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NAME: Lauri Happonen
COUNTRY OF BIRTH: Finland Finland
BIRTHDAY: November 15, 1994 (1994-11-15) (age 22)
TEAM: Origen
SOLOQ IDs: USAISTHEBEST (NA), OGCyanide, Ding12 (KR), TheValyrian (EUW)
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Jan 2011 - Feb 2011
oSk Gaming
Feb 2011 - Mar 2011
Mar 2011 - Dec 2014
May 2015 - Present

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Lauri "Cyanide" Happonen is the SubJgl.png Sub Jungler for Origen.


Lauri was born and raised in Porvoo, Finland, growing up playing games, becoming more competitive as time passed. He eventually became an avid League of Legends player and has been known as being one of the scene's youngest professional players, starting when he was 15.

Season 1

Becoming known in the high elo ladders during Season 1, Cyanide found himself playing in the jungler role for oSk Gaming and started playing on the team with now long time teammate, xPeke. In February 2011, the line up was picked up by myRevenge. The team placed first at IEM Season V - Hanover Invitational but two months after acquisition, Cyanide and the rest of the line up left myR to join Fnatic. The newly formed team gained quick recognition as being a top team in Europe and solidified a place as one of the worlds best by competing and winning Riot Season 1 Championship in June 2011. The team then closed out Season 1 placing 3rd at IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Cologne, losing to North American Team SoloMid.

Pre-Season 2

With his team, Cyanide went stateside to New York to play in IEM Season VI - Global Challenge New York, winning in a dominating fashion, not losing one game as they placed first, winning 2-0 over SK Gaming.

Season 2

Lauri had grown to be a top known jungler in the world for him and his team's increasing performances in tournaments. In Season 2, Fnatic had always placed in the top 3 in majority of participated events such as SK Trophy March and IGN ProLeague Elites. In August 2012, the Season 2 Regional Finals was held in Cologne where the top 3 placing teams would be flown to Los Angeles for the Season 2 World Championship for a chance to play $1,000,000 grand prize. Fnatic were unable to to qualify in the top 3, getting 4th in the tournament, losing to Moscow Five and CLG Europe.

Pre-Season 3

After the tough loss at regionals, Cyanide and team were able to bounce back strong in preparation for Season 3, winning major tournament DreamHack Winter 2012, and placing 2nd against the world's best at IPL Season 5 Las Vegas. At IEM Season VII - Global Challenge Cologne, the team went undefeated in their group and bested the Korean lineup consisting of players that took 2nd at the Season 2 Championship, CJ Entus. However, they were unable to beat other Korean team, SK Telecom T1, in the finals, placing 2nd in the tournament. The team went on to next play in IEM Season VII - Global Challenge Katowice, making it out of group stage but losing in the semi-finals to Azubu Frost.

In January 2013, his team had a chance to participate in Riot's new competitive league for upcoming Season 3 for NA and EU, the Riot Season 3 League Championship Series, but had to play for a spot at the Season 3 Europe Offline Qualifier. Fighting out of the group stage and into the quarterfinals, Cyanide and his crew were able to best MeetYourMakers in a 2-0 set to win a spot in the league and the chance to be part of an extremely important successful project in League of Legends.

Season 3

With the North American and European community extremely excited for the amped up events of LCS, Season 3 began with Riot's new league of a 10 week series with the continent's best teams playing against another. Fnatic became the most consistent powerful team throughout the series, with solid jungle play and pressure from Cyanide. the team ended the 10 weeks on top with a intimidating record of 22-6. Lauri and his comrades had automatically reclaimed their spot in the league for the summer split when going into the Season 3 EU Spring Playoffs. Being a favorite in the playoffs, the team showed their consistent strong playstyle, winning 2-1 vs Evil Geniuses, placing themselves in the finals against other team favorite, Gambit Gaming. In a close set of games, Cyanide with the rest of Fnatic were able to best the Russians, winning 3-2 and the $50,000 1st prize.

Cyanide qualified to the Season 3 World Championship with his team Fnatic, finishing 1st in the Summer Playoffs.


  • Before the jungle remake, he was known for his
    Lee Sin
  • FI stands for Finland.
  • His favorite champion is
  • Was just 15 when he started playing pro LoL
  • Was known for his
    Jarvan IV
    early in his career
  • Is known for stealing Dragon and Baron Nashor and is considered one of the best of all time.
  • Holds the Season 1 Championship medal in addition to 10 major tournament gold medals.
  • Sometimes plays unusual champions for jungle on his stream (e.g.
  • Appears in Riot Games - Road to the Cup Season 3 video as
    Jarvan IV
    . [1]
  • One of nine players who have qualified for 3 World Championships, along with XPeke, SOAZ, Nyph, TheOddOne, Xpecial, Candy Panda, Reginald and Watch

Current Statistics

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Date Event Result
2014-08-17 2014 EU LCS Summer Playoffs Silver.png
1 : 3
2014-04-17 2014 EU LCS Spring Playoffs Gold.png
3 : 1
SK Gaming
2014-03-16 IEM Season VIII - World Championship Silver.png
0 : 3
KT Rolster Bullets


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  1. Road to the