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Oct 16[edit]

Overrated: A rational discussion of Clearlove's flawsThe ScoreKelsey MoserArticleClearlove
Smeb: ‘For us to become the best team in the world…SKT are an obstacle that we must overcome’The ScoreInterviewSmeb2016 Season World Championship
Freeze: 'Even if I would take a break from Spring, I would come back to playing...It's my passion'The ScoreInterviewFreeze2016 Season World Championship
Krepo on his casting: ‘Last year...I was shit, right now I’m less shit, and next year I’ll be great’The ScoreInterviewBoris2016 Season World Championship
''I really wish I had the opportunity to play against Bjergsen'' ROX Tigers substitute mid laner CryEsports HeavenInterviewZet2016 Season World Championship
ROX Coach NoFe: ''If We're going to advance to the finals, Kuro has to beat Faker this time.''Esports HeavenInterview2016 Season World Championship
ROX Peanut talks EDG win, the jungle meta and the upcoming SKT seriesThe Rift HeraldInterviewPeanut2016 Season World Championship
ROX Kuro talks EDG win, SKT rematch at WorldsThe Rift HeraldInterviewKuro2016 Season World Championship
The War Room: DD QF2/3 ft. Kelsey Moser - RNG, EDG, ClearLove, & LPL's Commercial Driven IndustryWar RoomArticle2016 Season World Championship
Worlds Tonight 2016: Quarterfinals Day 4LoL EsportsArticle2016 Season World Championship
Once in a Lifetime: H2K vs ANXLoL EsportsPhillip "Riot Costy" CostiganArticle2016 Season World Championship

Oct 17[edit]

Kira: 'Next time we will do a lot better...we will upgrade our playstyle. It will be at new level'The ScoreInterview2016 Season World Championship
Ryu: 'If I can, I would like to make Europe a bit more proud'The ScoreInterviewRyu2016 Season World Championship
ANX Smurf on Sticking Together: 'It Should Be OK'Red BullInterviewSmurf2016 Season World Championship
Likkrit on Wildcards, Taking Risks and KoreaRed BullInterviewLikkrit2016 Season World Championship
ROX PraY: I Want SKT to Feel DespairRed BullInterviewPraY2016 Season World Championship
Pr0lly on the Region Gap: ''In Season 3 it was like we couldn't understand what they were doing''Esports HeavenInterviewPr0lly2016 Season World Championship
PapaSmithy talks Worlds meta, surprises and semifinal matchupsThe Rift HeraldInterview2016 Season World Championship
ANX Likkrit talks Worlds performance, World of Warcraft, future hopesThe Rift HeraldInterviewLikkrit2016 Season World Championship
Odoamne talks Worlds, the Ryu-Faker meme and his dream H2K Rammus skinThe Rift HeraldInterviewOdoamne2016 Season World Championship
KurO: 'It’s time to make some good memories and finally beat SKT'The ScoreEmily RandArticleKuro2016 Season World Championship
Korean Domination is only a problem because of region-centrism and over-emphasis on worldsEsports HeavenaMigraineArticle2016 Season World Championship

Oct 18[edit]

Xpecial - Coaching UCI, 76ers, Off-SeasonXpecialArticleXpecial
Jankos Unleashed: The First Blood King SpeaksRed BullInterviewJankos2016 Season World Championship
xPeke on H2k’s Worlds semi-final and hopes for EURed BullInterview2016 Season World Championship
'' I think North America teams aren't strict enough with theirs players'' Clement Chu on why NA underperforms internationallyEsports HeavenInterview2016 Season World Championship
Ruler: A New Challenger for the AD ThroneLiquid LegendsAirheartArticleRuler2016 Season World Championship

Oct 19[edit]

Yellowstar: A Legend's TaleFnaticArticleYellOwStaR
Scarra previews the 2016 World Championship SemifinalsThe ScoreInterview2016 Season World Championship

Oct 20[edit]

