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The Danish Esports League (DEL) was a regional league serving as a qualifier for the Nordic Championship. It co-existed along with the Finnish Esports League, the Icelandic Esports League, the Norwegian Esports League, and the Swedish Esports League. As of the 2020 Season, the competition along with its sister leagues has been discontinued.

Main Events

StartEndTournamentPrize PoolFirstRunner-Up
Danish Esports League Season 4 Playoffs
Hillerød eSportlogo std.pngHillerød eSportTrainE Esportlogo std.pngTrainE Esport
Danish Esports League Season 4
Fortress Esportslogo std.pngFortressHillerød eSportlogo std.pngHillerød eSport
Danish Esports League Season 3 Playoffs
Ventus Esportslogo std.pngVentus EsportsCopenhagen Flames Academylogo std.pngCPH Flames
Danish Esports League Season 3
Copenhagen Flames Academylogo std.pngCPH FlamesFortress Esportslogo std.pngFortress
Danish Esports League Season 2
Ventus Esportslogo std.pngVentus EsportsFortress Esportslogo std.pngFortress
Danish Esports League Season 1
Logo std.pngTeam SølvkikkertLogo std.pngHAJDE TEAM ONLY


StartEndTournamentPrize PoolQualified
DEL Season 3 Qualifier
Hydras Esportlogo std.pngHydras Esport Academy, Legion (Danish Team)logo std.pngLegion
DEL Season 2 Qualifier
Copenhagen Flames Academylogo std.pngCPH Flames.A, Logo std.pngMors Drenge
DEL Season 1 Qualifier
Hydras Esportlogo std.pngHydras Esport, Logo std.pngTeam Sølvkikkert, Serenity Gaminglogo std.pngSerenity Gaming, FKE Vikingslogo std.pngFKE Vikings, Copenhagen Flames Academylogo std.pngCPH Flames.A, Multi Hunterslogo std.pngMulti Hunters, HYDR eSportlogo std.pngHYDR eSport