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Cloud9 LoL: Genesis
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Cloud9 LoL: Genesis is a show produced by Cloud9 following the progress of the team after Worlds 2015.

Episode List[edit]

Season Two[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Description
3 2017-02-17 VOD 13m38s Fly Focusing on the FlyQuest rivalry and match.
2 2017-01-28 VOD 9m47s Ambition Week 1 games and more.
1 2017-01-20 VOD 19m03s Pre-Season Following the team before the 2017 Spring Split commences.

Season One[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Description
21 2016-12-12 VOD 50m47s Worlds Following the team in the group stage and quarterfinals of worlds.
20 2016-10-01 VOD 39m38s Glory C9's gauntlet run to qualify for worlds.
19 2016-08-20 VOD 23m39s Mindful Quarterfinal games against NV.
18 2016-08-07 VOD 25m26s Third The last games of the split before playoffs.
17 2016-07-29 VOD 25m59s Distance Week 8 games and more.
16 2016-07-23 VOD 34m34s Shift Week 7 games and more.
15 2016-07-15 VOD 25m41s Evolution Week 6 games and more.
14 2016-07-09 VOD 30m39s Climax Week 5 games and more.
13 2016-07-01 VOD 19m25s Sources Week 4 games and more.
12 2016-06-24 VOD 41m56s Resolve Week 3 games and more.
11 2016-06-17 VOD 29m11s Perspective Week 2 games and more.
10 2016-06-10 VOD 45m58s Changes Crossing over from playing at the Korean Bootcamp to the challenges of the first week of NALCS.
9 2016-05-15 VOD 45m09s Reformed Meeting all the new additions to the team and more.
8 2016-04-13 VOD 28m59s Patterns Spring split quarterfinals and results.
7 2016-03-24 VOD 25m02s Feedback Week 9 games; prepping for the quarterfinal match with TSM
6 2016-03-17 VOD 23m56s Steps Week 8 games; meeting Bunny FuFuu's parents.
5 2016-02-25 VOD 18m11s Vision Week 5's game against Immortals and week 6's games.
4 2016-02-18 VOD 20m09s Guidance Following the team before and during week 5's games.
3 2016-02-11 VOD 23m45s Rivalries Covering the team's historic rivalries with other teams, namely TSM.
2 2016-02-03 VOD 15m28s Shadows Bunny FuFuu takes the stage during the first week of the 2016 NALCS Spring Split.
1 2016-01-14 VOD 41m49s New Beginnings Follow the team during 2016 preseason and their run at IEM Cologne 2015.

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