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May 31[edit]

Enemy eSports: The Rookie Red DevilsThe ScoreArticleEnemylogo std.pngNME
Player Spotlight: Incarnati0nLoL EsportsArticleJensen
Postgame Q&A with C9 Incarnati0n: “If we continue to improve I expect we will be one of the top teams at the end of Summer.”News Of LegendsInterviewJensenNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
Doublelift and Pobelter Discuss If CLG's Problems Are Finally FixedGameSpotInterviewDoublelift, PobelterNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
Travis Interviews Piglet and Fenix while Fenix TranslatesGameSpotInterviewFenix, PigletNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season

Jun 01[edit]

Xpecial - 2-0 Week, Madison Square GardenXpecialArticleXpecial
Anarchy in the K.R.LoL EsportsArticleRebels Anarchylogo std.pngRANC
The five storylines of Qiao GuThe ScoreArticleQiao Gu Reaperslogo std.pngQG
Circuito de Leyendas: Los nuevos contendientes (Spanish)SkyshockArticleOsos Mafiososlogo std.pngOSM
Restructuring Kingdoms: Team SoloMid and Cloud9The ScoreArticleCloud9logo std.pngC9Team SoloMidlogo std.pngTSM
Santorin and TSM adapt for SummerLoL EsportsArticleSantorin
Jogador em destaque: Kami (paiN) (Portuguese)LoL Esports BRArticleKami
Aphromoo Explains How CLG's New Coach Has Dramatically Changed Their DaysGameSpotInterviewNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
Xpecial Interview - "I think TSM is still the best team right now"GameSpotInterviewXpecialNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
The Road to New York: Fionn's Week 1 NA LCS RundownThe ScoreArticleNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season

Jun 02[edit]

Profession: commentateur de jeux vidéo20Minutes (french)InterviewChips, Noi
NA LCS 2015: ZionSpartan - "Rob sucks at doing interviews."SK GamingInterviewDarshanNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
NA LCS 2015: Meteos - "The win doesn't mean we're better than TSM, we just had a better game."SK GamingInterviewMeteosNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
NA LCS 2015: Quas - "When I came back to practice [from Hawaii] I was so motivated and still am."SK GamingInterviewQuasNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
NA LCS 2015: XiaoWeiXiao - "We watched OGN; they played Yasuo against Gnar.SK Gaming'InterviewNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
The kids are all right and other lessons from the first week of the EU LCSthe Daily DotArticleEU LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season

Jun 03[edit]

dignitas/Azingy - LCS Week 1, Jungle Meta & MoreDignitasInterviewNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
C9 LemonNation: "Meteos is now the shotcaller"TeamLiquidInterviewLemonNationNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season

Jun 04[edit]

YamatoCannon Online #2: Everyone is beatable!YamatoCannonArticleYamatoCannon
Indie Label: Machi 17 defies the LMS hierarchyLoL EsportsArticleMachi Esportslogo std.pngMCX
Coachvicious: "I want to earn it"LoL EsportsInterviewNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
EU LCS Roundup: Ryze (seriously, Ryze)The ScoreArticleEU LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season

Jun 05[edit]

Team Liquid - Rebirth Vlog 01 - Seasons StartHTCArticleXpecialTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTL
The Old Boys of EntusThe ScoreArticleCJElogo std.pngCJ
KiWiKiD on upcoming matches vs. TDK and Team 8Team DignitasInterviewKiWiKiDNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
Innox: A new Enemy in the mid laneLoL EsportsInterviewInnoxNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
Seraph returns to the NA LCSLoL EsportsArticleSeraphNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
EU LCS Roundup: Coordination emergesThe ScoreArticleEU LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season

Jun 06[edit]

CLG Aphromoo: "We stopped trusting each other"TeamLiquidInterviewNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
NA LCS 2015: KiWiKiD - "I'm just glad that we can show NA that we have what it takes."SK GamingInterviewKiWiKiDNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
NA LCS 2015: Dominate - "We said we'd be a Summer Split team."SK GamingInterviewIWDominateNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
NA LCS 2015: Doublelift - "Going 2-0 is nice but it doesn't get to our heads..."SK GamingInterviewDoubleliftNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
Life at the NA LCS: CLG's AphromooLoL EsportsArticleAphromooNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
The El Clásico: Faith vs. RedemptionThe ScoreArticleNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season