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Counter Logic Gaming Europe
Clgeu logo2.png
LOCATION: Europe Europe
CREATED: December 1, 2011(2011-12-01)
DISBANDED: December 28, 2012(2012-12-28)

Counter Logic Gaming Europe was formed in December of 2011 as an extension of the North American organization, Counter Logic Gaming. Taking consistent top place finishes throughout Season 2, has been hailed as one of the strongest European teams. One year after their acquisition, on December 28th, 2012, the roster parted ways with Counter Logic Gaming after deciding not to renew their contract with the organization, and one month after was acquired by Evil Geniuses.


Formation of Counter Logic Gaming Europe

On December 20th, 2011, Counter Logic Gaming and Absolute Legends announced a merger between the two organizations, with a roster that included Wickd, Froggen, Snoopeh, Krepo, and yellowpete.[1]

However, on January 30th, 2012 the two organizations decided that the partnership would not work, and in the separation the European team decided to stay with Counter Logic Gaming.[2]

Season 2

The team's first major appearance would be at the Kings of Europe online tournament, which held from January 27 to January 31st, 2012. In the group stage, CLG EU would place first and go 3-0, defeating FnaticRC, Sypher, and against All authority. In the semi finals of the playoff, CLG EU would defeat Team Mistral 2-0, advancing to the grand finals, where they would face Moscow Five. Against the Russian team, CLG EU would come out victorious 2-1, taking home first place in the tournament.[3][4][5]

Two months later, on March 31st, 2012, Counter Logic Gaming EU would place first in the All or Nothing tournament. In the tournament, CLG EU would defeat FnaticRC, Meet Your Makers, and Absolute Legends. [6]

On April 1st, 2012, Counter Logic Gaming EU would place first in the Absolute Pro League: March. Placed into Group B, Counter Logic Gaming would finish off group stage in second, going 2-1 by defeating Millenium, and TCM Gaming, while falling to against All authority. In the playoffs, CLG.EU would take out Mousesports 2-0 in the quarterfinals and Absolute Legends 2-1 in the semifinals to advance into the grand finals. There, CLG EU would defeat aAa 2-1 to take home first place.

A few days later, CLG EU would participate in the RaidCall PLAY Cup 1, where they were able to place first by defeating NoobHeroes, Western Wolves, MeetYourMakers, and FnaticRC.[7]

After placing first in their respective group in the qualifiers, Counter Logic Gaming EU would participate in the Gamers Assembly 2012. CLG EU would defeat Art Chaos and Eclypsia in the first two rounds of the tournament, but would be defeated by Team Sypher in the third round, knocking CLG EU down to the loser's bracket. There, CLG EU would defeat Millenium, MeetYourMakers, and Absolute Legends to advance to the finals. However, CLG EU would once again lose to Sypher in the finals 2-0, finishing the tournament with a second place standing. [8]

On May 14th, 2012, CLG EU would place second at the online Solomid EU Tournament Circuit. At the event, Counter Logic Gaming EU would take out Sypher 2-0 in the first round, but would fall to Natus Vincere 1-2 in the second round, dropping to the loser's bracket. There, CLG EU would defeat aAa 2-1, Sypher 2-0, and Team Solomid 2-1 to advance to the finals. At the grand finals against Natus Vincere, CLG EU would take the first set 2-1, but would fall 0-2 in the second and final set of the tournament, taking second place.

On May 16th, 2012, Counter Logic Gaming EU would place first at the Corsair Vengeance Cup. At the tournament, CLG EU most notably defeated Teamless, SK Gaming, and against All authority in the playoffs to reach the finals. There, CLG EU would take out Moscow Five 2-0 to take first place. [9]

Counter Logic Gaming EU was invited to the In2LOL Kickoff EU Tournament on June 3rd, 2012. At the event, CLG EU would defeat Eclypsia 1-0, Natus Vincere 1-0, and FnaticRC 2-0 in the finals to take first place. [10][11][12][13]

The next event that CLG EU participated in would be the Esports Heaven Medion Challenge 2012. At the tournament, CLG EU would take out exHCL and Fnatic in the second phase of the double elimination playoffs to advance to the grand finals. There, CLG EU would take out Moscow Five 3-1 to take first place at the event. [14]

Flying out to America, CLG EU would participate in the 2012 MLG Pro Circuit - Spring Championships. CLG EU would start out with 2-0 victory over mTw.NA, but would fall to Team Solomid 1-2 in the next round. Dropping down to the loser's bracket, CLG EU would defeat both Curse Gaming EU and Orbit Gaming 2-1 to advance to round 6 of the loser's bracket, where CLG EU would ultimately fall to Counter Logic Gaming Prime 1-2. Counter Logic Gaming EU would finish off the event with a 5th/6th place finish. [15]

On June 16th, 2012, Counter Logic Gaming EU would fly out to Jönköping, Sweden to participate in the DreamHack Summer 2012 LAN tournament. CLG EU would qualify for DreamHack Summer by participating in their BYOC qualifiers, taking first at the qualifier by defeating Millenium. In the group stage, CLG EU would place first by going 3-0, defeating Moscow Five, Absolute Legends, and Mebdi's Minions. In the playoffs, CLG EU would defeat FnaticRC 2-0 in the semifinals to advance to the grand finals where CLG EU would face off against Moscow Five. There, CLG EU would come out on top 2-0 against M5, taking home the grand prize and first place.

