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Challenger Chat
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General Information
HostJosh "Howspiffing" Raven
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Challenger Chat is a series of interviews with Challenger players from both Europe and North America. It is hosted by Josh "Howspiffing" Raven.

Episode List[edit]

# Date Guest(s) Title Links Length
8 2015-03-30 Gilius
Challenger Chat Finale: G2 Gilius, Dig EU Sencux, OG Veteran - EUCS Playoffs/Relegations VOD 69m
7 2015-02-24 Hiiva Challenger Chat Episode 7: G2 Hiiva VOD 33m
6 2015-02-17 Sencux Challenger Chat Episode 6: Dignitas Sencux VOD 33m
5 2015-01-30 sOAZ Challenger Chat Episode 5: Origen sOAZ VOD 25m
4 2015-01-27 Nien Challenger Chat Episode 4. Special Guest: Fusion Nien VOD 24m
3 2014-11-20 Freeze, KaSing, Trashy Challenger Chat Episode 3 - EU Expansion Tournament VOD 80m
2 2014-11-09 Lohpally, theangelvigil, iVillain Challenger Chat Episode 2 - NA Expansion Tournament VOD 79m
1 2014-10-19 Freeze Challenger Chat Episode 1. Special Guest: Freeze VOD 32m