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Mar 13[edit]

Lane Swap: From Pro to CoachLoL EsportsPhillip "Costy" CostiganArticlePr0lly, Shaunz, YamatoCannon
Mash on Team Impulse's loss to Team SoloMid: 'We expected to win today actually'The ScoreInterviewMashNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Froggen: 'I wasn't sure how many I actually had that counted as gold... but I knew I was up there'The ScoreInterviewFroggenNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
How Hai and the laid-back Cloud9 are trolling their way to successESPNTyler ErzbergerArticleNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Emily Rand's NA LCS Roundup: Mistakes were madeThe ScoreEmily RandArticleNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season

Mar 14[edit]

Matchup breakdown: Chiefs and LegacyLoL Esports OCENelson SngArticleChiefs Esports Clublogo std.pngCHFLegacy Esportslogo std.pngLGC
Snake Esports' Flandre on lane swaps, teamfighting and his creative playstyleThe ScoreInterviewFlandreLPL/2016 Season/Spring Season
Seraph: Renegades is now the second-best team in North AmericaYahooInterviewSeraphNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Froggen and Keith Discuss Setting New Records against DignitasYahooInterviewFroggen, KeithNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Freeze on playing with Ninja and Seraph: 'They are like a two-man team'The ScoreInterviewFreezeNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Keith on how to win a match after losing for 60 minutesThe Daily DotSamuel LingleArticleNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Adrian: 'We would have made NA look like a strong region at IEM'The Daily DotSamuel LingleArticleNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Emily Rand's NA LCS Roundup: the current playoff contendersThe ScoreEmily RandArticleNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Top 5 Plays from Week 8 of the LCSThe ScoreArticleEU LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
FORG1VEN on his military deferment: ‘I always knew that I was kind of on a clock in my career’The ScoreInterviewFORG1VENEU LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Cabochard on H2K and G2: 'We don't feel like they are better than us'The ScoreInterviewCabochardEU LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
PerkZ on preparing for playoffs: 'All teams in the Top 6 are almost equally as strong'The ScoreInterviewPerkzEU LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Retadores de la Copa: FG Gonto (Spanish)Riot MaggicalArticleGontoLatin America Cup/LAS/2016 Season/Opening Cup/Regular Season
Longzhu still struggling with roster rotationSlingshot EsportsColin "CD-Mangaka" NimerArticleLongZhulogo std.pngLZLCK/2016 Season/Spring Season
Emily Rand's LCK Weekly: Unbridled AmbitionThe ScoreEmily RandArticleLCK/2016 Season/Spring Season

Mar 15[edit]

Snake Esports' Zzr talks Kindred matchups, developing his own playstyle and T0MThe ScoreInterviewZzrLPL/2016 Season/Spring Season
GBM - Being Better, Bowties, and Team BondingYahooInterviewGBMNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Interview with GBM on their matchup against CLG: "Please, CLG, pick Yasuo."DignitasInterviewGBMNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Reignover on Immortals: Everyone knows how to play when you're behindYahooInterviewReignoverNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
NA LCS Mid Laner Power RankingsUnikrnTim SevenhuysenArticleNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Balls on the silver lining to missing Katowice and how Cloud9 can beat ImmortalsThe Daily DotSamuel LingleArticleNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Steeelback on his performance: 'I look good because I have good players next to me too'The ScoreInterviewSteeelbackEU LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
sOAZ on Origen’s comebacks, xPeke becoming more involved with the team and the upcoming playoffsThe ScoreInterviewEU LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Entre Carriles: Last Kings (Spanish)Riot MaggicalArticleLast Kingslogo std.pngLKLatin America Cup/LAS/2016 Season/Opening Cup/Regular Season
Kelsey Moser's LPL Roundup: Don't count out Group AThe ScoreKelsey MoserArticleLPL/2016 Season/Spring Season
A closer look at ROX Tigers’ first lossSlingshot EsportsColin "CD-Mangaka" NimerArticleROX Tigerslogo std.pngROXLCK/2016 Season/Spring Season
Power Rankings 3/15/2016LoL EsportsFrank 'Riot Mirhi' FieldsArticleLCK/2016 Season/Spring Season

Mar 16[edit]

