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The following chart shows up to the most recent 200 games available. Unlike the Match History tab, scoreboards are not required to be present on the wiki for games to show up here. Click toggles to show-hide games based on the side that this team was on or result.



DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2SideResultScore
2020,2,19,01,00UPL 2020 SpringWeek 3Columbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeANEW Esportslogo std.pngANEW AcademySeriesLoss0 - 2
2020,2,15,21,002020 North Conf.Week 4Columbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeKansas State Universitylogo std.pngKansas StateSeriesWin2 - 0
2020,2,12,01,00UPL 2020 SpringWeek 2Columbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeVegas Infernologo std.pngVegas InfernoSeriesLoss1 - 2
2020,2,08,20,002020 North Conf.Week 3Columbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeLogo std.pngUniversity of Notre DameSeriesWin2 - 0
2020,2,05,01,00UPL 2020 SpringWeek 1Columbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeFirst Blood Crusadelogo std.pngFirst Blood CrusadeSeriesWin2 - 0
2020,2,01,21,002020 North Conf.Week 2Columbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeTBDlogo std.pngTBDSeriesWin2 - 0
2020,1,26,22,002020 North Conf.Week 1Columbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeBellevue Universitylogo std.pngBellevue UniversitySeriesWin2 - 0
2019,5,25,01,002019 College ChampionshipQuarterfinalsUniversity of California Irvinelogo std.pngUC IrvineColumbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeSeriesLoss2 - 1
2019,4,25,00,002019 College Play-InPlayoff Match 1University of Texas at Austinlogo std.pngUT AustinColumbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeSeriesWin0 - 2
2019,4,13,23,002019 College Play-InWeek 2University of South Carolina Aikenlogo std.pngUni. of S. Carolina, AKColumbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeRedWin0 - 1
2019,4,13,02,002019 College Play-InWeek 2Columbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeBoise State Universitylogo std.pngBoise StateBlueWin1 - 0
2019,4,13,00,002019 College Play-InWeek 2New York Institute of Technologylogo std.pngNew York TechColumbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeRedWin0 - 1
2019,4,12,23,002019 College Play-InWeek 2Michigan State Universitylogo std.pngMichigan StateColumbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeRedLoss1 - 0
2019,4,10,02,302019 College Play-InWeek 1Columbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeDrew Universitylogo std.pngDrew UniversityBlueWin1 - 0
2019,4,07,23,002019 College Play-InWeek 1Columbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeNorth Carolina State Universitylogo std.pngNC StateBlueWin1 - 0
2019,4,04,11,302019 College Play-InWeek 1DePaul Universitylogo std.pngDePaul UniversityColumbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeRedWin0 - 1
2019,3,30,20,002019 North PlayoffsFinalsMaryville Universitylogo std.pngMaryville UniversityColumbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeSeriesLoss3 - 2
2019,3,23,20,002019 North PlayoffsSemifinalsColumbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeCase Western Reserve Universitylogo std.pngCase Western RSVSeriesWin3 - 0
2019,3,16,20,002019 North PlayoffsQuarterfinalsColumbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeUniversity of Akronlogo std.pngUniversity of AkronSeriesWin3 - 0
2018,6,10,19,002018 College ChampionshipFinalsColumbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeUniversity of California Irvinelogo std.pngUC IrvineSeriesLoss0 - 3
2018,6,09,19,002018 College ChampionshipSemiUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaignlogo std.pngUni. of IllinoisColumbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeSeriesWin0 - 3
2018,6,08,00,002018 College ChampionshipQuarterUniversity of Texas at Dallaslogo std.pngUT DallasColumbia Collegelogo std.pngColumbia CollegeSeriesWin0 - 2