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Dark Passage.BKM Express
LOCATION: Turkey Turkey
MANAGERS: Ertuğ "venza" Okçuoğlu
Ekin "Maestro" Odacıoğlu
Alexandra "ava'adora" Aylin
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Dark Passage is the first professional eSports organizaton in Turkey. It was founded in 2003 as a Counter Strike team. Dark Passage formed League of Legends team in August 2012. They have also sponsors teams for LoL Ladies, Hearthstone, CS:GO and FIFA.


Dark Passage was amongst the first teams of Turkish e-Sports. Their ties extends to Sanane.Inc, an old Turkish competitive game website.

Pre-Season 3

Their first team beign still unknown.(altough some speculations included their first team was formed with the future HWA Gaming players, but still not confirmed) They formed their first known League Of Legends team with Theokoles, ForTurkey, Naru , TrieLBaenRe and Rutsel. Dark Passage showed up on GameX 2012 , losing to Ancient Gaming in semi- finals, coming fourth.

After that, their League Of Legends team scrambled and reformed again. This time they didn't had Rutsel and TrieLBaenRe. After deciding to bench For Turkey as well, LongB joined and Theokoles switched to jungler instead. HolyRegi joined with Holythoth. But HolyRegi swapped with the (will be) almost legendary AD Carry, Holyphoenix. They started to win every single tournament after that. They won against HWA Gaming in 3 seperate occasions, and eventually got a shot to DreamHack Summer 2013 Qualifiers, for BYOC tournament.

Season 3

In that time period between Dreamhack and Turkish Winter Finals, fabFabulous replaced LongB for the top lane spot. Dark Passage qualified with Eternity Gaming, GamingGear.eu and Druidz E-Sport Europe to Dreamhack from BYOC slots. They had a very solid group stage, qualifying with the score of 2-1 , only dropping a match agaist mousesports, defeating Copenhagen Wolves and Druidz E-Sport Europe. They got matched with Eternity Gaming in the semi-finals. They won with 2-0 , and qualified to finals against Copenhagen Wolves.

In a very dramatic match, they got defeated with the score of 2-1. But they earned some good reputation around the world and some experience as well. After their return, they eventually got matched with HWA Gaming again in the Summer Finals, defeating them with 3-0. And their "undefeateble premier tournament streak " started after that. Theokoles decided to leave, and ReostA joined for the jungle spot.

Dark Passage defeated Team Turquality BLUE , and qualified for the Gamescom 2013 International Wildcard Tournament. Holyphoenix got replaced with Lethilion, because Holyphoenix was not old enough to compete in such a major tournament due to rules.

At Gamescom, they will drop 3 games to Team Immunity, GamingGear.eu and paiN Gaming , but winning against Lyon Gaming. Despite being underdogs, they eventually been able to take a game off paiN Gaming in semi-finals, even scoring a pentakill (fabFabulous did , with his signature hero
, but that wasn't enough to bring Dark Passage to Worlds. Many people criticized lots of things ;Holyphoenix's absence , Holythoth's bad performance, and Lethilion's lack of position knowledge etc.

After Gamescom, they would compete in another offline tournament on Bulgaria, ESL Balkans League Season V . Reached finals without giving a single game, and defeated Kalu OP with a score of 2-1.

They competed for a spot in IEM Season VIII - Cologne, but they would lose to Team Turquality RED in quarter-finals. They went for 2013 World Cyber Games instead. They selected to Group B, with only 1 noticeable opponent, OMG. Their group would play 6 games instead of 12, because Millenium got disqualified. They qualified to brackets, and eventually falled to CJ Entus Blaze.

Season 4

Dark Passage started Season 4 with noticeable changes ; Crystal M replaced ReostA and TrieLBaenRe replaced Holythoth. This squad finished first in 2014 Turkish Champions League Winter Season , scoring 11-5. They would defeat HWA Gaming again at finals , with 3-0. This was their fourth win in finals against HWA Gaming.

