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May 25[edit]

Doublelift and Aphromoo talk about the first weekend of Summer Split LCS w/ cameos from the rest of CLG (video)onGamersInterviewDoublelift
Xpecial shares his thoughts on his transition playing with Team Curse (video)onGamersInterviewXpecial
RobertxLee and Pr0lly talk about their match against Cloud 9 (video)onGamersInterviewPr0lly
Hai talks about his struggles to return to form with Cloud 9 (video)onGamersInterviewHai
Dyrus gives his impressions of the teams after the first week of Summer Split (video)onGamersInterviewDyrus

May 26[edit]

No Hugerino?XpecialArticleXpecial
Interview with LPL runner up iG's solo laners Zz1tai and PDDGosuGamersInterviewZz1tai, PDD

May 27[edit]

LJ LEAGUE 出場チームインタビュー Detonation FM BonziN 選手 (Japanese)LJ LEAGUE Official ChannelInterviewBonziN
LJ LEAGUE 出場チームインタビュー Detonation FM Astarore選手 (Japanese)LJ LEAGUE Official ChannelInterviewAstarore
LJ LEAGUE 出場チームインタビュー Detonation FM Riosilva 選手 (Japanese)LJ LEAGUE Official ChannelInterviewRiosilva
LJ LEAGUE 出場チームインタビュー Rascal Jester Arfoad 選手 (Japanese)LJ LEAGUE Official ChannelInterviewArfoad
LJ LEAGUE 出場チームインタビュー Rascal Jester scottlyk 選手 (Japanese)LJ LEAGUE Official ChannelInterviewscottlyk

May 28[edit]

안녕하세요 많이회복한 피미르입니다!Inven GlobalArticlePromise

May 29[edit]

Interview with H2k's OdoamneParavineInterviewOdoamne
Interview with SK Gaming's JesizParavineInterviewJesiz

May 30[edit]

Imaqtpie on LCS Superweek, the upcoming TSM & LMQ games and more!Team DignitasInterviewImaqtpie
EU LCS 2014 Summer W2: Interview with SHC MrRallez (video)SK GamingInterviewMrRallez

May 31[edit]

Doublelift on their match vs TSM, Aphro and Link, and getting attacked by bugs (video)onGamersInterviewDoublelift
Balls talks about their losses last week and their performance after the first day of Week 2 LCS Summer Split (video)onGamersInterviewBalls
Altec talks about his transition period into EG and the LCS Summer Split (video)onGamersInterviewAltec
Interview with Deficio of Ninjas in Pyjamas LoLTeam DignitasInterviewDeficio
Interview with ZionSpartan about Super Week, fitting in, and the futureTeam DignitasInterviewDarshan
Crumbz talks about the Dig's performance in the first two weekends of LCS Summer Split (video)onGamersInterviewCrumbz