I've wanted to write one of these posts since...StixxayArticleStixxay
Beyond the Rift #13: Assassin Reworks, Challenger Physical Rewards, Current Meta & SemifinalsBeyond the RiftArticleImaqtpie
''New Office. New Challenge.'' (Featuring Lucas Moura)Paris Saint-Germain eSportsArticleYellOwStaR
YellOwStaR's final yearThe ScoreKelsey MoserArticleYellOwStaR
''It was Exhausting having to go from Regional Championships, to Brazil, to San Fran.'' ANX Smurf on the Toll of TravelEsports HeavenInterviewSmurf2016 Season World Championship
Worlds: Spirit believes in SamsungRed BullInterviewSpirit2016 Season World Championship
''Every desk needs a villain. Montecristo is a good villain.'' Dash on what a good broadcast desk needs.Esports HeavenInterview2016 Season World Championship
The War Room Episode 4: Worlds Semis Preview - With Special Guest MarkZWar RoomArticle2016 Season World Championship
Dyrus' Worlds Review Powered by AcerDyrusArticleDyrus2016 Season World Championship
Frustration Fuels the Future: Takeaways from North America's showing at WorldsThe ScoreTim "Magic" SevenhuysenArticle2016 Season World Championship
Worlds semifinal preview: ROX Tigers vs SK Telecom T1Rift HeraldAusten GoslinArticle2016 Season World Championship
Unreachable: The mid and jungle matchup in SKT vs. ROXThe ScoreKelsey MoserArticle2016 Season World Championship

Oct 21[edit]

Hey guys, here is my "Reflecting on the Year" post. I apologize for it being...ZvenArticleZven
Tribute To A Legend - Best of YellOwStaR by DutchMashFnaticDutchMashArticleYellOwStaR
Yellowstar about "Head Of eSport on PSG"Millenium (VOD Youtube) Audio : french (English Subtitles available)"ArticleYellOwStaRParis Saint-Germain eSportslogo std.pngPSG
LiquidLegends' Quarterfinals Interviews!Liquid LegendsInterviewJankos, Kuro, Bang, Ruler, Smeb2016 Season World Championship
2016 World Championship Week 2 PhotosLiquid LegendsArticle2016 Season World Championship
2016 World Championship Week 1 PhotosLiquid LegendsArticle2016 Season World Championship
Worlds Tonight 2016: Semifinals Day 1LoL EsportsArticle2016 Season World Championship
Do or Die: H2K vs SSGLoL EsportsPhillip "Riot Costy" CostiganArticle2016 Season World Championship
H2-Who?LoL EsportsDevin "PiraTechnics" YoungeArticleH2k-Gaminglogo std.pngH2K2016 Season World Championship

Oct 22[edit]

Bang on facing GorillA’s support Miss Fortune and the psychological impact of switching junglersThe ScoreInterviewBang2016 Season World Championship
H2K's manager on reaching the team's goal of NY and the added benefit of showing them 'real pizza'The ScoreInterviewH2k-Gaminglogo std.pngH2K2016 Season World Championship
Check out SK Telecom T1’s press conference after beating ROX TigersThe Rift HeraldArticleSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKT2016 Season World Championship
''I believe we were always a super team.'' H2K analyst veteranEsports HeavenInterviewH2k-Gaminglogo std.pngH2K2016 Season World Championship
Support shenanigans: H2k's Vander vs. Samsung Galaxy's Core JJ at Worlds semisESPNArticle2016 Season World Championship
ROX vs SKT VOD Review Worlds 2016CrumbzArticle2016 Season World Championship
Worlds Tonight 2016: Semifinals Day 2LoL EsportsArticle2016 Season World Championship
Rumble in the jungle: H2k's Jankos vs. Samsung Galaxy's Ambition at Worlds semisESPNArticle2016 Season World Championship
Meet me in the middle: H2k's Ryu vs. Samsung Galaxy's Crown in Worlds semisESPNArticle2016 Season World Championship
ROX vs. SKT showed the value of a one-patch tournament metaRift HeraldPete VolkArticle2016 Season World Championship
Worlds semifinal preview: H2K vs. Samsung GalaxyRift HeraldAusten GoslinArticle2016 Season World Championship