As one of the eight European invitees for the Season 2 Regional Finals - Cologne, Counter Logic Gaming EU would fly out to Germany to compete for the chance to enter the Season 2 World Championship. In the second day of the quarterfinals, Counter Logic Gaming EU would be matched up against Team Alternate, whom they were able to defeat 2-0 to advance to the semifinals. Unfortunately, despite being the heavy favorites coming into the event, Counter Logic Gaming EU would fall to SK Gaming 2-0, dropping down to play the third place match again Fnatic. There, Counter Logic Gaming EU would be able to take a 2-0 victory, taking home third place from the event and securing themselves a spot in the Season 2 World Championship. [16]

Counter Logic Gaming EU would be one out of the two European teams to be invited to attend the offline tournament Azubu The Champions Summer 2012, which ran from July 2012 to September 2012. Placed into Group D, Counter Logic Gaming EU would go undefeated in group play going 3-0 against Counter Logic Gaming Prime, LG-IM, and MVP Blue. In the playoffs, CLG EU show an outstanding performance, defeating Team WE 2-0 in the quarterfinals and NaJin Sword 3-1 in the semifinals. Matched up against Azubu Frost in the grand finals, Counter Logic Gaming EU would come out strong and take an early 2-0 lead in the best of 5, but would drop the next 3 games in the series and eventually fall to Azubu Frost, taking home second place. [17]

Counter Logic Gaming EU traveled to Los Angeles in October of 2012 to compete in the Season 2 World Championship. In the group stage, CLG EU looked dominant while taking games off of Team Dignitas and Saigon Jokers. Although they dropped one match against NaJin Sword, they advanced out of Group B as the second seed and went on to face Team WE in the round of eight. CLG EU's quarterfinal match was marred by technical issues; the series was tied 1-1 after two grinding games, but the third had to be postponed due to power failures and connection problems. In the deciding third game, CLG EU once again pulled out a slow and methodical victory in an extremely close showing. CLG EU maintained their form through the first game of their semifinal against Azubu Frost, but were outmatched in games two and three, losing out 1-2. They finished in 3rd-4th place and took home $ 150,000.

Pre-Season 3

Counter Logic Gaming EU would attend IPL 5 in Las Vegas on the 29th of November. They would start the tournament with a four game winning streak against NA teams, taking out CLG Prime and Team FeaR in the group stages, and sending NA powerhouse TSM in to the losers bracket with a 2-0 sweep. Their winning ways would end once faced with the eventual winners of the tournament, Team WE. The Chinese team denied them their chances to make it to late game, and built large advantages throughout the early and mid game. CLG EU would fall 0-2, dropping them to the losers bracket. There they would face Taipei Assassins. After winning a rather fast game one, the Assassins would comeback and take the 2 remaining games of the set, eliminating CLG EU from the tournament. They would place 5th-6th along with their NA counterpart CLG Prime, and take home $2,500 in winnings.

On December 28th, 2012, one year after their acquisition, the Counter Logic Gaming EU roster, having decided not to renew their contract, parted ways with the Counter Logic Gaming organization. On January 25th, 2013, the team would be picked up by Evil Geniuses.



  • After the name change of Counter Logic Gaming Prime, Snoopeh joked about renaming the EU team to "Counter Logic Gaming Optimus" and excused himself in his video log, stating it became way too serious. [21]

Player Roster


ID Name Role Next Team
Denmark Wickd Mike Petersen Top
Evil Geniuses
United Kingdom Snoopeh Stephen Ellis Jungle
Evil Geniuses
Denmark Froggen Henrik Hansen Mid
Evil Geniuses
Germany Yellowpete Peter Wüppen AD
Evil Geniuses
Belgium Krepo Mitch Voorspoels Support
Evil Geniuses

Temporary Subs

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
Sweden Jree Alexander Bergström Support Belgium Krepo 2012 MLG Fall Championship


ID Name Position
Canada HotshotGG George Georgallidis President/Co-Founder
Germany Vodoo Alexander Beutel CTO/Co-Founder
USA sayocean Kelby May General Manager
USA Garvey Mark Candella Director of Business Development

Team Achievements

2012 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2012-12-15 Esltumbnail.png 5 - 6th IEM Season VII - Global Challenge Cologne 1 : 2 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L) $ 3,000
2012-12-01 Ipllogo small.png 5 - 6th IPL 5 1 : 2
Taipei Assassins
$ 2,500
2012-11-23 DH-star.png 2nd DreamHack Winter 2012 1 : 2
$ 12,600
2012-11-11 1st Lone Star Clash 2 3 : 2
Team Curse
$ 7,500
2012-11-04 MLG-Logo-Small.png 3rd 2012 MLG Fall Championship 0 : 2
Azubu Blaze
$ 4,000
2012-10-10 RpPoints.png 3 - 4th Season 2 World Championship 1 : 2
Azubu Frost
$ 150,000
2012-09-08 Ogn logo.png 2nd Azubu The Champions Summer 2012 2 : 3
Azubu Frost
₩ 20,000,000
2012-08-19 Esltumbnail.png 3rd Season 2 Regional Finals 2 : 0
$ 25,000
2012-07-29 Esltumbnail.png 2nd European Challenger Circuit: Poland 0 : 2
Moscow Five
$ 10,000
2012-06-18 DH-star.png 1st DreamHack Summer 2012 2 : 0
Moscow Five
$ 15,000
2012-06-10 MLG-Logo-Small.png 5 - 6th MLG 2012 - Spring Championship 0 : 2
CLG Prime
2012-05-16 1st Corsair Vengeance Cup 2 : 0
Moscow Five
$ 6,000
2012-04-09 3rd Gamers Assembly 2012 1 : 2
Absolute Legends
€ 1,500

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