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Chinese Taipei
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This page documents Chinese Taipei, the annual representatives of Taiwan at the 2018 Asian Games.



Player Roster[edit]

2018 Asian Games[edit]

ID Name Role Team
PK Hsieh Yu-Ting (謝宇庭) 11Top G-Rexlogo std.pngG-Rex
baybay Wang You-Chun (王佑軍) 12Jungle G-Rexlogo std.pngG-Rex
Maple Huang Yi-Tang (黃熠棠) 13Mid Yoe Flash Wolveslogo std.pngFlash Wolves
Betty Lu Yu-Hung (盧禹宏) 14Bot Yoe Flash Wolveslogo std.pngFlash Wolves
SwordArt Hu Shuo-Chieh (胡碩傑) 15Support Yoe Flash Wolveslogo std.pngFlash Wolves
Morning Chen Kuan-Ting (陳冠廷) 22Sub/Jun Yoe Flash Wolveslogo std.pngFlash Wolves

IeSF World Championship[edit]

  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2015
C ID Name Role
MiMiLucky Wu Cheng-Ying (吳政瑩) 2Top
Daper Tai Ting-Feng (戴廷峰) 3Jungle
JeffeRy0821 Hsu Chia-Chun (許家峻) 4Mid
BeBe Chang Bo-Wei (張博為) 5Bot
Yursan Wang Sheng-Yu (王聖佑) 6Support
C ID Name Role
Zod Chang Po-Cheng (張博誠) 7Top
Ray Huang Po-Jui (黃柏叡) 8Jungle
Lemon Wang Chun-Chia (王淳嘉) 9Mid
Hana Chen Chih-Hao (陳志豪) 10Bot
Chasel Hsu Yu-Ming (徐佑銘) 11Support
C ID Name Role
Beat Chen Cheng-Lun (陳政倫) 12Top
Ratis Wong Yu-Fan (翁于梵) 13Jungle
Wuji Yang Chia-Yu (楊家宇) 14Mid
Rabi Su Chien-Wen (蘇建文) 15Bot
Zero Chung Chen-Hua (鍾震華) 16Support


2018 Asian Games[edit]

ID Name Role Team
WarHorse Chen Ju-Chih (陳如治) 40Head Coach Yoe Flash Wolveslogo std.pngFlash Wolves
GreenTea Tsai Shang-Ching (蔡尚精) 41.1Assistant Coach MAD Teamlogo std.pngMAD Team
REFRA1N Chen Kuan-Ting (陳冠廷) 80Strategy Coach Yoe Flash Wolveslogo std.pngFlash Wolves

IeSF 10th Esports World Championship[edit]

ID Name Role Team
Backstairs Chen Yan-Fu (陳彥甫) 41Coach J Teamlogo std.pngJ Team


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Minimum place

Chinese Taipei Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2020-01-12Q AESF 2020 East Asia Qualifier
4 - 0Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Driver,  RB,  biven,  Doggo,  Dolulu
2018-11-113$4,000$ 4,000$4,000 IeSF 10th Esports World Championship
2 : 0Egypt (National Team)logo std.pngEGY
 MiMiLucky,  Daper,  JeffeRy0821,  bebe,  Yursan,  Backstairs
2018-08-293 2018 Asian Games Main Event
3 : 1Saudi Arabia (National Team)logo std.pngKSA
 PK,  BAYBAY,  Maple,  Betty,  SwordArT,  WarHorse
2018-06-10Q Asian Games 2018 Q - EA
8 - 2Blanklogo std.pngRR
 PK,  BAYBAY,  Morning,  Maple,  Betty,  SwordArT,  WarHorse
2017-11-109 - 19 IeSF 9th Esports World Championship
2 - 2Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Zod,  Ray,  Lemon,  Hana,  Chasel
2015-12-029 - 16 IeSF 7th e-Sports World Championship
1 - 2Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Beat,  Ratis,  Wuji,  Rabi,  Zero
Total Prize:USD 4,000 • KRW 0


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