Cream Real Betis

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Cream Real Betis
Cream Real Betislogo square.png
Team Information
Org LocationSpain Spain
Team LocationMexico Mexico
Founded InSpain Spain
Latin America
OwnerDiego "Supersoro" Soro
Head CoachJosé "Peluchin" Ponce
SponsorReal Betis
CreatedOrganization 2017-12
LoL Division 2018-10-19
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Current Roster
Cream Esports Roster - 2019 Split 1.jpg

Cream Real Betis is a Latin American team formed in October 2018 as Cream Esports. It is also the esports division of the Spanish football club Real Betis. This page details the history of the organization's Latin American rosters; for their EU team, see Cream Real Betis.EU.


Founded in 2017 by YouFirst SPORTS as Cream Esports, they have a significant presence in the Spanish-speaking market, competing in the most important leagues in Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. After the success they have had with the Clash Royale division where they were runners-up in the Clash Royale LATAM League, they came to dabble in League of Legends, becoming champions of the DDH 2019 Opening Season and qualifying to the Regional Norte 2019 for a chance to promote to the LLA 2020 Season.

On May 8, 2020, Real Betis and Cream Esports reached an integration agreement between both entities, allowing the club to enter to the sector of video game competitions. It is a pioneering agreement which for the first time unites a professional football team with a reference native esports team in Spain.


  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020

Player Roster[edit]


R C ID Name Role Joined
Duca Juan Carlos Duran 2Top 2020-05-28
ARRRmando Diego Armando 3Jungle 2020-07-08
Icytower Marcelo Barba 4Mid 2019-01-16
Limitationss Alvin Alvarez 5Bot 2019-10-18
Rosseu Carlos Luna 6Support 2020-05-28


R C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Quantum Juan Hernández 12Jungle None 2020-05-282020-05-28 2020-07-082020-07-08
Kanra Alessandro Cabides 11Top None 2020-01-222020-01-22 2020-05-282020-05-28
Mataz Julián Cárdenas 12Jungle Team Azelogo std.pngTeam Aze 2020-01-222020-01-22 2020-05-282020-05-28
Tyr Hector Godínez 15Support Azules Esportslogo std.pngAzules Esports 2020-01-222020-01-22 2020-05-282020-05-28
Binky Kevin Pellegrin 21Sub/Top Arctic Gaminglogo std.pngArctic Gaming Mexico 2019-10-182019-10-18 2020-01-222020-01-22
Porky Gerardo Cuamea 11Top Chivas Esportslogo std.pngChivas Esports 2019-01-162019-01-16 2020-01-172020-01-17
ARRRmando Diego Armando 12Jungle Furious Gaminglogo std.pngFurious Gaming 2019-10-182019-10-18 2019-12-012019-12-01
MadBlade Steven Araya 15Support Pixel Esports Clublogo std.pngPixel Esports Club 2019-10-182019-10-18 2019-11-292019-11-29
Gypsi Ulises Reyes 23Sub/Mid None 2019-01-172019-01-17 2019-10-182019-10-18
NerzhuL Jorge Iván Meza 15Support Estral Esportslogo std.pngEstral Esports 2018-12-152018-12-15 2019-10-082019-10-08
Gavotto Omar Gavotto 14Bot Estral Esportslogo std.pngEstral Esports 2018-12-192018-12-19 2019-09-072019-09-07
LiquidDiego Diego Padilla 12Jungle Estral Esportslogo std.pngEstral Esports 2018-12-152018-12-15 2019-09-062019-09-06



C ID Name Position
Supersoro Diego Soro Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Ichidan Daniel Ichi General Manager
Monyk Country Manager
Peluchin Roberto Ponce 80Head Coach


C ID Name Position Next Team
Donsensey Facundo Pacheco Sosa 80Head Analyst Cream Real Betislogo std.pngCream Real Betis
Mono Daniel Mena Head Analyst None
Peluchin Roberto Ponce 80Head Coach OG Esportslogo std.pngOG Esports
RaulChan Raúl Chan Lanas 80Head Coach None
Shailen José Galo Strategic Coach Estral Esportslogo std.pngEstral Esports


This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Cream Real Betis Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2020-07-244$500$ 500$500 DDH 2020 Closing
7 - 7Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Duca,  Quantum,  ARRRmando,  Icytower,  Limitationss,  Rosseu,  Peluchin
Total Prize:USD 500

As Cream Esports Mexico[edit]

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Cream Esports Mexico Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2020-04-083$900$ 900$900 DDH 2020 Opening Playoffs
3 : 2Arctic Gaminglogo std.pngARC.M
 Kanra,  Mataz,  Icy,  Limitationss,  Tyr,  Peluchin
2020-03-212$700$ 700$700 DDH 2020 Opening
10 - 4Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Kanra,  Mataz,  Icy,  Limitationss,  Tyr,  Peluchin
2019-11-203$1,500$ 1,500$1,500 Super Copa Norte 2019
0 : 2Estral Esportslogo std.pngEST
 Binky,  FakeTop,  ARRRmando,  Icy,  Limitationss,  MadBlade,  Peluchin
2019-10-253 - 4$375$ 375$375 Logitech G Challenge 2019
0 : 2Santos e-Sportslogo std.pngSAN
 Porky,  LiquidDiego,  MADK1NG,  Gavotto,  NerzhuL,  Enatsu
2019-09-043 Regional Norte 2019
1 - 3Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Porky,  LiquidDiego,  MADK1NG,  Gavotto,  NerzhuL,  RaulChan
2019-08-025 - 6 DDH 2019 Closing Playoffs
1 : 3MAD Lions E.C. Mexicologo std.pngMLM
 Porky,  LiquidDiego,  MADK1NG,  Gavotto,  NerzhuL,  RaulChan
2019-07-255 DDH 2019 Closing
7 - 7Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Porky,  LiquidDiego,  MADK1NG,  Gavotto,  NerzhuL,  RaulChan
2019-04-141 DDH 2019 Opening Playoffs
3 : 0Anáhuac Esportslogo std.pngANH
 Porky,  LiquidDiego,  MADK1NG,  Gavotto,  NerzhuL,  RaulChan
2019-03-162 DDH 2019 Opening
11 - 3Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Porky,  LiquidDiego,  MADK1NG,  Gypsi,  Gavotto,  NerzhuL,  RaulChan
Total Prize:USD 3,475