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Nov 25[edit]

Team Fnatic - AMARedditInterviewFnaticlogo std.pngFNC

Nov 26[edit]


Nov 27[edit]

Interview with Taipei Assassins, winners of Season 2 WCAbsolute LegendsInterviewTpa std.pngTPA

Nov 28[edit]

Pro Player Pick: Alex Ich Picks Ryze (video)Riot GamesInterviewAlex Ich

Nov 29[edit]

IPL 5 - Panky interviews Fnatic's nRated (video)Reign of GamingInterviewNRated
IPL 5 - Panky interviews Curse EU's Extinkt (video)Reign of GamingInterviewExtinkt
IPL5 Marn Interview (video)IGN ProLeagueInterviewMarn
IPL5 TheOddOne and Xpecial Pre Tournament Interview (video)IGN ProLeagueInterviewXpecial, TheOddOne
"해설을 시작해볼까" 돌아온 래퍼드, 복한규 선수 인터뷰
IPL 5 Alex Ich M5 Interview (video)IGN ProLeagueInterviewAlex Ich
IPL5 Lilballz and Mistake Taipei Assassins Interview (video)IGN ProLeagueInterviewLilballz, MiSTakE
IPL5 DoubleLift Interview (video)IGN ProLeagueInterviewDoublelift

Nov 30[edit]

Pobelter talks about Team Meat Playground run at the IPL 5 (video)GameSpotInterviewPobelter
IPL 5 - Panky interviews Pobelter (video)Reign of GamingInterviewPobelter
IPL5 Jatt Scarra Interview (video)IGN ProLeagueInterviewJatt
IPL 5 - Panky interviews Xmithie and MuffinQT (video)Reign of GamingInterviewXmithie
IPL 5 Travis (State of the League) Interview (video)IGN ProLeagueInterviewTravis Gafford
IPL5 Fnatic Reckkless Backstage Interview (video)IGN ProLeagueInterviewRekkles
IPL5 Aphro-Moo Muffin QT Takashi X Interview (video)IGN ProLeagueInterviewAphromoo, TakashiX
Interview mit Team Acers Jungler Maurice "Amazing" Stückenschneider (German)PixomizeInterviewAmazing
IPL 5 - Panky interviews CLG EU's Krepo (video)Reign of GamingInterviewBoris
Locodoco and Doublelift talk marriage, solo q's, NA and more (video)GameSpotInterviewDoublelift, Locodoco
IPL 5 - Panky interviews Deman (video)Reign of GamingInterviewDeman
IPL5 Backstage Captain Jack Interview (video)IGN ProLeagueInterviewCpt Jack
IPL5 CURSE NA Voyboy and Cop Interview (video)IGN ProLeagueInterviewCop, Voyboy
IPL 5 Singapore Sentinels Chawy Interview (video)IGN ProLeagueInterviewChawy
IPL5 Chawy Backstage Interview (video)IGN ProLeagueInterviewChawy

Dec 01[edit]

Fnatic nRated at IPL5 (video)CyberSportsNetworkInterviewNRated
IPL 5 Panky interviews WE's manager/analyst (video)Reign of GamingInterviewWelogo std.pngWE
Marn predicts a winner of LoL at IPL 5 and talks about Team MRN (video)GamespotInterviewMarn
IPL 5 - Panky interviews Azubu Blaze's Helios (video)Reign of GamingInterviewHelios
Helios talks about facing TSM, M5, Flame and possibly Locodoco (video)GamespotInterviewHelios
Rekkles talks about beating TPA and Doublelift should talk less (video)GamespotInterviewRekkles
Aphromoo Joins Team Marn? Maybe? At IPL5 (video)CyberSportsNetworkInterviewAphromoo, Marn
IPL5 Taipei Assassins MiSTakE (video)IGN ProLeagueInterviewMiSTakE
“Coming to America was a mistake.” – This Is Game interviews Locodoco of CLG PrimeThis Is game, English Translation by ggChronicleInterviewLocodoco
TPA Toyz & Lilballz at IPL5 (video)CyberSportsNetworkInterviewLilballz
Krepo talks about facing Team We, S3 support changes and more (video)GamespotInterviewBoris Doublelift at IPL5 (video)CyberSportsNetworkInterviewDoublelift
IPL5 Day 3 - Rhux and Cop Interview (video)IGN ProLeagueInterviewCop
IPL 5 Panky interviews Creaton and CopReign of GamingInterviewCop