins as a sub.[58]
  • June 21, Mac leaves managerial and coaching role.[59]
  • June 26, J3T leaves.[60]
  • June 27, Raizins leaves.[61]
  • June 28, Louis Green joins as Team Manager.[62]
  • July 6, Exi leave analyst role.[63]
  • July 7, team disbands.[64]

Player Roster[edit]


Contract Expiration Notice: To prevent over-reporting of changes, we are keeping players with expired contracts listed here until either (a) an announcement is made from the player or the team about their departure; (b) the player joins another team; or (c) the 2021 season begins & the player is not re-added to the GCD, whichever happens first.
R C ID Name Role Joined
Hachi Davy de Graaf 2Top 2021-01-10
Moller Magnus Moller 3Jungle 2021-01-10
Shiklin Jack King 4Mid 2021-01-10
Kasper Kasparas Valinskas 5Bot 2021-01-10
Poke Alban Tahiraj 6Support 2021-01-10


R C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Kera Arek Przybyla 11Top None 2020-01-152020-01-15 2021-01-102021-01-10
Zeiko Amaar Ansari 11Top None 2020-07-132020-07-13 2021-01-102021-01-10
Demo Liam Milburn 12Jungle None 2020-06-262020-06-26 2021-01-102021-01-10
Nutri Billy Wragg 12Jungle None 2020-07-182020-07-18 2021-01-102021-01-10
Girish Girish Chaudhary 15Support None 2020-01-152020-01-15 2021-01-102021-01-10
Snuggli Rich Farmery 15Support None 2020-07-182020-07-18 2021-01-102021-01-10
Kamil Kamil Marcysiak 12Jungle EGN Esportslogo std.pngEGN Esports 2020-07-052020-07-05 2020-09-062020-09-06
Thomas Goh Thomas Goh Balleby Hansen 13Mid None 2020-06-062020-06-06 2020-09-042020-09-04
Missclick Yannick Hiller 14Bot None 2020-07-032020-07-03 2020-08-252020-08-25
Foretell Hamza Al Taie 12Jungle Hyve Centrallogo std.pngHyve Central 2020-02-242020-02-24 2020-07-132020-07-13
Jacob Jakub Przewozniczuk 14Bot Cowana Gaminglogo std.pngcowana Gaming 2020-01-152020-01-15 2020-07-032020-07-03
Jenxas Liutauras Macius 12Jungle Justforfunlogo std.pngjustforfun 2020-06-062020-06-06 2020-06-202020-06-20
Windz Dylan Cass 13Mid NVision Esportslogo std.pngNVision Esports 2020-01-152020-01-15 2020-06-062020-06-06
Roselina Hoessein Mubarak 12Jungle None 2020-01-152020-01-15 2020-02-242020-02-24
Eternity Giuliano Wölm 13Mid Enclavelogo std.pngEnclave 2019-09-292019-09-29 2020-01-152020-01-15
Gould Jorge Lujan 14Bot Absolvedlogo std.pngAbsolved UK 2019-01-252019-01-25 2020-01-152020-01-15
Seb Sebastian Vican 15Support Logo std.pngfunky town 2019-09-292019-09-29 2019-12-112019-12-??
Yike Martin Sundelin 12Jungle Hybrid Esportslogo std.pngHybrid Esports 2019-09-292019-09-29 2019-12-142019-12-14
EgoSpeed Max Korner 11Top Revenge (British Team)logo std.pngRevenge 2019-07-282019-07-28 2019-10-292019-10-29
SynapseSprinter Ethan Templeton 11Top Peak Esportslogo std.pngPeak Esports 2019-07-282019-07-28 2019-09-292019-09-29
Demo Liam Milburn 12Jungle Bulldog Esportslogo std.pngBulldog Esports 2019-07-282019-07-28 2019-09-292019-09-29
Commit Jungle Christoffer Johan 12Jungle Tarin Esports Clublogo std.pngTarin Esports Club 2019-07-282019-07-28 2019-09-292019-09-29
Howson 13Mid None 2019-07-282019-07-28 2019-09-292019-09-29
Zoinkers Daniel White 13Mid Nuclear Storm Gaminglogo std.pngNuclear Storm Gaming 2019-07-282019-07-28 2019-09-292019-09-29
