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Nov 08

Brokenshard: My Year In Team DignitasTeam DignitasArticleBrokenshardExternalContent/2015-11-08
The 2014 LSPL rivalry that never wasThe ScoreKelsey MoserArticleSnake Esportslogo std.pngSSTeam Kinglogo std.pngKingExternalContent/2015-11-08
Far from flawless: SBENU SonicboomFollow EsportsEmily RandArticleSBENU Korealogo std.pngSBKExternalContent/2015-11-08
Topic of Thorin: Dealing with Double's troubleFollow EsportsThorinArticleDoubleliftExternalContent/2015-11-08

Nov 09

Team Liquid LoL - Vlog 05 - Piglet Shows Off His English with JokaPigletArticlePigletExternalContent/2015-11-08
GBM: An Introduction to North America's latest Korean importFollow EsportsNaser "Empyre" Al-NaqiArticleGBMExternalContent/2015-11-08
Pobelter on Leaving CLG, Chris Let Go, the Doublelift Drama, and His FutureGamespotInterviewPobelterExternalContent/2015-11-08

Nov 10

“Jin Air or CJ Entus, whoever advances - it doesn’t matter” - Interview with KT Rolster’s SsumdayxoprestigeArticleSsumdayExternalContent/2015-11-08
“If we were to meet SKT T1 in the Semifinals, it would be an honor” - Interview with ESC Ever’s AthenaxoprestigeArticleAthenaExternalContent/2015-11-08
'아테나' 강하운, "4강에서 SKT T1 만난다면 영광일 것" (Korean)Park BeomArticleAthenaExternalContent/2015-11-08
'페이커' 이상혁, "스베누 소닉붐, 확실히 경기력이 좋아졌다" (Korean)Park BeomArticleFakerExternalContent/2015-11-08
“SBENU Sonicboom’s performance has unquestionably improved” - Interview with SKT T1′s FakerxoprestigeArticleFakerExternalContent/2015-11-08
Unicorns of Love PowerofEvil - 20 QuestionsHyperXInterviewPowerOfEvilExternalContent/2015-11-08

Nov 11

A Challenger approaches: Team Liquid's search for a homegrown top lanerSplyceNaser "Empyre" Al-NaqiArticleTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTLExternalContent/2015-11-08
Travis Interviews Marty - the Owner of the New LCS EU Team: Follow EsportsGameSpotInterviewSplycelogo std.pngSPYExternalContent/2015-11-08

Nov 12


Nov 13

The years of the sad, mad, and possibly glad planeFollow eSportsEmily RandArticleJin Air Green Wingslogo std.pngJAGExternalContent/2015-11-08
Xpecial on Leaving Team Liquid, Piglet's Feelings, and His LCS FutureGameSpotInterviewXpecialExternalContent/2015-11-08
Xpeke vs PowerOfEvil:Origen's new two-headed midlane threadunikrnTim SevenhuysenArticlePowerOfEvilExternalContent/2015-11-08

Nov 14

부끄럽게 하고 싶지 않다. CJ 엔투스 '매드라이프' 홍민기 (Korean)Dong Dong SeoArticleMadLifeExternalContent/2015-11-08
“I don’t want to play in an embarrassing way” - Interview with CJ Entus’ MadLifexoprestigeArticleMadLifeExternalContent/2015-11-08
“The cheers we received from fans were a source of strength” - Interview with ESC EverxoprestigeArticleESC Everlogo std.pngEverExternalContent/2015-11-08
파란이여 영원하라, ESC Ever "팬들에게 받은 응원, 힘이 돼"Dong Dong SeoArticleESC Everlogo std.pngEverExternalContent/2015-11-08
“We didn’t think we’d be able to win” - Interview with ESC EverxoprestigeArticleESC Everlogo std.pngEverExternalContent/2015-11-08
"이길 거라고 생각하지 못했다" ESC Ever 인터뷰Dong Dong SeoArticleESC Everlogo std.pngEverExternalContent/2015-11-08
Fairy Tale Ending: semi-pro team ESC EVER wins KeSPA CupThe ScoreTyler "Fionn" ErzbergerArticleESC Everlogo std.pngEverExternalContent/2015-11-08