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These are templates used for the various roster swap pages on the wiki.


This is used for all confirmed roster changes, including those that began as rumors.

Content Arguements[edit]

  • change=, specifies what sort of transaction it is. There are four options: transfer, signed, free and retired. transfer is the most common one and is used for most transactions including free agent signings, players moving from one team to another, players becoming coaches, etc. signed is used for players with no team history previous to this transaction. free is for a player becoming a free agent. retired is for a player who is retiring.
  • date1= and date2=, the date that the player joined/departed the team in YYYY-MM-DD format. Enter N/A for date1= if the player is signed. Enter question marks for any part of the date that is not known. free and retired will only have a date1= field.
  • team1= and team2=, the team the player left/joined. This can be either the team's abbreviation or their full name, and will produce an image of the team's logo. Free Agent, Riot and N/A are also valid entries for team, though the free template should be used for players who become free agents. signed will only have a team2= field and retired and free will only have a team1= field.
  • pos1= and pos2=, the player's positions. Valid entries are top, jungle, ad, support, analyst, manager, coach, caster and inactive. Abbreviations, such as s for support are also now valid. If you fill out pos1 but not pos2 in a template that's meant to have both, the table will display the same position twice, but if you fill out pos2 only, it will display None as the player's first position. signed will only have pos2 and retired and free will only have pos1=.
  • player=, the player's name. This will create a link to their page.
  • url1= and url2=, the sources for the transaction. url1 should be the confirmation of the player departing the first team and url2 should be the confirmation of the player joining the second team. Either can be omitted if you only have one url, and the omitted one will create a dummy link that displayes Transfer when moused over in place of a hyperlink. signed will only have url2 and retired and free will only have url1=.


This is used for all rumored transactions. A rumor line should only be filled out if a transaction is originally reported as a rumor, and does not need to be done if a transaction was announced with no rumors. Do not delete a rumor line when the rumor is confirmed.

Content Arguements[edit]

  • status=, whether the rumor is proven or disproven. This will create a hyperlink to the url specified in statuslink=. This should be Rumor if it is still a rumor or Confirmed!, Disproven, Unsuccessful or Prank! once it is resolved. This cannot be left blank.
  • statuslink=, the url of the source confirming or denying the rumor. This should be left blank if the rumor is still unconfirmed.
  • url= is also used in this template but should be used for the source that originally reported the rumor, not for the confirmation. This should always be filled out.
  • This template also uses date=, player=, pos1= and pos2=, and team1 and team2. All of these work the same as in RosterChangeLine, but date= should specify the date that the rumor was reported, and should not be updated once it is confirmed or denied.


Works exactly the same as RosterRumorLine, but should be used for rumors that the player will not be signing with a particular team.


This is used for non-player rumors, such as teams being sold. It uses the content arguement text=, which should contain a short summary of whatever rumor it is reporting, such as The Philadelphia 76ers will acquire Team Dignitas, which will display in the table. This can contain links, as in the example, and a hyperlink to the source that reported the rumor should be part of the text= field.