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Cut Down (Rune)

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Deal 5% more damage to champions with 150 more max health than you, increasing to 15% with 10%-100% more max health than you.

Patch History

Patch 9.7

Damage versus extremely high health targets increased.

It was still bad even after 9.5's buff.

DAMAGE : [5-12%] 5-15% (still at 10-100% max health difference)

Patch 9.5

Making it more competitive with Coup de Grace and Last Stand.

BONUS DAMAGE : [4-10%] 5-12% (still vs targets with 10%-100% more maximum health than you)

Patch 9.2
Bonus damage scales based on percent max health difference rather than flat max health difference. Maximum bonus decreased.

Cut Down scales dramatically over game time due flat health differences being much narrower before level scaling and items kick in. Switching to a percent model makes it useful even in the early game, though the max bonus is going down to accommodate this increase in relevance.

BONUS DAMAGE : [4%-12% vs targets with 150-2000] [4%-10% vs targets with 10%-100%] more max health than you


We're looking to up the damage this brings against full-durability champions.

DAMAGE MULTIPLIER : [4-10%] 4-12% (at 150-2000 max health difference)


BIGGER DOESN'T MEAN BETTER Deal 4% more damage to champions with 150 more max health than you, increasing to 10% at 2000 more max health