In 2014 Turkish Champions League Spring Season, they eventually found a worthy opponent this time , Wild Fire e-Sports Club, who got the old Team Turquality BLUE squad with some changes. Two teams went toe-to-toe , finishing with the same score of 11-3. And in finals, they got matched. DP won again, with the score of 3-0.

In 2014 Turkish Champions League Summer Season, nothing changed and DP finished first in both finals and league, but this time defeating Team Turquality instead.

When the Riot Season 4 Turkish Championship time came, Riot Games Turkey prepared a perfect organization, and Dark Passage suprised nobody, they won again in a match vs. Team Turquality, and became the undisputed champions of Turkey, eventually gaining a shot for Wild Card once again.

At the time period, while preparing for Wild Card, TrieLBaenRe got replaced by Touch due to passport issues. In Wild Card, they would be matched with qualifiers of Russia and Oceania, respectively. They lost the first game against Legacy eSports, but they won against Russian Force twice and against Legacy eSports once, Dark Passage has qualified for finals by a score of 3-1.

In the Finals, they defeated Legacy eSports and gained a spot for the Season 4 World Championship, being the second team qualified for World Championship (other being Samsung Galaxy Blue).



  • Their owner venza is an old professional Counter-Strike player who won more than 50+ tournaments in Turkey.
  • They are the first team to score consecutive pentakills in an international tournament such as Wild Card.
  • They are the first Turkish team to transfer a foreign player.

Player Roster

ID Name
Top Laner Turkey Marshall Yiğit Kırdök
Jungler Finland Taikki Arttu Sirkka
Mid Laner South Korea Ninja Noh Geon-woo (노건우)
AD Carry Turkey HolyPhoenix Anıl Işık
Support Turkey Farfetch Berk Badur
Sub Mid Laner Turkey immortoru Furkan Tekeş
Sub Mid Laner Turkey Devops Furkan Abay
Sub Support Turkey Depellini Enez Depeli
Sub Support Sweden Hustlin Morgan Granberg

ID Name Next Team
Top Laner Turkey Broken Blade Sergen Çelik
Jungler Poland Cinkrof Jakub Rokicki
Sub Top Laner Turkey Brolia Mert İlgün
Victorious Ace
Support Turkey Rogu Burak Eryol
Support Sweden Treatz Erik Wessén
Movistar Riders
Top Laner Denmark Wickd Mike Petersen
Jungler Denmark Obvious Dennis Sørensen
Top Laner Belgium Bwipo Gabriël Rau
Jungler South Korea Move Kang Min-su
Top Laner Turkey Hioss Emircan Hazar
Top Laner Turkey Elwind Kaan Atıcı
CREW eSports
AD Carry Turkey Zeitnot Berkay Aşıkuzun
BAU SuperMassive
Jungler Romania Xerxe Andrei Dragomir
Unicorns of Love
Mid Laner Denmark Caps Rasmus Winther
Support Turkey un1tback Ishak Yılmaz
Mid Laner Poland Abaria Boguslaw Dobryniewski
KIYF Logitech
Jungler Turkey Crystal Atakan Aydın
Team Aurora
Support Germany Arphan Omar Arphan
Mid Laner Turkey Naru Koray Bıçak
BAU SuperMassive
AD Carry Turkey Holyphoenix Anıl Işık
HWA Gaming
Support Norway Touch Omid Rosander
Top Laner Turkey Fabulous Asım Cihat Karakaya
HWA Gaming
Substitute Turkey His Burak Sunal
Substitute Turkey Euphony Aykut Özgan
ZONE eSports
Substitute Turkey Holythoth Kasım Polat
ATLAS eSports Team
Substitute Turkey ReostA Yasin Es
Always With Honor
Jungler Turkey Theokoles Muhammed Işık
Wild Fire e-Sports
Top Laner Turkey LongB Serkan Ülkücü
Team Turquality RED
Substitute Turkey HolyRegi Berk Bahali
Substitute Turkey Sephiroth Burak Öztürk
AD Carry Turkey Hexagon Sun Berk Gocay
HWA Gaming
Top Laner Turkey Lelouch Şükrü Şentürk
HWA Gaming
Mid Laner Turkey WrisTCutter Ferit Karakaya
HWA Gaming
AD Carry Turkey Rutsel Batu Keleş
PlanB Gaming


