CBLOL 2020 Split 1

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CBLOL 2020 Split 1
CBLOL 2020 Logo.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerRiot Games
Red Bull
Prize PoolR$ 40,000
Location & Dates
Event TypeOffline/Online
CountryBrazil Brazil
Start Date2020-01-25
End Date2020-04-26
Streams Twitch
ScheduleSpoiler-Free Schedule
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The CBLOL 2020 Split 1 starts the sixth year of the Brazilian professional League of Legends league in its current format. Split 1 features 8 teams in a triple round robin over 9 weeks of play. The top 4 advance to the playoffs.



  • 8 teams participate
  • 9 weeks, League play
  • Triple Round Robin
  • Matches are best of one
  • Advancement:
  • Ties are broken by the following methods:
    1. Head-to-head record during regular season
    2. Shortest combined game time (for the team's wins)
    3. If still tied, a tiebreaker game will be played

Prize Pool[edit]

R$ 40,000 Brazilian Reais are spread among the teams as seen below:

PlacePrizePrize (%)QualificationTeam
PlacementIcon1.png 1PlayoffsVivo Keydlogo std.pngVivo Keyd
PlacementIcon2.png 2PlayoffsFlamengo eSportslogo std.pngFlamengo eSports
PlacementIcon3.png 3PlayoffsFURIA Esportslogo std.pngFURIA Uppercut
4PlayoffsKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKaBuM! e-Sports
5R$15,00037.5%Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngProdigy Esports
6R$10,00025%Painlogo std.pngpaiN Gaming
7R$7,50018.75%PromotionINTZlogo std.pngINTZ
8R$7,50018.75%BRCC Split 2Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRedemption POA


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1 ProGaming Esports rebrands to Prodigy Esports.[1]
2 FURIA Esports acquires Uppercut esports and forms FURIA Uppercut.[2][3]


CBLOL 2020 Split 1 Standings
1Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVivo Keyd14 - 767%2L
2Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFlamengo eSports13 - 862%1W
3FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFURIA Uppercut11 - 1052%2W
4KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKaBuM! e-Sports11 - 1052%6W
5Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngProdigy Esports11 - 1052%1W
6Painlogo std.pngpaiN Gaming10 - 1148%1L
7INTZlogo std.pngINTZ8 - 1338%3L
8Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRedemption eSports POA6 - 1529%1L

Match Schedule[edit]

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Patch: 10.1Disabled:

Week 1
Sat 25 Jan - Sun 26 JanSat 25 Jan - Sun 26 JanSun 26 Jan - Mon 27 Jan2020,1,25,16,00 - 2020,1,26,19,00
Sat 2020-01-25
Sat 2020-01-25
Sun 2020-01-26
PNGPainlogo std.png01Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLA
PRGProdigy Esportslogo std.png10Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVK
ITZINTZlogo std.png01Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP
FURFURIA Esportslogo std.png10KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM
Sun 2020-01-26
Sun 2020-01-26
Mon 2020-01-27
FLAFlamengo eSportslogo std.png10Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVK
PRGProdigy Esportslogo std.png10FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR
RDPRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png10KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM
ITZINTZlogo std.png01Painlogo std.pngPNG
Patch: 10.2
Week 2
Sat 1 Feb - Sun 2 FebSat 1 Feb - Sun 2 FebSun 2 Feb - Mon 3 Feb2020,2,01,16,00 - 2020,2,02,19,00
Sat 2020-02-01
Sat 2020-02-01
Sun 2020-02-02
RDPRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png01FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR
KBMKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png01INTZlogo std.pngITZ
VKVivo Keydlogo std.png10Painlogo std.pngPNG
FLAFlamengo eSportslogo std.png10Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG
Sun 2020-02-02
Sun 2020-02-02
Mon 2020-02-03
VKVivo Keydlogo std.png10INTZlogo std.pngITZ
PNGPainlogo std.png10Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP
FURFURIA Esportslogo std.png10Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLA
PRGProdigy Esportslogo std.png10KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM
Patch: 10.2
Week 3
Sat 8 Feb - Sun 9 FebSat 8 Feb - Sun 9 FebSun 9 Feb - Mon 10 Feb2020,2,08,16,00 - 2020,2,09,19,00
Sat 2020-02-08
Sat 2020-02-08
Sun 2020-02-09
ITZINTZlogo std.png01Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG
FLAFlamengo eSportslogo std.png10Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP
KBMKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png10Painlogo std.pngPNG
VKVivo Keydlogo std.png10FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR
Sun 2020-02-09
Sun 2020-02-09
Mon 2020-02-10
KBMKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png01Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLA
FURFURIA Esportslogo std.png10INTZlogo std.pngITZ
PNGPainlogo std.png10Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG
RDPRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png01Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVK
Patch: 10.4
Week 4
Sat 29 Feb - Sun 1 MarSat 29 Feb - Sun 1 MarSun 1 Mar - Mon 2 Mar2020,2,29,16,00 - 2020,3,01,19,00
Sat 2020-02-29
Sat 2020-02-29
Sun 2020-03-01
PNGPainlogo std.png10FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR
VKVivo Keydlogo std.png10KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM
FLAFlamengo eSportslogo std.png10INTZlogo std.pngITZ
PRGProdigy Esportslogo std.png10Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP
Sun 2020-03-01
Sun 2020-03-01
Mon 2020-03-02
FLAFlamengo eSportslogo std.png10Painlogo std.pngPNG
RDPRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png01INTZlogo std.pngITZ
VKVivo Keydlogo std.png10Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG
KBMKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png10FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR
Patch: 10.4Disabled:
Week 5
Sat 7 Mar - Sun 8 MarSat 7 Mar - Sun 8 MarSun 8 Mar - Mon 9 Mar2020,3,07,16,00 - 2020,3,08,19,00
Sat 2020-03-07
Sat 2020-03-07
Sun 2020-03-08
KBMKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png10Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP
PNGPainlogo std.png10INTZlogo std.pngITZ
FURFURIA Esportslogo std.png10Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG
VKVivo Keydlogo std.png10Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLA
Sun 2020-03-08
Sun 2020-03-08
Mon 2020-03-09
ITZINTZlogo std.png10KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM
PRGProdigy Esportslogo std.png10Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLA
PNGPainlogo std.png01Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVK
FURFURIA Esportslogo std.png01Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP
Patch: 10.5
Week 6
Sat 14 Mar - Sun 15 MarSat 14 Mar - Sun 15 MarSun 15 Mar - Mon 16 Mar2020,3,14,16,00 - 2020,3,15,19,00
Sat 2020-03-14
Sat 2020-03-14
Sun 2020-03-15
ITZINTZlogo std.png10Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVK
FLAFlamengo eSportslogo std.png10FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR
KBMKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png10Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG
RDPRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png01Painlogo std.pngPNG
Sun 2020-03-15
Sun 2020-03-15
Mon 2020-03-16
FURFURIA Esportslogo std.png01Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVK
PNGPainlogo std.png10KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM
RDPRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png10Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLA
PRGProdigy Esportslogo std.png10INTZlogo std.pngITZ
Patch: 10.7Disabled:

Week 7
Fri 10 Apr - Sun 12 AprFri 10 Apr - Sun 12 AprSat 11 Apr - Mon 13 Apr2020,4,10,16,00 - 2020,4,12,19,00
Fri 2020-04-10
Fri 2020-04-10
Sat 2020-04-11
PRGProdigy Esportslogo std.png01Painlogo std.pngPNG
VKVivo Keydlogo std.png10Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP
ITZINTZlogo std.png10FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR
FLAFlamengo eSportslogo std.png10KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM
Sat 2020-04-11
Sat 2020-04-11
Sun 2020-04-12
RDPRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png01Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG
KBMKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png10Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVK
ITZINTZlogo std.png01Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLA
FURFURIA Esportslogo std.png10Painlogo std.pngPNG
Sun 2020-04-12
Sun 2020-04-12
Mon 2020-04-13
ITZINTZlogo std.png10Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP
PRGProdigy Esportslogo std.png01Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVK
FURFURIA Esportslogo std.png10KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM
FLAFlamengo eSportslogo std.png01Painlogo std.pngPNG
Patch: 10.7Disabled:

Week 8
Fri 17 Apr - Sun 19 AprFri 17 Apr - Sun 19 AprSat 18 Apr - Mon 20 Apr2020,4,17,16,00 - 2020,4,19,19,00
Fri 2020-04-17
Fri 2020-04-17
Sat 2020-04-18
PRGProdigy Esportslogo std.png01FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR
ITZINTZlogo std.png10Painlogo std.pngPNG
RDPRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png01KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM
FLAFlamengo eSportslogo std.png01Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVK
Sat 2020-04-18
Sat 2020-04-18
Sun 2020-04-19
VKVivo Keydlogo std.png10Painlogo std.pngPNG
KBMKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png10INTZlogo std.pngITZ
FLAFlamengo eSportslogo std.png01Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG
RDPRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png01FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR
Sun 2020-04-19
Sun 2020-04-19
Mon 2020-04-20
PRGProdigy Esportslogo std.png01KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM
FURFURIA Esportslogo std.png01Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLA
ITZINTZlogo std.png10Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVK
PNGPainlogo std.png01Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP
Patch: 10.8Disabled:
Week 9
Fri 24 Apr - Sun 26 AprFri 24 Apr - Sun 26 AprSat 25 Apr - Mon 27 Apr2020,4,24,16,00 - 2020,4,26,19,00
Fri 2020-04-24
Fri 2020-04-24
Sat 2020-04-25
VKVivo Keydlogo std.png10FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR
KBMKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png10Painlogo std.pngPNG
FLAFlamengo eSportslogo std.png10Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP
ITZINTZlogo std.png01Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG
Sat 2020-04-25
Sat 2020-04-25
Sun 2020-04-26
KBMKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png10Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLA
RDPRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png10Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVK
FURFURIA Esportslogo std.png10INTZlogo std.pngITZ
PNGPainlogo std.png10Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG
Sun 2020-04-26
Sun 2020-04-26
Mon 2020-04-27
PRGProdigy Esportslogo std.png10Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP
PNGPainlogo std.png01FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR
VKVivo Keydlogo std.png01KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM
FLAFlamengo eSportslogo std.png10INTZlogo std.pngITZ


  • In the Third Round (from the Third Day of the Week 7) the team with the advantage in the direct confrontation chooses the side. If tied, the team that won in the shortest time chooses the side.
  • Matches from Week 4 onwards were rescheduled due to security measures after heavy rain in São Paulo.[4]
  • Matches from Week 7 onwards were rescheduled and made online due the 2019–20 Coronavirus Pandemic.[5]

VODs & Match Links[edit]

As of November 2019, to view Riot's Match History pages, log into your League of Legends account; if you are logged out, the page will display a 500 error.