TheKat Rayan Karout 15Support None 2019-07-282019-07-28 2019-09-292019-09-29
Toliam Tom Brandon 11Top Radiant Esportslogo std.pngRadiant Esports 2019-01-252019-01-25 2019-07-282019-07-28
Kalwerd Sergio Domínguez Alcala 13Mid None 2019-01-252019-01-25 2019-07-282019-07-28
Daejin Gianluca Melchiorre 15Support None 2019-01-252019-01-25 2019-07-282019-07-28
Cokey Josh Price 14Bot Diabolus Esportslogo std.pngDiabolus Esports 2019-04-172019-04-17 2019-06-272019-06-27
Qenal Alan Czech 12Jungle DIVIZONlogo std.pngDIVIZON 2019-04-172019-04-17 2019-05-202019-05-20
EgoSpeed Max Korner 11Top Bulldog Esportslogo std.pngBulldog Esports 2019-01-252019-01-25 2019-05-162019-05-16
Saizo Richard Pascoletti 12Jungle Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2019-01-252019-01-25 2019-04-052019-04-05
Egospeed Max Korner 11Top Team Dynastylogo std.pngTeam Dynasty 2018-06-172018-06-17 2018-08-272018-08-27
Praevius Joshua Elliott-James 12Jungle Eversitylogo std.pngeversity 2018-08-102018-08-10 2018-08-272018-08-27
Stern Rowboat Robert Watson 13Mid None 2018-08-182018-08-18 2018-08-272018-08-27
Aethér Bailey Philp 14Bot Enclavelogo std.pngEnclave 2018-08-102018-08-10 2018-08-272018-08-27
Viggo Viggo Lindhe 15Support Hybrid Esportslogo std.pngHybrid Esports 2018-08-102018-08-10 2018-08-272018-08-27
FlameMort 13Mid None 2018-06-172018-06-17 2018-08-182018-08-18
Praevius Joshua Elliott-James 12Jungle Tasty Stick Esportslogo std.pngTasty Stick Esports 2018-06-172018-06-17 2018-06-232018-06-23
Kzed Arnold Chu 14Bot Tasty Stick Esportslogo std.pngTasty Stick Esports 2018-06-172018-06-17 2018-06-232018-06-23
Dandy 15Support None 2018-06-172018-06-17 2018-06-232018-06-23
Phawkes Jens Daniel Kramhøft 11Top Solidarity eSportslogo std.pngSolidarity eSports 2017-01-092017-01-09 2017-07-072017-07-07
Mooon 13Mid None 2017-04-202017-04-20 2017-07-072017-07-07
Faxulous Lawrence Clegg 14Bot Excel Esportslogo std.pngExcel Esports 2016-10-222016-10-22 2017-07-072017-07-07
Harro 25Sub/Sup None 2017-04-202017-04-20 2017-07-072017-07-07
Raizins Neyas Guruswamy 15Support Enclavelogo std.pngEnclave 2017-04-202017-04-20 2017-06-272017-06-27
J3T Josh Bhella 12Jungle None 2016-12-212016-12-21 2017-06-262017-06-26
Nyx Rory Miller 13Mid None 2016-10-262016-10-26 2017-04-202017-04-20
Bradtek 23Sub/Mid Team Singularitylogo std.pngTeam Singularity 2017-01-252017-01-25 2017-04-202017-04-20
Sir Scott Scott Sidney 24Sub/Bot None 2017-02-082017-02-08 2017-04-202017-04-20
Synygy Alex Winton 25Sub/Sup Wind and Rainlogo std.pngWind and Rain 2017-03-012017-03-01 2017-04-202017-04-20
Archie2b Vyacheslav Egorov 15Support Gambit Esportslogo std.pngGambit Esports 2016-01-092016-01-09 2017-03-012017-03-01
Trilipe Joe Phillip 12Jungle GLB eSportslogo std.pngGLB eSports 2016-10-182016-10-18 2016-12-202016-12-20
LvL 99 Yordle Matthew Wilcock 11Top None 2016-10-182016-10-18 2016-12-162016-12-16
DannieBoy 21Sub/Top None 2016-10-262016-10-26 2016-12-162016-12-16
Sur 15Support None 2016-10-262016-10-26 2016-12-142016-12-14
Reclamation Karl Dixon 15Support Enclavelogo std.pngEnclave 2016-10-222016-10-22 2016-10-252016-10-25
Synygy Alex Winton 15Support Analystlogo std.pngAnalyst 2016-10-182016-10-18 2016-10-202016-10-20