ID Name Position
Turkey venza Ertug Okcuoglu Owner
Turkey Maestro Ekin Odacıoğlu Head Manager
Turkey ava'adora Alexadndra Aylin Manager
Marcus Blom Blumigan Coach

ID Name Position Next Team
France Shanei Erwin Pierlot Head Coach
Sri Lanka Windjammer Warren Wijayaratnam Head Coach
Turkey Dino Bilzerian Ali Doğan Mental Coach
Turkey Lelouch Şükrü Şentürk Head Coach
CREW eSports
Turkey Halpern Aral Norman Head Coach
Turkey Auspexa Salih Kızıldağ Head Coach
Turkey Trielbaenre Ercan Bozkurt Head Coach
Dark Passage White

Team Achievements

2017 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-08-07 TCL Logo.png 5th 2017 TCL Summer Playoffs 3 : 0
P3P eSports
2017-07-31 TCL Logo.png 6th 2017 TCL Summer Split 2-6-6 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-D-L)
2017-04-14 TCL Logo.png Q 2017 TCL Summer Promotion 3 : 0
Team Turquality
2017-03-13 TCL Logo.png 7th 2017 TCL Winter Split 2-6-6 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)

2016 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-12-15 Esltumbnail.png 7 - 8th IEM XI Gyeonggi 0 : 2
Team Liquid
$ 1,500
2016-10-30 Esltumbnail.png Q IEM XI Gyeonggi Qualifiers 2 : 0
Saigon Jokers
2016-09-03 Worlds Logosmall.png NQ 2016 International Wildcard Qualifiers 2 - 3
INTZ e-Sports
2016-08-13 TCL Logo.png 1st 2016 TCL Summer Playoffs 3 : 0
BAU SuperMassive
TRY 100.000
2016-07-20 TCL Logo.png 2nd 2016 TCL Summer Split 7-3-4 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)
2016-03-27 TCL Logo.png 3 - 4th 2016 TCL Winter Playoffs 2 : 3
2016-03-02 TCL Logo.png 1st 2016 TCL Winter Split 11 : 3 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)

2015 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-08-28 IWC Turkey.png NQ 2015 International Wildcard Turkey 3 : 3 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)
2015-08-08 TCL Logo.png 1st 2015 TCL Summer Playoffs 3 : 1
Beşiktaş e-Sports
2015-07-12 TCL Logo.png 2nd 2015 TCL Summer Regular Split 10 : 4 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)
2015-04-04 TCL Logo.png 2nd 2015 TCL Winter Playoffs 0 : 3
Beşiktaş e-Sports
2015-03-08 TCL Logo.png 2nd 2015 TCL Winter Split 12 : 3 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)

2014 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-12-10 BMCup Small.png 4th 2014 Black Monster Cup Europe Winter 0 : 2
€ 750
2014-09-21 WC2014.png 13 - 16th 2014 World Championship 0 : 6 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L) $ 25,000
2014-08-14 RpPoints.png 1st 2014 Season International Wild Card Tournament 3 : 0
Legacy eSports
Qualified to 2014 WC
2014-07-12 TCL Logo.png 1st Riot Season 4 Turkish Championship 3 : 1
Team Turquality
TL 60,000
2014-06-08 TCL Logo.png 1st 2014 Turkish Champions League Summer 3 : 0
Team Turquality
TL 20,000
2014-04-06 TCL Logo.png 1st 2014 Turkish Champions League Spring 3 : 0
Wild Fire e-Sports
TL 20,000
2014-03-30 2nd International Invitational Tournament 3 0 : 3
Cloud 9 Eclipse
€ 3,000
2014-03-30 BMCup Small.png 4th Black Monster Cup EU Spring 2014 0 : 2
€ 750
2014-02-02 TCL Logo.png 1st 2014 Turkish Champions League Winter 3 : 0
HWA Gaming
TL 20,000