Liquid - Rebirth EP21 - DreamcatcherHTCArticleTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTL
Origen's Chasing Glory - Episode 4OrigenArticleOrigenlogo std.pngOG
Sjokz on Europe's international potential, covering IEM and surprises this splitThe ScoreInterviewSjokz
C9 Rush - 20 QuestionsHyperXInterviewRush
Glass Cannon Darien?! Trying to understand and describe Huni's playstyleGold per 10Ryan TangArticleHuni
SKT T1 vs Jin Air MVP Interview with Blank & FakerOnGameNet, English translation by krbnu.InterviewBlank, FakerLCK/2016 Season/Spring Season
Piglet: "Our team is the strongest team in NA right now so I think we can win it all"theScore EsportsInterviewPigletNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
LCS and Chill With DIG LoL - Week 8 RecapDignitasInterviewNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Xmithie on his nerves in playoffs: 'I'm worried more about...Huhi and Stixxay'theScore EsportsInterviewXmithieNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Moon on adapting to life in the LCS—and what he learned from GBMDaily DotSamuel LingleArticleNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Lourlo: 'Dardoch isn't a normal rookie... nothing phases him'Daily DotSamuel LingleArticleLourloNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
EU LCS Mid Laner Power RankingsUnikrnTim SevenhuysenArticleEU LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Origen week 8 analysisOrigenTimothy SmithArticleEU LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
SKT T1 SKT T1 Bang Postmatch InterviewkrbnuArticleLCK/2016 Season/Spring Season

Mar 17[edit]

Team Fight Breakdown with Jatt: SSG vs ROX (2016 LCK Spring Week 9)LoL EsportsArticleROX Tigerslogo std.pngROX
Cloud9 LoL - Genesis Ep.6 - StepsCloud9ArticleCloud9logo std.pngC9
Blank's disappointing IEM performanceSplyceBo "SoulDra" ShimArticleBlank
KT Rolster Arrow Postmatch Interview, “The Championship? Winning Each Match is More Important”Inven, English translation by krbnu.InterviewArrowLCK/2016 Season/Spring Season
KT Rolster vs SBENU Sonicboom MVP Interview with SsumdayOnGameNet, English translation by krbnu.InterviewLCK/2016 Season/Spring Season
Seraph on his time with CLG: 'My mindset was real bad'Daily DotSamuel LingleArticleNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
PowerOfEvil: "Das Vertrauen ist bei uns das größte Problem"SPORT1InterviewPowerOfEvilEU LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Rodando a la Victoria: Rammus (Spanish)Riot GaussrikArticleLatin America Cup/LAS/2016 Season/Opening Cup/Regular Season

Mar 18[edit]

Liquid LoL | Week 8 - NA LCS Highlights - CLG & NRGTeam LiquidArticleTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTL
Camino a la Final: Isurus Gaming (Spanish)LoL Esports LASRiot MaggicalArticleIsurus Gaminglogo std.pngISG
Ask the Pros: Immortals' ReignoverLoL EsportsInterviewReignover
ROX Tigers Kuro Postmatch Interview, “We Tightened Our Screws from the Samsung Loss”Inven, English translation by krbnu.InterviewLCK/2016 Season/Spring Season
ROX vs SK Telecom T1 MVP Interview with PraY & SmebOnGameNet, English translation by krbnu.InterviewLCK/2016 Season/Spring Season
On the Bubble: a closer look at Echo FoxThe ScoreEmily RandArticleNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Betsy on ROCCAT's spring stuggles, the return of Azir and preparing for relegationsThe ScoreInterviewBetsyEU LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Steve on the top lane meta: 'Tanks are straight up too strong...you can't beat them'The ScoreInterviewSteveEU LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Mithy: "Zven hat zu sehr versucht, zu carrien"SPORT1InterviewMithyEU LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
pr0lly: "Keiner unserer Spieler ist leicht zu ersetzen"SPORT1InterviewPr0llyEU LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Steelback: "Ich kann endlich zeigen, wie gut ich bin"SPORT1InterviewSteeelbackEU LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Kelsey Moser's EU LCS Roundup: Upset day and the value of a teamfightThe ScoreKelsey MoserArticleEU LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Kelsey Moser's EU LCS Roundup: Farewell to the bottom fourThe ScoreKelsey MoserArticleEU LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Kikis on playoffs: 'We're not going to struggle or anything, we are pretty flexible players'The ScoreInterviewKikisEU LCS/2016 Season/Spring Playoffs

Mar 19[edit]

The Trinity Force Podcast - Episode 321: "Mind Games With Weldon Green"Trinity Force Network podcastArticleWeldon
Camino a la Final: Last Kings (Spanish)Riot MaggicalArticleLast Kingslogo std.pngLK
Emily Rand's NA LCS Roundup: requiem for three teamsThe ScoreEmily RandArticleNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
The Playoff implications of NA LCS week 9Esports HeavenconnorsmithArticleNA LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season
Mithy on Origen's mid laners: 'When we're playing with both PowerofEvil gets to learn a bit more'The ScoreInterviewMithyEU LCS/2016 Season/Spring Season