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VODs & Match Links
Week 1
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Painlogo std.pngPNGFlamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLA0 - 1SchaeppiTixinha, takeshiPNGFLALinkPBStartHLGoku
Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRGVivo Keydlogo std.pngVK1 - 0GruntarSkeat, gstv1PRGVKLinkPBStartHLWos
INTZlogo std.pngITZRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP0 - 1SchaeppiTixinha, Melao13ITZRDPLinkPBStartHLBalKhan
FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFURKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM1 - 0GruntarSkeat, NapponFURKBMLinkPBStartHLAlternative
Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLAVivo Keydlogo std.pngVK1 - 0GruntarTixinha, Melao13FLAVKLinkPBStartHLLuci
Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRGFURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR1 - 0SchaeppiSkeat, takeshiPRGFURLinkPBStartHLAloned
Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDPKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM1 - 0GruntarTixinha, NapponRDPKBMLinkPBStartHLBalKhan
INTZlogo std.pngITZPainlogo std.pngPNG0 - 1SchaeppiSkeat, gstv1ITZPNGLinkPBStartHLbrTT
Week 2
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDPFURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR0 - 1SchaeppiSkeat, gstv1RDPFURLinkPBStartHLAnyyy
KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBMINTZlogo std.pngITZ0 - 1GruntarTixinha, NapponKBMITZLinkPBStartHLTay
Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVKPainlogo std.pngPNG1 - 0SchaeppiSkeat, takeshiVKPNGLinkPBStartHLNOsFerus
Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLAProdigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG1 - 0GruntarTixinha, Melao13FLAPRGLinkPBStartHLWooFe
Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVKINTZlogo std.pngITZ1 - 0GruntarSkeat, NapponVKITZLinkPBStartHLGrell
Painlogo std.pngPNGRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP1 - 0SchaeppiTixinha, Melao13PNGRDPLinkPBStartHLKey
FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFURFlamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLA1 - 0GruntarSkeat, gstv1FURFLALinkPBStartHLAnyyy
Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRGKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM1 - 0SchaeppiTixinha, takeshiPRGKBMLinkPBStartHLGaro
Week 3
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedMHVODsMVP
INTZlogo std.pngITZProdigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG0 - 1SchaeppiSkeat, gstv1ITZPRGLinkPBStartHLfNb
Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLARedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP1 - 0GruntarTixinha, NapponFLARDPLinkPBStartHLWooFe
KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBMPainlogo std.pngPNG1 - 0SchaeppiSkeat, takeshiKBMPNGLinkPBStartHLParang
Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVKFURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR1 - 0GruntarTixinha, Melao13VKFURLinkPBStartHLNOsFerus
KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBMFlamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLA0 - 1SchaeppiTixinha, takeshiKBMFLALinkPBStartHLWooFe
FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFURINTZlogo std.pngITZ1 - 0GruntarSkeat, gstv1FURITZLinkPBStartHLAnyyy
Painlogo std.pngPNGProdigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG1 - 0SchaeppiTixinha, Melao13PNGPRGLinkPBStartHLtinowns
Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDPVivo Keydlogo std.pngVK0 - 1GruntarSkeat, NapponRDPVKLinkPBStartHLRobo
Week 4
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Painlogo std.pngPNGFURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR1 - 0SchaeppiSkeat, gstv1PNGFURLinkPBStartHLtinowns
Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVKKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM1 - 0GruntarTixinha, Melao13VKKBMLinkPBStartHLRobo
Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLAINTZlogo std.pngITZ1 - 0SchaeppiSkeat, NapponFLAITZLinkPBStartHLGoku
Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRGRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP1 - 0GruntarTixinha, takeshiPRGRDPLinkPBStartHLAloned
Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLAPainlogo std.pngPNG1 - 0SchaeppiTixinha, takeshiFLAPNGLinkPBStartHLGoku
Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDPINTZlogo std.pngITZ0 - 1GruntarSkeat, NapponRDPITZLinkPBStartHLTianci
Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVKProdigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG1 - 0SchaeppiTixinha, Melao13VKPRGLinkPBStartHLKlaus
KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBMFURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR1 - 0GruntarSkeat, gstv1KBMFURLinkPBStartHLParang
Week 5
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedMHVODsMVP
KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBMRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP1 - 0GruntarSkeat, NapponKBMRDPLinkPBStartHLParang
Painlogo std.pngPNGINTZlogo std.pngITZ1 - 0SchaeppiTixinha, gstv1PNGITZLinkPBStartHLYang
FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFURProdigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG1 - 0GruntarSkeat, Melao13FURPRGLinkPBStartHLAlternative
Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVKFlamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLA1 - 0SchaeppiTixinha, takeshiVKFLALinkPBStartHLNOsFerus
INTZlogo std.pngITZKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM1 - 0SchaeppiSkeat, takeshiITZKBMLinkPBStartHLShini
Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRGFlamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLA1 - 0GruntarTixinha, gstv1PRGFLALinkPBStartHLAloned
Painlogo std.pngPNGVivo Keydlogo std.pngVK0 - 1SchaeppiSkeat, Melao13PNGVKLinkPBStartHLRobo
FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFURRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP0 - 1GruntarTixinha, NapponFURRDPLinkPBStartHLPatrick
Week 6
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedMHVODsMVP
INTZlogo std.pngITZVivo Keydlogo std.pngVK1 - 0SchaeppiSkeat, Melao13ITZVKLinkPBStartHLHauz
Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLAFURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR1 - 0GruntarTixinha, gstv1FLAFURLinkPBStartHLLuci
KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBMProdigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG1 - 0SchaeppiSkeat, NapponKBMPRGLinkPBStartHLParang
Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDPPainlogo std.pngPNG0 - 1GruntarTixinha, takeshiRDPPNGLinkPBStartHLSeongHwan
FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFURVivo Keydlogo std.pngVK0 - 1GruntarSkeat, Melao13FURVKLinkPBStartHLGrell
Painlogo std.pngPNGKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM1 - 0SchaeppiTixinha, gstv1PNGKBMLinkPBStartHLYang
Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDPFlamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLA1 - 0GruntarSkeat, takeshiRDPFLALinkPBStartHLSephis
Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRGINTZlogo std.pngITZ1 - 0SchaeppiTixinha, NapponPRGITZLinkPBStartHLfNb
Week 7
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRGPainlogo std.pngPNG0 - 1SchaeppiTixinha, takeshiPRGPNGLinkPBStartHLtinowns
Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVKRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP1 - 0GruntarSkeat, Melao13VKRDPLinkPBStartHLNOsFerus
INTZlogo std.pngITZFURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR1 - 0SchaeppiTixinha, gstv1ITZFURLinkPBStartHLHauz
Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLAKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM1 - 0GruntarSkeat, NapponFLAKBMLinkPBStartHLJojo
Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDPProdigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG0 - 1SchaeppiTixinha, takeshiRDPPRGLinkPBStartHLAloned
KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBMVivo Keydlogo std.pngVK1 - 0GruntarSkeat, NapponKBMVKLinkPBStartHLTutsz
INTZlogo std.pngITZFlamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLA0 - 1SchaeppiTixinha, gstv1ITZFLALinkPBStartHLRanger
FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFURPainlogo std.pngPNG1 - 0GruntarSkeat, Melao13FURPNGLinkPBStartHLAnyyy
INTZlogo std.pngITZRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP1 - 0GruntarSkeat, Melao13ITZRDPLinkPBStartHLTianci
Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRGVivo Keydlogo std.pngVK0 - 1SchaeppiTixinha, gstv1PRGVKLinkPBStartHLProfessor
FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFURKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM1 - 0GruntarSkeat, NapponFURKBMLinkPBStartHLAlternative
Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLAPainlogo std.pngPNG0 - 1SchaeppiTixinha, takeshiFLAPNGLinkPBStartHLbrTT
Week 8
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRGFURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR0 - 1VecetTixinha, Melao13FURPRGLinkPBStartHLAnyyy
INTZlogo std.pngITZPainlogo std.pngPNG1 - 0GruntarSkeat, takeshiPNGITZLinkPBStartHLShini
Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDPKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM0 - 1VecetTixinha, NapponRDPKBMLinkPBStartHLParang
Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLAVivo Keydlogo std.pngVK0 - 1GruntarSkeat, gstv1FLAVKLinkPBStartHLGrell
Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVKPainlogo std.pngPNG1 - 0GruntarSkeat, gstv1VKPNGLinkPBStartHLRobo
KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBMINTZlogo std.pngITZ1 - 0VecetTixinha, NapponITZKBMLinkPBStartHLDudsTheBoy
Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLAProdigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG0 - 1GruntarSkeat, takeshiFLAPRGLinkPBStartHLAloned
Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDPFURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR0 - 1VecetTixinha, Melao13RDPFURLinkPBStartHLDamage
Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRGKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM0 - 1GruntarSkeat, takeshiKBMPRGLinkPBStartHLWiz
FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFURFlamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLA0 - 1VecetTixinha, NapponFLAFURLinkPBStartHLJojo
INTZlogo std.pngITZVivo Keydlogo std.pngVK1 - 0GruntarSkeat, gstv1ITZVKLinkPBStartHLTianci
Painlogo std.pngPNGRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP0 - 1VecetTixinha, Melao13RDPPNGLinkPBStartHLKrastyel
Week 9
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVKFURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR1 - 0GruntarTixinha, NapponFURVKLinkPBStartHLProfessor
KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBMPainlogo std.pngPNG1 - 0SchaeppiSkeat, TakeshiKBMPNGLinkPBStartHLTutsz
Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLARedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP1 - 0GruntarTixinha, gstv1RDPFLALinkPBStartHLAbsolut
INTZlogo std.pngITZProdigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG0 - 1SchaeppiSkeat, Melao13PRGITZLinkPBStartHLfNb
KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBMFlamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLA1 - 0SchaeppiTixinha, takeshiFLAKBMLinkPBStartHLCeos
Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDPVivo Keydlogo std.pngVK1 - 0GruntarSkeat, gstv1VKRDPLinkPBStartHLBocaJR
FURIA Esportslogo std.pngFURINTZlogo std.pngITZ1 - 0SchaeppiTixinha, Melao13ITZFURLinkPBStartHLDamage
Painlogo std.pngPNGProdigy Esportslogo std.pngPRG1 - 0GruntarSkeat, NapponPNGPRGLinkPBStartHLtinowns
Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngPRGRedemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngRDP1 - 0SchaeppiSkeat, takeshiPRGRDPLinkPBStartHLAloned
Painlogo std.pngPNGFURIA Esportslogo std.pngFUR0 - 1GruntarTixinha, gstv1FURPNGLinkPBStartHLMinerva
Vivo Keydlogo std.pngVKKaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngKBM0 - 1SchaeppiSkeat, Melao13VKKBMLinkPBStartHLParang
Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngFLAINTZlogo std.pngITZ1 - 0GruntarTixinha, NapponITZFLALinkPBStartHLAbsolut


