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Jun 19[edit]

Apollo: Apex needs to work on showing we can also play around bot, not just mid and topThe ScoreInterviewNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Hakuho and scarra break down EnVyUs' flex-heavy draft style and their set against ImmortalsThe ScoreInterviewHakuhoNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
G2 Esports seeing return on midseason movesESPNAdel ChouadriaArticleG2 Esportslogo std.pngG2EU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season

Jun 20[edit]

Xpecial - 3-3, Improving, Team StrugglesXpecialArticleXpecial
Monte's Musings: Tie-Breakers in the NA LCSMonteCristoArticleMonteCristo
Fabbbyyy on subbing in for Piglet: 'It's mainly because I asked for it'Yahoo!InterviewNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Hauntzer on how TSM feels about C9’s Bunny/Smoothie swap and Sven’s microwave incidentYahoo!InterviewHauntzerNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Bjergsen explains the Weldon effect and why his TSM teammates drag him away from solo queueYahoo!InterviewBjergsenNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Darshan:the community's opinion of Huhi is sad, ‘I honestly believe he's one of the best mids in NA’The ScoreInterviewDarshanNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Fabbbyyy:‘I’ve been trying to branch into utility picks to see if I can get an edge over Piglet’The ScoreInterviewNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Echo Fox Hard: “There’s kind of a panic we have when the game gets closer to the end.”SlingshotInterviewHardNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Huni: 'When I played League at first, I was bronze'ESPNTyler ErzbergerArticleHuniNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Mithy: Game 1 against UoL 'made me should be more Trick shotcalling than me'The ScoreInterviewMithyEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Smittyj: We considered Splyce to be the stronger team, so we prepared to face them but not OrigenThe ScoreInterviewSmittyjEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Retadores de la Copa: KMV Plugo (Spanish)LoL Esports LASRiot MaggicalArticlePlugoLatin America Cup/LAS/2016 Season/Closing Cup/Regular Season
Emily Rand's LCK Weekly: The Flight of the GladplaneThe ScoreEmily RandArticleLCK/2016 Season/Summer Season

Jun 21[edit]

"Wir haben verdient verloren " Interview auf der gamescom mit Alcaffee von Team LioncastSummoner's InnArticleAlca
Week 3 LCS Recap & Renegades Ban With LeonyxDaily DotInterviewYamatoCannon
One Man's Esports World: Uzi's Pursuit for PerfectionEsports HeavenHyperSTArticleUzi
[Translation] Brief SofM interview on the recent incidentTwitLonger (Original Interview on PCgames)ArticleSofM
Bunny FuFuu explains his relationship with Smoothie as part of Cloud9's dual-support systemYahoo!InterviewNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Svenskeren believes TSM is currently the best team in the NA LCSYahoo!InterviewSvenskerenNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
GBM on NRG’s split start: ‘We are good players, but we need time’Yahoo!InterviewGBMNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
DUOS: Diamondprox and FroggenLoL EsportsInterviewDiamondprox, FroggenNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
KonKwon on returning to the NACS: 'I can do better than a lot of LCS pros...wanted to keep trying'The ScoreInterviewKwonNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
NRG’s Ohq: ‘My play has slipped since I got to NA...and I want to say I’m sorry’The ScoreInterviewOhqNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Xpecial on Saintvicious as a coach: ‘I expected him to be really hard on us but he isn’t’The ScoreInterviewXpecialNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
CLG's carry problems have landed them in 7th place in the NA LCSYahoo!Taylor CockeArticleNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
VandeR: With work I am confident Freeze and I 'will be maybe even better than mithy and Zven'The ScoreInterviewEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Análisis: Los Cambios son Buenos (Spanish)LoL Esports LASRiot MaggicalArticleLatin America Cup/LAS/2016 Season/Closing Cup/Regular Season

Jun 22[edit]

