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Background Information
Name: William Cho
Country: United States USA
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William "Chobra" Cho is the Creative Director and Global Relations Adviser for OnGameNet, working in Starcraft 2 and League of Legends, often seen working as a translator/host/caster with casters MonteCristo and DoA.


William went to school at Columbia University before going on leave to pursue an active job in Esports. He originally wanted to pursue an amateur career or coaching, but the infrastructure wasn't available at the time. He also decided he didn't have time to invest in bettering both himself and others, so decided to take his performance background to go into casting. Being an active host/caster for Starcraft 2 and an avid League community member, he works with MonteCristo's site ggChronicle and did work for Major League Gaming as a translator and caster at such events like MLG Dallas 2012/2013. He found himself offered a position in South Korea for gaming event organization OnGameNet as their Creative Director, Global Relations and as a side translator, caster and host, which he does currently.


  • Plays Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, Dota 2 outside of League.
  • Is a violinist.
  • Speaks English, Korean and German.
  • Can beatbox.
  • His favorite roles to play are AD, Mid, and Support.
  • He enjoys producing and composing music.
  • Enjoys doing computer science in his off time.
  • Was a director of the MachinmaVs video series, Champions of Korea.

Notable Events Cast/Hosted


External Links

Champions of Korea:Reapered with MachinimaVS