2013 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-12-01 WCGlogo small.png 5 - 8th 2013 World Cyber Games 0 : 2
CJ Entus Blaze
2013-10-23 5 - 8th International Invitational Tournament 2 0 : 2
Team Dignitas UK
2013-09-22 EBL logo small.png 1st ESL Balkans League Season V 2 : 1
Kalu OP
€ 2,000
2013-09-08 WCGlogo small.png 1st WCG 2013 Turkey Qualifiers 2 : 1
HWA Gaming
WCG 2013 Seed
2013-08-22 RpPoints.png 3 - 4th Riot Season 3 International Wildcard Tournament 1 : 2
paiN Gaming
2013-07-27 RpPoints.png 1st Riot Season 3 Turkish Championship 3 : 0
Team Turquality BLUE
TL 40,000
2013-06-17 DH-star.png 2nd DreamHack Summer 2013 1 : 2
Copenhagen Wolves
kr 35,000
2013-06-11 BMCup Small.png 2nd Black Monster Cup #2 0 : 2
GIANTS! Gaming
2013-05-12 Go4LoL.png 1st Go4LoL Turkey #23 1 : 0
HWA Gaming
TL 450
2013-04-11 Go4LoL.png 1st Go4LoL Turkey Monthly Final March 2013 2 : 1
HWA Gaming
TL 1100
2013-03-17 Go4LoL.png 1st Go4LoL Turkey #15 1 : 0
TL 450
2013-03-10 Go4LoL.png 1st Go4LoL Turkey #14 1 : 0
Team Turquality
TL 450
2013-03-03 Go4LoL.png 1st Go4LoL Turkey #13 1 : 0
HWA Gaming
TL 450
2013-02-24 Go4LoL.png 1st Go4LoL Turkey #12 1 : 0
HWA Gaming
TL 450
2013-02-10 Go4LoL.png 1st Go4LoL Turkey #10 1 : 0
HWA Gaming
TL 450
2013-02-03 Go4LoL.png 1st Go4LoL Turkey #9 1 : 0
HWA Gaming
TL 450
2013-01-31 Go4LoL.png 1st Go4LoL Turkey Monthly Final January 2013 1 : 0
HWA Gaming
TL 1,100
2013-01-27 Go4LoL.png 1st Go4LoL Turkey #8 1 : 0
HWA Gaming
TL 450
2013-01-13 Go4LoL.png 1st Go4LoL Turkey #6 1 : 0
Charta Nix
TL 450
2013-01-10 Go4LoL.png 1st Go4LoL EU West Monthly Final November 2012 1 : 0
€ 500
2013-01-06 Go4LoL.png 1st Go4LoL Turkey #5 1 : 0
HWA Gaming
TL 450
2013-01-03 Go4LoL.png 1st Go4LoL Turkey Monthly Final December 2012 1 : 0
HWA Gaming
TL 1,100
2013-??-?? RpPoints.png 1st Riot Games Turkey Summer Season Tournament 3 : 0
HWA Gaming
TL 15,000
2013-??-?? RpPoints.png 1st Riot Games Turkey Spring Season Tournament 3 : 0
HWA Gaming
TL 15,000
2013-??-?? RpPoints.png 1st Riot Games Turkey Winter Season Tournament 3 : 2
HWA Gaming
TL 15,000

2012 Tournaments]
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2012-12-30 Go4LoL.png 1st Go4LoL Turkey #4 1 : 0
Team Turquality
TL 450
2012-11-18 Go4LoL.png 1st Go4LoL EU West Cup #116 1 : 0
Team Theory Gaming
€ 200


Other Contents

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  • 2017 TCL Summer
  • 2017 TCL Winter


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