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Mar 17[edit]

LCS Week 5 (MLG Dallas) - TSM Snapdragon's TheOddOne "I really wanted to play Volibear." (video)LeaguepediaInterviewTheOddOne
KatanaMordecai interviews coL Nickwu at MLG Dallas (video)Team DignitasInterviewNickwu
LCS Week 5 (MLG Dallas) - Cloud 9's WildTurtle "It was just two free kills for me." (video)LeaguepediaInterviewWildTurtle
WildTurtle talks about the Amatuer LoL Scene and Cloud 9's match (video)GameSpotInterviewWildTurtle
LCS Week 5 (MLG Dallas), Velocity's Pr0lly + Evaniskus "We have a strong rivalry with Cloud9" (video)LeaguepediaInterviewPr0lly
Bloodwater talks about Nami's viability and match against CLG (video)GameSpotInterviewBloodWater
LemonNation talks playing on the Mainstage for the first time (video)GameSpotInterviewLemonNation
LCS Week 5 (MLG Dallas) - Cloud 9's Hai_L9 "Lux is really fun and fits our style." (video)LeaguepediaInterviewHai
Dyrus talks about bad calls versus Curse and more on LCS Matches (video)GameSpotInterviewDyrus
MLG 2013 League of Legends: Crs Cop of Team Curse Gaming Extended Pre-Game Interview (video)UltnessInterviewCop

Mar 18[edit]

LCS Week 5 (MLG Dallas) - Vulcun's Zuna "Dignitas' playstyle hasn't changed too much." (video)LeaguepediaInterviewZuna
TheOddOne of Team TSM Snapdragon speaks to Ultness about MLG Dallas 2013 (video)UltnessInterviewTheOddOne
KT Rolster B Insec Interview (video)GameSpotInterviewInSec
LCS Week 5 (MLG Dallas) - TSM's Chaox "We've gone back to the drawing board." (video)LeaguepediaInterviewChaox
MOBAFire TV: Interviews Cloud 9 Meteos at MLG Dallas (video)MOBAFire TVInterviewMeteos
LCS Week 5 (MLG Dallas) - GGU's DontMashMe "I enjoy the adrenaline rush I get from fans cheering." (video)LeaguepediaInterviewMash

Mar 19[edit]

I am DB Brokenshard, sub for DragonBorns and creator of the EUW challenger series, Ask me ANYTHINGRedditInterviewBrokenshard

Mar 20[edit]

ahq戰隊+貝克教練全員專訪直擊 (Chinese)LoL GarenaArticleAHQLogo std.pngahq
League of Legends LCS WK5 - DontMashMe - CLG vs GGU (video)MachinimaVSInterviewMash
Cloud 9's Team AMA!RedditInterviewCloud9logo std.pngC9
[LOL 오프 예선] SK텔레콤 복한규-김애준 "첫 본선 진출, 우승 노린다" (Korean)Daily eSportsInterviewReapered
League of Legends LCS WK5 - Crumbzz - Dignitas vs GGU (video)MachinimaVSInterviewCrumbz

Mar 21[edit]

Xpecial talks on Wildturtle as a sub versus playing with Chaox (videoGameSpotInterviewXpecial

Mar 22[edit]

Oddone talks about playing with Wildturtle and playing CLG (video)GameSpotInterviewTheOddOne

Mar 23[edit]

LCS Week 6 - coL Nickwu "We got pretty lucky in teamfights." (video)LeaguepediaInterviewNickwu
Froggen at LCS EU Lille (French)Me MidInterviewFroggen
League of Legends LCS WK6 - CLG vs. TSM - Dyrus (video)MachinimaVSInterviewDyrus
Doublelift talks about losing streak and Chaox Rivalry (video)GameSpotInterviewDoublelift