Circuito Nacional Argentina/2018 Season/Closing Season

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CNA 2018 Closing Season
Circuito Nacional Argentina.png
Tournament Information
Prize Pool$ 16,500
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline/Offline
CountryArgentina Argentina
Teatro Vorterix, Buenos Aires
Start Date2018-07-04
End Date2018-10-24
Stream(s)Argentina Twitch
ScheduleLink (Spoiler-Free)
WinnerUndead Gaminglogo std.pngUndead Gaming
SecondColiseo Dragonslogo std.pngColiseo Dragons
ThirdSeven Darklogo std.pngSeven Dark
Thunder Awakenlogo std.pngThunder Awaken
The Argentina's National Circuit is the secondary championship in Latin America South. The teams compete for a prize pool and it's organized by the Spanish Liga de Videojuegos Profesional.



  • Five tournaments:
    • Each tournament gives an specific amount of accumulative points depending on the position reached. This amount of points grow in each tournament (example, Tournament 1 gives 2200 points to the champion, while Tournament 2 gives 3300).
  • Cumulative table:
    • Top 4 teams of the table qualify for the Finals.
  • Finals:
    • Single elimination.
    • 4 teams. Seed 1 versus Seed 4 and Seed 2 versus Seed 3.
    • Semifinals and Finals are Bo5.

Prize Pool

$ 16,500 US Dollars are spread among the teams as seen below:

PlacePrizePrize (%)Team
PlacementIcon1.png 1$7,00042.42%Undead Gaminglogo std.pngUndead Gaming
PlacementIcon2.png 2$3,50021.21%Coliseo Dragonslogo std.pngColiseo Dragons
PlacementIcon3.png 3-4$1,70010.3%Seven Darklogo std.pngSeven Dark
Thunder Awakenlogo std.pngThunder Awaken
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5-6$9005.45%Impulso Sangrientologo std.pngImpulso Sangriento
Coscu Armylogo std.pngCoscu Army
7-8$4002.42%Nocturns Gaminglogo std.pngNocturns Gaming
Berserk e-Sportslogo std.pngBerserk e-Sports
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National Tournaments

Points Ranking

  • Only Top 8 is showed below.
Qualifies for playoffs
Fails to qualify for playoffs
Minimum possible points a team can earn in the current split; points not yet finalized
Standings Help Icon 2.png
1Undead Gaminglogo std.pngUndead Gaming12200330044005500660023000
2Thunder Awakenlogo std.pngThunder Awaken11600240032004000120013400
3Coliseo Dragonslogo std.pngColiseo Dragons70060022002750480011050
4Impulso Sangrientologo std.pngImpulso Sangriento2,6110010501400275021007970
5Seven Darklogo std.pngSeven Dark3,670010502200175033007860
6Coscu Armylogo std.pngCoscu Army1,440016501400175021007690
7Nocturns Gaminglogo std.pngNocturns Gaming-1650800175033007500
8Berserk e-Sportslogo std.pngBerserk e-Sports1,51100---21003780
1 Undead Gaming, Thunder Awaken, Coscu Army, and Valorous (now Berserk e-Sports) were benefited with 1000 points each because of their results in the Opening Season.
2 Impulso Sangriento was penalized with 430 points due to an illegal roster change in Tournament 3.
3 Seven Dark was penalized with 1140 points due to an illegal roster change in Tournament 5.
4 Coscu Army was penalized with 610 points due to illegal roster changes between Tournament 1 and 2.
5 Valorous (now Berserk e-Sports) was penalized with 420 points due to an illegal roster change in Tournament 5.
6 Impulso Sangriento is unable to participate in the playoffs due to internal problems in the organization. They were replaced by the next team on the table, Seven Dark.[1]

Top 4 by Tournament

July 4 - September 6

T # Finals Date 1st place 2nd place Semifinalists
1 2018-07-12 Undead Gaminglogo std.pngUndead Gaming Thunder Awakenlogo std.pngThunder Awaken Impulso Sangrientologo std.pngImpulso Sangriento & Berserk e-Sportslogo std.pngBerserk e-Sports
2 2018-07-26 Undead Gaminglogo std.pngUndead Gaming Thunder Awakenlogo std.pngThunder Awaken Nocturns Gaminglogo std.pngNocturns Gaming & Coscu Armylogo std.pngCoscu Army
3 2018-08-09 Undead Gaminglogo std.pngUndead Gaming Thunder Awakenlogo std.pngThunder Awaken Seven Darklogo std.pngSeven Dark & Coliseo Dragonslogo std.pngColiseo Dragons
4 2018-08-23 Undead Gaminglogo std.pngUndead Gaming Thunder Awakenlogo std.pngThunder Awaken Coliseo Dragonslogo std.pngColiseo Dragons & Impulso Sangrientologo std.pngImpulso Sangriento
5 2018-09-06 Undead Gaminglogo std.pngUndead Gaming Coliseo Dragonslogo std.pngColiseo Dragons Seven Darklogo std.pngSeven Dark & Nocturns Gaminglogo std.pngNocturns Gaming

National Finals


  • The four teams with the highest amount of points accumulated.

Eye - Show All.pngEye - Hide All.pngRosters


Round 1
Round 2




Game Schedule
3 - 02018,9,19,21,002018,9,19,21,0014:0023:0006:00123-
3 - 22018,9,20,21,002018,9,20,21,0014:0023:0006:0012345-
3 - 02018,10,24,21,002018,10,24,21,0014:0023:0006:00123-


National Finals
Argentina CABA, Buenos Aires
Teatro Vorterix
Capacity - 1,500
Teatro Vorterix.jpg
Av. Federico Lacroze 3455, C1426CQH CABA

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