I am Michael Moore, co-owner and managing partner of Phoenix1. AMA!redditInterviewPhoenix1logo std.pngP1
Pastrytime on his multi-year journey to join the North American LCS caster lineupYahoo!InterviewPastrytimeNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
WildTurtle says IMT is 'trying to adapt to the team meta’Yahoo!InterviewWildTurtleNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Rick Fox on building an esports empire: ‘I want them to be champions’The ScoreInterviewEcho Foxlogo std.pngFOXNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Ninja: Seraph and my understanding of Lissandra is ‘much higher than other teams’The ScoreInterviewNinjaNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Azael on the differences between casting for Riot and Blizzard and what he does to improve his craftThe ScoreInterviewAzaelNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Immortals’ WildTurtle on EnVyUs, the LCS and worldRed BullInterviewWildTurtleNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Live or die by JankosThe ScoreKelsey MoserArticleJankosEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Mid Lane: by the numbersLoL EsportsPhillip "Costy" CostiganArticleEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
CLS Clausura: Entrevistas Post-Partido S5D1 (Spanish)LoL Esports LASRiot MaggicalArticleLatin America Cup/LAS/2016 Season/Closing Cup/Regular Season
Enfrentamiento Destacado: Accelerator vs Nipphu (Spanish)LoL Esports LASRiot MaggicalArticleNipphu, AcceLatin America Cup/LAS/2016 Season/Closing Cup/Regular Season
Examining "Things SKT Does"The ScoreEmily RandArticleSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKTLCK/2016 Season/Summer Season
Traps in the Bang vs. Deft debateThe ScoreKelsey MoserArticleDeft, BangLCK/2016 Season/Summer Season
Glimpsing the Void: The statistical value of the Rift Herald in pro playThe ScoreTim "Magic" SevenhuysenArticleLCK/2016 Season/Summer Season

Jun 23[edit]

Ride-a-Long with GBM: On Animal Style, plans after pro gaming & a shout out to HistoryTeacherThe ScoreInterviewGBMNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
eSports - Steve FC Schalke 04 in the InterviewSport1InterviewSteveEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Enfrentamiento Destacado: Mega vs Plugo (Spanish)LoL Esports LASRiot MaggicalArticleMegajp, PlugoLatin America Cup/LAS/2016 Season/Closing Cup/Regular Season
Micrófono Abierto - CLS Clausura Semana 4 (Spanish)LoL Esports LASRiot MaggicalArticleLatin America Cup/LAS/2016 Season/Closing Cup/Regular Season

Jun 24[edit]

Cloud9 LoL - Genesis Ep.12 - ResolveCloud9ArticleCloud9logo std.pngC9
NRG Quas 20 QuestionsHyperXInterviewQuas
Oxanión IV: Juego, trabajo y negocio (Spanish)OxacianoArticleOxaciano
Envy Us? A look at NA's rising starThe ScoreEmily RandArticleTeam EnVyUslogo std.pngNVNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Steeelback: 'I would like to join a squad and build something as Yellowstar did in Fnatic'ESPNInterviewSteeelbackEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
kaSing: Right now it feels like we’re only playing reactively, ‘which is the playstyle I hate’The ScoreInterviewKaSingEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Veritas: Unicorns of Love were my best choice; 'I feel like I am in an actual family'The ScoreInterviewVeritasEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
eSports - Febiven with self-criticismSport1InterviewFebivenEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
CLS Clausura: Entrevistas Post-Partido S5D2 (Spanish)LoL Esports LASRiot MaggicalArticleLatin America Cup/LAS/2016 Season/Closing Cup/Regular Season

Jun 25[edit]

Lourlo: 'I'm not sure what our ceiling is with fabbbyyy, but I know it's really high'The ScoreInterviewLourloNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Steve: 'Gameplay-wise we're just getting better and better'The ScoreInterviewSteveEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Exileh: 'The difference between my performance in scrims and stage is still a big issue'The ScoreInterviewExileEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Jugadas Destacadas - CLS Semana 5 (Spanish)LoL Esports LASRiot MaggicalArticleLatin America Cup/LAS/2016 Season/Closing Cup/Regular Season