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Sep 04

UOL coach Sheepy InterviewSport1InterviewUnicorns Of Lovelogo std.pngUOLExternalContent/2016-09-04
Exileh: "I would like to play against Bjergsen"Sport1InterviewExileExternalContent/2016-09-04

Sep 05

Wunder of Splyce InterviewSport1InterviewWunderExternalContent/2016-09-04
If Cloud9 beats Immortals in the Gauntlet, the team flies to Korea for bootcamp tonight says SneakyYahoo!InterviewSneakyExternalContent/2016-09-04

Sep 06

Impact: 'I'm better right now than I was with SKT so I think it’s best if you call me C9 Impact.'The ScoreInterviewImpactExternalContent/2016-09-04
Pobelter apologizes for gauntlet loss: 'We f***ed up guys. I'm sorry'theScore EsportsInterviewPobelterExternalContent/2016-09-04
Vizicsacsi: "We create the Worlds"Red BullInterviewVizicsacsiExternalContent/2016-09-04
Trashy on the epic series against UoL, keeping calm during the tense moments & bootcamping in KoreaThe ScoreInterviewKoldExternalContent/2016-09-04
My Twitter AMA answers / LCS AftermathTwitterInterviewCaliTrlolzExternalContent/2016-09-04
Exileh on UoL being left out of scrims: 'We wanted to show we can beat Fnatic without practice’The ScoreInterviewExileExternalContent/2016-09-04
Road to Worlds: SplyceGAMURSAdam NewellArticleSplycelogo std.pngSPY2016 Season World Championship

Sep 07

Misfits Coach Hussain Moosvi: “Everybody has horror stories from scrims”PVPLiveJames "Obscurica" ChenInterviewMisfits Gaminglogo std.pngMSFExternalContent/2016-09-04
cArn: "There will be tears"Sport1InterviewFnaticlogo std.pngFNCExternalContent/2016-09-04
YamatoCannon on his ideal group at Worlds: NA first seed, LMS second seed, then Korea second seedThe ScoreInterviewYamatoCannonExternalContent/2016-09-04
Vizicsacsi:‘I think we are equal to SPY even though they won this time, it could’ve gone either way’The ScoreInterviewVizicsacsiExternalContent/2016-09-04
Seraph on why C9’s Impact is the perfect top laner and going to boot camp in Korea in the offseasonThe ScoreInterviewSeraphExternalContent/2016-09-04
LOD: 'I consider myself the benchmark for LCS ADCs, but I want to be more than that'The ScoreInterviewBenjiExternalContent/2016-09-04
Jensen shares his predictions for C9 and NA LCS teams at Worlds: 'I think we’re pretty comparable to TSM'Yahoo!InterviewJensenExternalContent/2016-09-04
Legends Rising Season 2: Episode 1 - SpringLoL EsportsArticleChawy, Revolta, Smeb, WildTurtle, Clearlove, Rekkles2016 Season World Championship
Road to Worlds: INTZ E-SportsGAMURSAdam NewellArticleINTZ e-Sportslogo std1.pngITZ2016 Season World Championship

Sep 08

Beyond the Rift #7 - Decay System, How to win Games & Roster: SWAP OR NOTBeyond the RiftArticleImaqtpieExternalContent/2016-09-04
Fnatic’s manager Quaye on their rough season and the future of the teamThe ScoreInterviewFnaticlogo std.pngFNCExternalContent/2016-09-04
Sencux: We have no pressure on the WorldsRed BullInterviewSencuxExternalContent/2016-09-04
One Call to Rule them All, and Bind them All to Order: The Reapered ShowGAMURSRADONONGAMURSArticleReaperedExternalContent/2016-09-04
Perkz on Fnatic: 'I expect them to do the smart decision and keep Rekkles and Febiven'theScore EsportsInterviewPerkzExternalContent/2016-09-04
Arcsecond on filling the gap Dardoch left and playing on Team LiquidThe ScoreInterviewArcsecondExternalContent/2016-09-04
Meteos on playing solo queue in Korea: 'I had less than a 50 percent win rate when I was there'The ScoreInterviewMeteosExternalContent/2016-09-04
Copa Go4Gold LoL - Entrevista com Mascoooot, da Digiescolhidos (Portuguese)XLGArticleMascotExternalContent/2016-09-04
LOD on NV's run this split: ‘We showed that we’re a pretty solid team, even though we lost, I’m kinda happy’Yahoo!InterviewBenjiExternalContent/2016-09-04
Copa Go4Gold LoL - Entrevista com k0ga, da Digiescolhidos (Portuguese)XLGArticleK0gaExternalContent/2016-09-04
Copa Go4Gold LoL - Entrevista com Freire, da Digiescolhidos (Portuguese)XLGArticleFreireExternalContent/2016-09-04
Copa Go4Gold LoL - Entrevista com Deoxys, da Digiescolhidos (Portuguese)XLGArticleDeoxysExternalContent/2016-09-04
Road to Worlds: Samsung GalaxyGAMURSAdam NewellArticleSamsunglogo std.pngSSG2016 Season World Championship
The groups of life and death at the 2016 LoL World ChampionshipsESPNTyler ErzbergerArticle2016 Season World Championship

Sep 09

How can TL, NV, and IMT make it to Season 7 Worlds?GAMURSRyan TangArticleImmortalslogo std.pngIMTTeam EnVyUslogo std.pngnVTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTLExternalContent/2016-09-04
Copa Go4Gold LoL - Entrevista com EzPrince, da IDM (Portuguese)XLGArticleEzPrinceExternalContent/2016-09-04
Taylor breaks down TSM's chances at worldsYahoo!Taylor CockeArticle2016 Season World Championship
Group Draw of Destiny: TSM's FateGAMURSSPENCERHESTERArticle2016 Season World Championship
Road to Worlds: Albus Nox LunaGAMURSAdam NewellArticleAlbus NoX Lunalogo std.pngANX2016 Season World Championship

Sep 10

Copa Go4Gold Lol - Entrevista com Verto, da IDM Gaming (Portuguese)XLGArticleVVvertExternalContent/2016-09-04
2016 Worlds Group Draw ShowLoL EsportsArticle2016 Season World Championship
Legends Rising Season 2: Episode 2 - All InLoL EsportsArticleChawy, Revolta, Smeb, WildTurtle, Clearlove, Rekkles2016 Season World Championship
Road to Worlds: I MayGAMURSAdam NewellArticle2016 Season World Championship