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Crest of Flowing Water

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Buff was removed in Patch
Crest of Flowing Water
Crest of Flowing Water.png
Grants 30% bonus movement speed. If the buff holder is slain, this buff is transferred to the killer.
Additional Information
Map AvailabilityTR
SourceKilling WraithSquare.png Ghast
Lost On DeathYes

The Crest of Flowing Water is a neutral buff granted upon killing a WraithSquare.png Ghast, it is only available on the Twisted Treeline.


  • Killing someone with the Crest of Flowing Water transfers it to you and the buff's duration is refreshed.


  • This buff can be identified by swirling grey runes around your champion. Due to such, it is often referred to as Grey Buff
    • Those swirling runes are also re-used on several other maps and game modes when running over a speed shrine.
  • The icon of this buff was recycled off Well, a champion that was canceled in the Closed Beta of League of Legends.
  • This buff was removed in October 2012 along with Twisted Treeline's rework.

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Patch History[edit]

  • Removed


  • Crest of Flowing Water movement speed buff decreased to 30% from 45%


  • Reduced Crest of Flowing Water's Movement Speed Buff from 50% to 45%