Commonwealth of Independent States

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Date Team/Tournament Text
2019-02-22 Vaevictis eSportslogo std.pngVaevictis eSports dayruin rejoins as coach.
2019-02-16 Team Justlogo std.pngTeam Just Click moves to head coach. Koifish leaves coaching role.
2019-02-10 Vaevictis eSportslogo std.pngVaevictis eSports TR1GGERED, Merao, VioletFairy, and Ankote join. Trianna retains her managerial position and joins the starting roster.
2019-02-04 Future Perfect Demacialogo std.pngFuture Perfect Demacia Laatch is set to leave.
2019-02-01 M19logo std.pngM19 EKKA, Blasting, and Lekcycc join. Nagato joins as a sub and analyst. Vital Eight joins as manager.
2019-02-01 RoX (2014 CIS Team)logo std.pngRoX Charger, Anechek, Maxim (previously Qss), pooh, and sidnik join. alldeady joins as head coach.
2019-02-01 Team Justlogo std.pngTeam Just Zeph joins. Koifish joins as head coach.
2019-01-31 Team Justlogo std.pngTeam Just Vethorm joins.
2019-01-30 Team Justlogo std.pngTeam Just Fomko rejoins.
2019-01-29 Team Justlogo std.pngTeam Just Unho1y joins.
2019-01-29 Vaevictis eSportslogo std.pngVaevictis eSports Dreampull, FatoNN, Remus, Onesh0tiq (previously aMiracle), and IIamowHuk (previously Pirozhok) join. Vata joins as a sub. mTruman joins as coach. itsCortez, LeX, Dimonko, and Hikky leave.
2019-01-28 Team Justlogo std.pngTeam Just WildHeart joins. Lekcycc leaves.
2019-01-25 Team Just Icelogo std.pngTeam Just.ICE It That Fled, OST, and Zenith joins. Keysie and Ghost rejoin. Zyneste joins as sub.
2019-01-10 Dragon Armylogo std.pngDragon Army Stefan, Paranoia, Kinzu, and Skash join. Atom rejoins. Jamespeke joins as manager. ekka, Pooh, and SaDJesteRRR leave.
2019-01-10 Team Justlogo std.pngTeam Just Kinzu leaves.
2019-01-06 GG.CISlogo std.pngGambit Esports Kayos joins as manager. Tunes leaves managerial role. Seigimitsu moves to analyst role.
2019-01-01 Vega Squadronlogo std.pngVega Squadron BOSS, AHaHaCiK, Nomanz, Gadget, and SaNTaS join.
2019-01-01 Dragon Armylogo std.pngDragon Army BOSS and AHaHaCiK leave.
2019-01-01 M19logo std.pngM19 Nomanz and SaNTaS leave.
2019-12-30 GG.CISlogo std.pngGambit Esports xTyLk joins.
2018-12-24 Vega Squadronlogo std.pngVega Squadron Skash and Razly leave.
2018-12-21 Elements Pro Gaminglogo std.pngElements Pro Gaming NoNholy, Four, Phlaty, and VincentVega join. Aoi Haru, Anechek, Drobovik123, and Shiganari leave.
2018-12-21 Vega Squadronlogo std.pngVega Squadron NoNholy and Phlaty leave.
2018-12-21 M19logo std.pngM19 VincentVega leaves.
2018-11-22 RoX (2014 CIS Team)logo std.pngRoX Backlund leaves.