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Players from Egypt[edit]

1DarKNess Sherif HeshamGlorious Gaminglogo std.pngGlorious Gaming EUEgypt EgyptTop2000-08-0819
Alicus Ali SabaEgypt EgyptManagerAlicusOfficial1992-06-0527
Biskoo Youssef Moataz (يوسف معتز)Glorious Gaminglogo std.pngGlorious Gaming EUEgypt EgyptSupportBiskooLoL
Fev3r Khaled El NoshokatyAnubis Gaminglogo std.pngAnubis GamingEgypt EgyptSupportANBFev3r
Fr0m 0 2 Her0 Rami Al-KasbiEgypt EgyptJungler
JoyLucky Omar AminQLASH Egyptlogo std.pngQLASH EgyptEgypt EgyptJunglerJoyLucky02000-12-0519
Lunatic Osama Mohamed FaridQLASH Egyptlogo std.pngQLASH EgyptEgypt EgyptBot1999-10-1020
Mero Marwan Hammad (مروان حمد)Egypt EgyptBot1996-03-2024
Meza Hamza AshraifAnubis Gaminglogo std.pngAnubis GamingEgypt EgyptMid1997-08-1722
Molto Mahmoud SakrEgypt EgyptTop
P41NN Ehab Hesham (Ehab Hesham)QLASH Egyptlogo std.pngQLASH EgyptEgypt EgyptJungler1998-06-0321
Paralyze Mahmoud NassefKlick n Killlogo std.pngKlick n KillEgypt EgyptSupportStreamparalyzelol1995-12-0224
RateD Mohamed SolimanAnubis Gaminglogo std.pngAnubis GamingEgypt EgyptJunglerANBRateD2000-05-0919
Sakka Karim El-Sakka (كريم السقا)Egypt EgyptMid1997-11-1922
San Eslam Ashraf (اسلام اشرف)NASR eSportslogo std.pngNASR eSportsEgypt EgyptBot54N_lol1997-09-0622
Sanchovies KarimCanada CanadaStreamSanchovies1997-06-2522
Sivvy Fady Ibrahim El QasabiQLASH Egyptlogo std.pngQLASH EgyptEgypt EgyptSupport

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