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Dec 11[edit]

PraY on rumors of dissent among ex-ROX players: “I don’t think there are any problems. I’m getting along with Smeb at All-Stars just fine.”SlingshotArticlePraY
Smeb on Allstars, thoughts on Korean roster shuffle, and choosing to bunk with ReignoverYahoo!InterviewSmeb

Dec 12[edit]

KurO says fan event pushed him to stay in KoreaSlingshotAndrew KimArticleKuro
Cloud9 LoL - Genesis Ep.21 - WorldsCloud9ArticleCloud9logo std.pngC9
LLN 2017 Apertura: Evolución del competitivo (Spanish)Staff de eSportsArticleLLN/2017 Season/Opening Season
Comunicado de Sanción: Serena Five y Gastón "Gastruks" Nuñez (Spanish)Riot SaurusArticleCircuito de Leyendas Sur/2017 Season/Opening Season

Dec 13[edit]

Impact on SKT Huni: ‘he has to adjust his play style from the western practicing regime’Yahoo!InterviewImpact

Dec 14[edit]

Flame: “I wanted to raise my worth as a player. In order to do so, I need to go to worlds. I chose Immortals considering all that.”SlingshotAndrew KimArticleFlame
Team Vitality LCS 2016 - Player Spotlight #2 - ShookTeam VitalityArticleShook
Reignover says Huni and him would have kept playing together if only one had received a good offerYahoo!InterviewReignover
Azael: ’Thanks for everyone who has been bearing with me, it’s been a really fun ride so far’Yahoo!InterviewAzael
Interview: Esports Coaching Cannot Be an Afterthought AnymorePVPLiveObscuricaInterviewHermit
Warrior Among Wolves: Hai on LeadershipRed Bull EsportsInterviewHai

Dec 15[edit]

Ruler didn’t expect Samsung Galaxy to stay togetherSlingshotAndrew KimArticleRuler
Piglet on staying with Liquid: “When I heard that they were bringing in (Reignover), that solidified my decision.”SlingshotAndrew KimArticlePiglet
Team Vitality LCS 2016 - Player Spotlight #3 - NukeduckTeam VitalityArticleNukeduck
Deficio on EU '17: ’It looks like we will have 5, 6, maybe even 7 really good and competitive teams’Yahoo EsportsInterviewDeficio

Dec 16[edit]

SSol: " I have been looking forward to meeting Samsung Galaxy."Inven GlobalInterviewSSol
Team Vitality LCS 2016 - Player Spotlight #4 - HjärnanTeam VitalityArticleHjarnan
Caster Profile: FroskurinnYahoo!ArticleFroskurinn

Dec 17[edit]

Team Vitality LCS 2016 - Player Spotlight #5 - CabochardTeam VitalityArticleCabochard