CIS Challenger League/2018 Season

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CIS CL 2018 Spring Standings
1Dolphins of Wall Streetlogo std.pngDolphins8 - 280%2W
1The Largest Salarylogo std.pngThe Largest Salary8 - 280%1W
3Comanchelogo std.pngComanche6 - 460%1L
4Team Just Icelogo std.pngTeam Just.ICE4 - 640%1W
5Dragon Armylogo std.pngDragon Army Academy3 - 730%1L
6Aston eSportslogo std.pngAston eSports1 - 910%5L
Qualifier #1
Qualifier #2


CIS CL 2018 Summer Standings
1CrowCrowdlogo std.pngCrowCrowd8 - 280%1L
1PlaPro.c58logo std.pngPlaPro.c588 - 280%4W
3AVANGARlogo std.pngAVANGAR7 - 370%2L
4Monolith Gaminglogo std.pngMonolith Gaming4 - 640%1W
5SeaDoggoslogo std.pngSeaDoggos2 - 820%1L
6Team Just Icelogo std.pngTeam Just.ICE1 - 910%1W
Qualifier #1
Qualifier #2