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Jul 24[edit]

Aphromoo says he wants to face IMT in the semifinals: 'We want another TSM-CLG finals rematch'The ScoreInterviewNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
P1 coach Charlie: 'We put the right players together and gave them the right tools to improve'The ScoreInterviewPhoenix1logo std.pngP1NA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Memento: We know we're heading for relegation, 'we're just here to destroy dreams for other teams'The ScoreInterviewMementoEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Jugadas Destacadas - CLS Semana 9 - Semifinales (Spanish)LoL Esports LASRiot MaggicalArticleLatin America Cup/LAS/2016 Season/Closing Cup/Playoffs
Why Afreeca? The story of Faker, Mickey and the Korean mid laneThe ScoreEmily RandArticleFaker, MickeyAfreeca Freecslogo std.pngAFSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKTLCK/2016 Season/Summer Season

Jul 25[edit]

CLG Darshan: "I have lots of pocket picks to pull out. I am looking forward to playing Cho'Gath"Inven GlobalInterviewDarshan
Doublelift and Travis discuss TSM's win-streak ending loss to P1 and awkward fan experiencesYahoo!InterviewDoubleliftNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Apollo on Apex likely finishing seventh: 'The effort that we put in this split wasn't enough'The ScoreInterviewNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Jesiz on the differences in coaching IMT and DIG: 'When I joined DIG I felt like I had no respect'The ScoreInterviewJesizNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Wunder: 'The only team I would rate probably the best in the West is TSM right now'The ScoreInterviewWunderEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
eSports - G2 Esports Trick InterviewSport1InterviewTrickEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Vizicsacsi on facing H2K in Week 9: 'We just get more confidence from seeing they have issues'The ScoreInterviewVizicsacsiEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Retadores de la Copa: FG Helior (Spanish)LoL Esports LASRiot MaggicalArticleHeliorLatin America Cup/LAS/2016 Season/Closing Cup/Regular Season
Checking Riot's lane swap assumptions: Part 2The ScoreKelsey MoserArticleLCK/2016 Season/Summer Season
Our Insomnia Picks: LCK/LPL Week 10The ScoreKelsey Moser/Emily RandArticleLCK/2016 Season/Summer Season

Jul 26[edit]

DUOS: Huni and ReignoverLoL EsportsArticleHuni, Reignover
Beyond The Lane with TrashyDaily DotInterviewKold
Reignover on why he likes the new lane changes and his '70%' confidence in beating TSM this weekYahoo!InterviewReignoverNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Dardoch on his respect for P1's Inori: 'I think he's f***ing great'The ScoreInterviewDardochNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Jensen: 'Meteos understands what I need a lot better than what Rush did'The ScoreInterviewJensenNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Emily Rand's NA LCS Roundup: The fight for the sixth and final spotThe ScoreEmily RandArticleNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
EU LCS Playoff-tology: The sixth place cutoffThe ScoreKelsey MoserArticleEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Retadores de la Copa: ISG ClatoS (Spanish)LoL Esports LASRiot MaggicalArticleClatosLatin America Cup/LAS/2016 Season/Closing Cup/Regular Season
Comunicado de Sanción: Renato "TheFoxz" de Souza (Spanish)LoL Esports LASRiot SaurusArticleLatin America Cup/LAS/2016 Season/Closing Cup/Playoffs

Jul 27[edit]

Clearlove retcons: A few unwarranted changes to the clearlove mythosLPL BroadcastingKelsey MoserArticleClearlove
Echo Fox LoL – HyperX Gaming House & Office TourHyperXArticleEcho Foxlogo std.pngFOX
Past to Present: The Story of SeraphThe ScoreInterviewSeraph
Hello, I'm Chris Badawi - uber (twice!) banned Esports "owner" and simultaneously the greatest and worst villain/hero in League of Legends history - AMA!redditInterviewChris Badawi
Sneaky on the upcoming patch: 'They're really interesting changes, not necessarily bad'Yahoo!InterviewSneakyNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
WildTurtle and Reignover on how they hope to build confidence for playoffs with a win over TSMThe ScoreInterviewReignover, WildTurtleNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Smoothie on playoffs: ‘Even though we can take games off TSM & IMT, we'd rather avoid them early’The ScoreInterviewSmoothieNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
IMT vs TSM: Who Wins?GamursRyan KishArticleNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
The Right Environment: Envy ProcxinEsports HeavenpoetanarchyArticleProcxinNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
The push for playoffs: EU LCS Week 9 Staff PicksThe ScoreArticleEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
EU LCS Week 9 Preview: The Brightest and Darkest TimelineFnaticLepertumArticleEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season

Jul 28[edit]

Beyond the Rift w/ Imaqtpie & Scarra - Episode 1Beyond the RiftArticleImaqtpie
LCS Episode Schalke 04: A New HopeGamursSeidozArticleFC Schalke 04 Esportslogo std.pngS04
Stixxay on lane changes: ‘I don’t really agree with what Riot’s doing, it reduces strategy a lot’Yahoo!InterviewStixxayNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Gate on beating TSM and Phoenix1's LCS hopes: ‘We’re happy with 7th’Yahoo!InterviewGateNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Stixxay on why he’d rather face TL than C9 in playoffs: 'I feel like TL have much more issues'The ScoreInterviewStixxayNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Krepo says he feels fans are afraid because of his resting 'Mitch' face: 'Just ask me for a picture'The ScoreInterviewBorisNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Amazing breaks down Origen's tough season: 'At some point there was too many obstacles to overcome'The ScoreInterviewAmazingEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Micrófono Abierto - CLS Clausura Semana 9 - Semifinales (Spanish)LoL Esports LASRiot MaggicalArticleLatin America Cup/LAS/2016 Season/Closing Cup/Playoffs
Picking With Purpose: The most popular and most effective bot lane champion pairingsThe ScoreTim "Magic" SevenhuysenArticleLCK/2016 Season/Summer Season

Jul 29[edit]

Cloud9 LoL - Genesis Ep.17 - DistanceCloud9ArticleCloud9logo std.pngC9
Keith takes Travis on a tour of the Echo Fox training facilityYahoo!InterviewEcho Foxlogo std.pngFOX
My Immortal: NA LCS Week 9 Staff PicksThe ScoreSasha ErfanianArticleNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Jankos: Beating Vitality 2-0 gives us hope, but 'we are nowhere close to top four in Europe'The ScoreInterviewJankosEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Maxlore: 'I just changed my shotcalling...because of that we don't miss out opportunities'The ScoreInterviewMaxloreEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season

Jul 30[edit]

Origen's Chasing Glory S2 EP3 - "Fan Support"OrigenArticleOrigenlogo std.pngOG
Gate predicts he and Mash will shine against IMT's bot lane: 'I think Adrian's the weak link'The ScoreInterviewGateNA LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Deilor: "I have not cheer the boys"RedbullInterviewDeilorEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Nukeduck: Origen and we were overratedRedbullInterviewNukeduckEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
eSports - Trashy "FORG1VEN is outdated"Sport1InterviewKoldEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
Nyph on S04's split and fighting with VIT for seventh: 'We expected to make playoffs this season'The ScoreInterviewEU LCS/2016 Season/Summer Season
[LCK PraY's 1000 Kills] Let's look back on some of his best kills! l 프레이 1000킬YouTubeOGNArticleLCK/2016 Season/Summer Season