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Dec 13[edit]

RooKie on iG's future: 'if each person does his job...we're a team that can really excel'The ScoreInterviewRookie
Bjergsen on 2016: 'I think by summer we will be the best team in NA'The ScoreInterviewBjergsen
Bjergsen: "I think we will be the best team in NA"FragbiteInterviewBjergsen
Huni om att gå till NA, All-Stars och försöket att bli ADCFragbiteInterviewHuni
Huhi on the Huni vs Huhi Name Situation: "I'll Kill Huni, and Then I'll Prove That I'm Better Tha…onGamersInterviewHuhi
Darshan on Watching All Stars From the Desk and His New Singing CareeronGamersInterviewDarshan

Dec 14[edit]

Faker on Duke: 'I think he will be able to fill the holes left by MaRin'The ScoreInterviewFaker
Shook joins the Vitality LCS line-upRedBullBen SillisArticleTeam Vitalitylogo std.pngVIT
A Brief Qiao Gu Reapers Primer for IEM CologneSplyceEmily RandArticleQiao Gu Reaperslogo std.pngQG
Rookie on All Stars, Learning Chinese, and a Special English Message to His FansonGamersInterviewRookie
Interview with Hai of Cloud 9: “I don’t really care about what lane I play against, we will win or die trying.”News of LegendsInterviewHai

Dec 15[edit]

Nukeduck joins Team Vitality LCS line-upRedBullBen SillisArticleTeam Vitalitylogo std.pngVIT
Rebuilding China: the case of OMG, ZTR eSports, and WCAThe ScoreKelsey MoserArticleOh My Godlogo std.pngOMG
Escaping LGDepression: a look at LGD's roster changes for 2016The ScoreKelsey MoserArticleLgdlogo std.pngLGD
Immortals CEO on Building IMT And "We Are Not the Team That Offered the Highest Salaries to Huni and Reignover"GamespotTravis GaffordInterviewImmortalslogo std.pngIMT
Spirit: An Introduction to Fnatic's Star SigningSplyceNaser "Empyre" Al-NaqiArticleSpirit
Entrevista Jerom Giants Gaming en Gamergy 2015 (Video) (Spanish)eSports SpainInterviewJer0m
Huni on Working With His New Teammates, Expectations for Next Year, and All StarsonGamersInterviewHuni

Dec 16[edit]

Carrying on the Spirit of FnaticThe ScoreKelsey MoserArticleFnaticlogo std.pngFNC
LE MANAGER UOL NOUS PARLE DE L'INTERSAISON (French) [ (English transcription)]OGamingRVinceZInterviewUnicorns Of Lovelogo std.pngUOL
League of Legends: Hjärnan joins Team VitalityRedBullBen SillisArticleTeam Vitalitylogo std.pngVIT
MaRin on 2016: 'I'm placing a lot of importance on meeting SKT...'The ScoreInterviewMaRin

Dec 17[edit]

Westdoor Clarifies Previous Post, Is Not Retiring and Hopes to Make It to Worlds Next YearonGamersInterviewWestdoor
League of Legends: Cabochard joins Team VitalityRedBullBen SillisArticleTeam Vitalitylogo std.pngVIT
Adaptable nonconformity: Qiao Gu's chances of meeting the meta at IEM CologneThe ScoreKelsey MoserArticleQiao Gu Reaperslogo std.pngQG
From Challenger Failings to IEM Cologne: ESC EverLeague eSports TalkAaronArticleESC Everlogo std.pngESC
The Sky's the Limit: Revamped Cloud9 look to regain their North American crownThe ScoreTyler "Fionn" ErzbergerArticleCloud9logo std.pngC9
Smoothie to Fans: "Keep Watching: I Have a Lot to Prove This Season"onGamersInterviewSmoothie
"Selling LCS slots will hurt the esports ecosystem"Natus VincereInterviewLiq
Alexei "LeX" Kitsak – "CIS has the talent"LiquidLegendsShiroKaisenInterviewLeX

Dec 18[edit]

Xpecial - At TSM House, Star WarsXpecialArticleXpecial
Shaunz: Meet Vitality’s new head coachRedBullBen SillisArticleTeam Vitalitylogo std.pngVIT
Karsa on the Flash Wolves in 2015: 'We went through a lot this year'The ScoreInterviewKarsa
«J'étais Challenger à 14 ans !» Interview de Hans, adc de l'équipe Millenium League of Legends ! (French)YouTubeMilleniumInterviewHans Sama

Dec 19[edit]

The jungler and the team: an in-depth look at the rivalry between Spirit and SwiftThe ScoreKelsey MoserArticleSpirit, Swift
Prolly at IEM—'There's a lot of RNG in League right now, it's like Hearthstone'Daily DotInterviewPr0lly