Temporary Subs[edit]

R C ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
J3T Josh Bhella 12Jungle Trilipe Insomnia59 Winter 2016[76]
DocDa Harry Evans 12Jungle None FoC 2018 Summer Tournament 2
FoC 2018 Summer Tournament 3
FoC 2018 Summer Tournament 4
Hosshin Wojtek Piórecki 14Bot None FoC 2018 Summer Tournament 2
FoC 2018 Summer Tournament 3
Shõga Tarquin Weesie 15Support None FoC 2018 Summer Tournament 2
Blue45ty Maciej Zaremba 15Support None FoC 2018 Summer Tournament 3
Jamada Adrian Thorne None FoC 2018 Summer Tournament 3
FoC 2018 Summer Tournament 4
Caius None FoC 2018 Summer Tournament 4
Crave 15Support None FoC 2018 Summer Tournament 4



C ID Name Position
Newts Tony Newton Founder
Suzu Marc Fábregas de Miguel 80Head Coach
SinCyn Jimmy Knox Assistant Coach
Burnsiee Jordan Burns Analyst
Pivotless Evie Pullen Manager


C ID Name Position Next Team Joined Left
Slip Ashley Haynes Manager Playing-DucksLogo std.pngPlaying Ducks 2020-06-06 2020-10-11
fremutO Jan Fremut 80Assistant Coach None 2020-07-052020-07-05 2020-09-122020-09-12
Rox Alessandro Rossetti 80Head Coach Iron Wolveslogo std.pngIron Wolves 2020-06-062020-06-06 2020-07-132020-07-13
W1NN3R F4NB0Y Luca Mancinelli 80Scout Godsentlogo std.pngGodsent 2020-06-062020-06-06 2020-06-132020-06-13
giambobanana Kevin Rossi Manager Justforfunlogo std.pngjustforfun 2020-02-03 2020-06-06
Rox Alessandro Rossetti 80Coach Bulldog Esportslogo std.pngBulldog Esports 2020-02-032020-02-03 2020-04-142020-04-14
Sotze Davide Di Guida 80Coach None 2019-09-292019-09-29 2019-12-032019-12-03
fremutO Jan Fremut 80Analyst Bulldog Esportslogo std.pngBulldog Esports 2019-07-282019-07-28 2019-11-212019-11-21
Mure Matteo Murelli 80Manager Team Refuselogo std.pngTeam Refuse 2019-09-292019-09-29 2019-10-112019-10-??
CastielMid Dennis Hoese 80Head Coach Austrian Force eSportslogo std.pngAustrian Force eSports 2019-07-282019-07-28 2019-09-082019-09-08
Kaito Carlos Vioque 80Analyst Team Quesologo std.pngTeam Queso 2019-04-082019-04-08 2019-05-292019-05-29
Gofio Antonio Valenciano 80Head Coach Team Quesologo std.pngTeam Queso 2019-02-142019-02-14 2019-05-292019-05-29
newb0uld Sam Newbould Team Manager London Esportslogo std.pngLondon Esports 2018-12-12 2019-03-21
Murloc Rúben Rodrigues 80Head Coach Vikingekrig Esportslogo std.pngVikingekrig Esports 2019-01-252019-01-25 2019-02-042019-02-04
Torok James Thomsen 80Head Coach Barrage Esportslogo std.pngBarrage Esports 2018-07-032018-07-03 2018-08-272018-08-27
Louis Green Team Manager None 2017-06-28 2017-07-07
Cyn Stuart McLeod Assistant Coach North Carolina State Universitylogo std.pngNorth Carolina State University 2017-04-20 2017-07-07
Exi Jannick Brücher Analyst Origenlogo std.pngOrigen 2017-04-20 2017-07-06
Mac James MacCormack Team Manager & Head Coach Origenlogo std.pngOrigen 2016-10-18 2017-06-21
M.A.G Analyst None 2017-01-09 2017-04-20
Grievance Grant Rousseau Team Manager Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCounter Logic Gaming 2016-10-18 2017-01-14
Synygy Alex Winton Analyst Bulldog Esportslogo std.pngBulldog Esports 2016-10-26 2017-01-09
GE Wolf Danny Brain Analyst Natus Vincerelogo std.pngNatus Vincere 2016-10-18 2016-12-16


This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Bulldog Esports Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2021-01-15Q UKLC 2021 Replacement Qualifier
3 : 0NerdRagelogo std.pngnR
 Hachi,  Moller,  Shiklin,  Kasper,  Poke
2020-08-24NQ UKLC 2020 Relegation Series
0 : 3Resolvelogo std.pngRSV
 Zeiko,  Nutri,  Thomas Goh,  Missclick,  Snuggli,  Suzu
2020-07-278 UKLC 2020 Summer
0 - 14Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Kera,  FORETELL,  Demo,  Kamil,  Zeiko,  Nutri,  Thomas Goh,  Jacob,  Missclick,  Girish,  Snuggli,  Rox,  Suzu
2020-06-07Q UKLC 2020 Summer Closed Qualifiers
2 : 1Viperiologo std.pngVIP
 Kera,  Jenxas,  Thomas Goh,  Jacob,  Girish,  Rox
2020-04-073£250£250£250 UKEL 2020 Spring Playoffs
0 : 2London Esportslogo std.pngLDN
 Kera,  Foretell,  Windz,  Jacob,  Girish,  Rox
2020-03-163 UKEL 2020 Spring
4 - 3Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Kera,  Roselina,  Foretell,  Windz,  Jacob,  Girish,  Rox
2019-10-29NQ£125£125£125 FoC 2019 Summer Promotion
0 : 1Barrage Esports Retirement Homelogo std.pngBRG RH
 EgoSpeed,  Yike,  Eternity,  Gould,  Seb,  Sotze
2019-10-0110 - 13£212.5$ 278.13€ 247.28 FoC 2019 Summer Main Event
0 : 2Enclavelogo std.pngENC
 EgoSpeed,  Yike,  Eternity,  Gould,  Seb,  Sotze
2019-09-244 UKEL 2019 Summer Playoffs
0 : 2Nuclear Storm Gaminglogo std.pngNSG
 EgoSpeed,  Commit Jungle,  Zoinkers,  Howson,  Gould,  TheKat,  SynapseSprinter
2019-09-163 UKEL 2019 Summer
4 - 3Blanklogo std.pngRR
 EgoSpeed,  SynapseSprinter,  Commit Jungle,  Demo,  Lolman07,  Zoinkers,  Seb,  Howson,  Gould,  TheKat,  CastielMid
Total Prize:USD 0 • GBP 588




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