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Sep 22[edit]

Cruising Altitude: Cloud 9MachinimaInterviewCloud9logo std.pngC9
Alex Ich talks about Gambits final game of the group stageGameSpotInterviewAlex Ich

Sep 23[edit]

LolKing's S3 Worlds Coverage - Interview with PraY (Kim Jong-In) (video)LolKingInterviewPraY
PraY discusses NaJin's game and results in the quarters (video)GameSpotInterviewPraY
Off the Rift: C9 and Fnatic junglers discuss quarterfinal match (video)LoL EsportsInterviewMeteos
Hai discusses Cloud 9's games and results at Worlds (video)GameSpotInterviewHai

Sep 24[edit]

TURTLES BAD VLOG..WildTurtleArticleWildTurtle
LolKing's S3 Worlds Coverage - Interview with Uzi (Jian Zi-Hao) (video)LolKingInterviewUzi
LolKing's S3 Worlds Coverage - Interview with PoohManDu (Lee Jeong-hyeon) (video)LolKingInterviewPoohManDu

Sep 25[edit]

Piglet: Champions of Korea (video)MachinimaInterviewPiglet
Impact discusses SK Telecom T1's game vs Gamania Bears (video)GameSpotInterviewImpact
Tabe talks about their game vs OMG and shares his amazing story (video)GameSpotInterviewTabe
CLG GM Kelby shares his thoughts on Worlds and on CLG (video)GameSpotInterviewCounter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCLG
Cloud 9's Hai AMARedditInterviewHai

Sep 26[edit]

TURTLES UPDATEWildTurtleArticleWildTurtle
Pre Worlds: League of Legends Team Interview (video)FnaticInterviewFnaticlogo std.pngFNC
HyperX Cloud 9 LCS NA Regional Champions InterviewHyperXInterviewCloud9logo std.pngC9

Sep 27[edit]

World's Aftermath and Season 4XpecialArticleXpecial
CSN Worlds Tabe Interview (video)Cyber Sports NetworkInterviewTabe
CSN Worlds Chaox InterviewCyber Sports NetworkInterviewChaox
CSN Worlds Voyboy Interview (video)Cyber Sports NetworkInterviewVoyboy
Bjergsen talks first time in America, In N' Out, and more (video)GameSpotInterviewBjergsen
Off the Rift: Najin Black Sword's mid Nagne discusses loss (video)LoL EsportsInterviewNagne
MonteCristo: UncutMachinimaInterviewMonteCristo
CSN Worlds Hai Interview (video)Cyber Sports NetworkInterviewHai
LolKing's S3 Worlds Coverage - Interview with Faker (Lee Sang-hyeok) (video)LolKingInterviewFaker
Off the Rift: Faker talks semifinal win against NaJin (video)LoL EsportsInterviewFaker
Faker talks about match against NaJin and soloque vs HotshotGG (video)GameSpotInterviewFaker
Travis teaches Doublelift how to Interview at Worlds Semifinals (video)GameSpotInterviewDoublelift

Sep 28[edit]

When God (Faker) Plays Orianna - League Of LegendsOPLOLReplayArticleFaker
Season 3 Worlds - Semifinals Day 1 Interview - SKT T1's Piglet (video)LeaguepediaInterviewPiglet
Tabe and Uzi discuss their Semifinals match versus Fnatic (video)GameSpotInterviewTabe, Uzi
Off the Rift: Fnatic and Royal support sitdown (video)LoL EsportsInterviewYellOwStaR, Tabe
Carbono al detalle - La nueva serie de uLISESLVPwardInterviewCarbono
LolKing's S3 Worlds Coverage - Interview with bengi (Bae Seong-ung) (video)LolKingInterviewBengi
LolKing's S3 Worlds Coverage - Interview with Meteos (Will Hartman) (video)LolKingInterviewMeteos
Locodoco talks about his return to the US at the Worlds (video)GameSpotInterviewLocodoco
Crumbzz gives his thoughts on the Worlds Semifinals Matches (video)GameSpotInterviewCrumbz