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Jun 16[edit]

DH Summer: Youngbuck Interview (video)CadredInterviewYoungBuck
DreamHack Summer 2013 - s0AZ & nRated Interviewed (video)FnaticInterviewNRated
DH Summer: fnatic LoL Interview (video)CadredInterviewYellOwStaR
Interview with Gambit Diamond at LCS EU DreamHack (EN subs) (video)Gambit GamingInterviewDiamondprox

Jun 17[edit]

Interview with Gambit Alex Ich @ LCS EU DreamHack (video)Gambit GamingInterviewAlex Ich
Interview with Hai, Team Captain of Cloud 9: "It just so happens our optimal way of playing is similar to that of the Koreans."Team DignitasInterviewHai

Jun 18[edit]

Meteos vlog #1MeteosArticleMeteos
Words With Nick "NickWu" Smith (video)Matt DemersInterviewNickwu
DH Summer: Bjergsen Interview (video)CadredInterviewBjergsen
League Out Loud - Summer Split Begins & Meteos Interview (video)MachinimaVSInterviewMeteos

Jun 19[edit]

Interview with Gambit Genja at LCS EU DreamHack (EN subs)(video)Gambit GamingInterviewGenja

Jun 20[edit]

Interview with Gambit groove at LCS EU DreamHack (Russian with English subs)(video)GambitEsportsInterviewGambitLogo std.pngGambit
League of Legends LCS [SS WK 2] Zuna - Curse vs. Vulcun (video)MachinimaVSInterviewZuna

Jun 21[edit]

LCS Moscow 2013: interview with Gambit-Groove (Russian with English subs)(video)LoLGameRuInterviewGambitLogo std.pngGambit
League of Legends LCS [SS WK 2] Link - TSM vs. CLG (video)MachinimaVSInterviewLink
Kiwikid talks about the match against Team Coast at LCS Week 2 (video)GameSpotInterviewKiWiKiD
LCS Week 2 - Vulcun Zuna "It's not how much your scrim, it's how much you get out of them" (video)LeaguepediaInterviewZuna
Phỏng vấn ngắn đại diện đội tuyển E-sports Garena về việc SF5.Violet rời đội (Vietnamese)Rapture Gaming NetworkInterviewViolet
WildTurtle talks TSM Snapdragon's Dominant Game against VeS (video)GameSpotInterviewWildTurtle
A sit down with Cloud 9 LemonnationTeam DignitasInterviewLemonNation
Hai shares his thoughts about Cloud 9's long match with Vulcun (video)GameSpotInterviewHai
LCS Moscow 2013: interview with EG-Froggen (video)LoLGamerRuInterviewFroggen
Doublelift talks about going against the undefeated Cloud 9 (video)GameSpotInterviewDoublelift
ZionSpartan talks Team Coast's match against Velocity eSports (video)GameSpotInterviewDarshan

Jun 22[edit]

Chaox - HATETRAIN AMARedditInterviewChaox
League of Legends LCS [SS WK 2] Shiphtur - Coast vs. Velocity (video)MachinimaVSInterviewShiphtur
LCS Москва 2013: интервью с Gambit-Alex_ich (Russian with English Subtitles)(video)LoLGameRuInterviewAlex Ich