Week 1
1Flamengo eSportslogo std.png2-02-0
1Prodigy Esportslogo std.png2-02-0
1Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png2-02-0
4FURIA Esportslogo std.png1-11-1
4Painlogo std.png1-11-1
6INTZlogo std.png0-20-2
6KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png0-20-2
6Vivo Keydlogo std.png0-20-2
Week 2
1Flamengo eSportslogo std.png1-13-1
13FURIA Esportslogo std.png2-03-1
1Prodigy Esportslogo std.png1-13-1
4Painlogo std.png1-12-2
43Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png0-22-2
42Vivo Keydlogo std.png2-02-2
71INTZlogo std.png1-11-3
82KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png0-20-4
Week 3
1Flamengo eSportslogo std.png2-05-1
21FURIA Esportslogo std.png1-14-2
21Prodigy Esportslogo std.png1-14-2
22Vivo Keydlogo std.png2-04-2
51Painlogo std.png1-13-3
62Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png0-22-4
7INTZlogo std.png0-21-5
71KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png1-11-5
Week 4
1Flamengo eSportslogo std.png2-07-1
2Vivo Keydlogo std.png2-06-2
31Prodigy Esportslogo std.png1-15-3
42FURIA Esportslogo std.png0-24-4
41Painlogo std.png1-14-4
61INTZlogo std.png1-12-6
61KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png1-12-6
6Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png0-22-6
Week 5
11Vivo Keydlogo std.png2-08-2
21Flamengo eSportslogo std.png0-27-3
3Prodigy Esportslogo std.png1-16-4
4FURIA Esportslogo std.png1-15-5
4Painlogo std.png1-15-5
6INTZlogo std.png1-13-7
6KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png1-13-7
6Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png1-13-7
Week 6
1Vivo Keydlogo std.png1-19-3
2Flamengo eSportslogo std.png1-18-4
31Painlogo std.png2-07-5
3Prodigy Esportslogo std.png1-17-5
51FURIA Esportslogo std.png0-25-7
6INTZlogo std.png1-14-8
6KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png1-14-8
6Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png1-14-8
Week 7
1Vivo Keydlogo std.png2-111-4
2Flamengo eSportslogo std.png2-110-5
3Painlogo std.png2-19-6
41Prodigy Esportslogo std.png1-28-7
5FURIA Esportslogo std.png2-17-8
6INTZlogo std.png2-16-9
71KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png1-25-10
82Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png0-34-11
Week 8
1Vivo Keydlogo std.png2-113-5
2Flamengo eSportslogo std.png1-211-7
32FURIA Esportslogo std.png2-19-9
3Painlogo std.png0-39-9
31Prodigy Esportslogo std.png1-29-9
6INTZlogo std.png2-18-10
61KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png3-08-10
8Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png1-25-13
Week 9
1Vivo Keydlogo std.png1-214-7
2Flamengo eSportslogo std.png2-113-8
3FURIA Esportslogo std.png2-111-10
42KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png3-011-10
52Prodigy Esportslogo std.png2-111-10
63Painlogo std.png1-210-11
71INTZlogo std.png0-38-13
8Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.png1-26-15

Individual Awards[edit]

MVP Standings[edit]

MVP Standings
16Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngAloned
16KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngParang
35FURIA Esportslogo std.pngAnyyy
44Vivo Keydlogo std.pngNOsFerus
44Vivo Keydlogo std.pngRobo
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44Painlogo std.pngtinowns
73FURIA Esportslogo std.pngAlternative
73Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngfNb
73Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngGoku
73Vivo Keydlogo std.pngGrell
73INTZlogo std.pngTianci
73Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngWooFe
132Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngAbsolut
132Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngBalKhan
132Painlogo std.pngbrTT
132FURIA Esportslogo std.pngDamage
132INTZlogo std.pngHauz
132Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngJojo
132Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngLuci
132Vivo Keydlogo std.pngProfessor
132INTZlogo std.pngShini
132KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngTutsz
132Painlogo std.pngYang
241Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngBocaJR
241KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngCeos
241KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.pngDudsTheBoy
241Prodigy Esportslogo std.pngGaro
241Painlogo std.pngKey
241Vivo Keydlogo std.pngKlaus
241Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngKrastyel
241FURIA Esportslogo std.pngMinerva
241Redemption eSports Porto Alegrelogo std.pngPatrick
241Flamengo eSportslogo std.pngRanger