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Jan 01[edit]

Road to Season Seven: G2 EsportsGAMURSAdam NewellArticleG2 Esportslogo std.pngG2EU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season

Jan 02[edit]

Smeb: “Right now the teams I’m looking out for are SKT, Afreeca, Longzhu, and Samsung.”SlingshotAndrew KimArticleSmeb
Faker on the thought of fatigue: “I’m still young so I’m not lacking in stamina, and though I do not work out I always stretch before practice and take health supplements such as vitamins.”SlingshotAndrew KimArticleFaker
Looper: “Echo Fox really seemed to need me. They signed me on after paying for the transfer fee, since I still had time left on my contract with RNG.”SlingshotAndrew KimArticleLooper
Perfiles LLN 2017: Zaga Talent Gaming (Spanish)Staff de eSportsArticleZAGA Talent Gaminglogo std.pngZTG
Interview with Sprattel, Kirei, Steve and YellowStarGamursArticleParis Saint-Germain eSportslogo std.pngPSG
Preview 2017 - L'année Hans sama (French)beIN eSportsInterviewHans Sama
Fanning the FlameGAMURSNaitdawggArticleFlameNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Road to Season Seven: Team EnvyusGAMURSMalcolm AbbasArticleTeam EnVyUslogo std.pngNVNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season

Jan 03[edit]

Interview with Forg1ven by GaniszMMO24InterviewFORG1VEN
Bengi: Best Player of 2016GAMURSAdam NewellArticleBengi
Road to Season Seven: OrigenGAMURSAdam NewellArticleOrigenlogo std.pngOGEU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season

Jan 04[edit]

Bang: “After winning the last world championship, I thought, ‘A team like this won’t appear again.'”SlingshotAndrew KimArticleBang
Ambition: “Since the players in Korea have been doing so well, I think it’ll be hard for returning players to play to their full abilities.”SlingshotAndrew KimArticleAmbition
Mata: “I want to win trophies of every tournament.”SlingshotAndrew KimArticleMata
Perfiles LLN 2017: Infinity eSports (Spanish)Staff de eSportsArticleInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF
Watch Bjergsen on the new patch and life as a proRedbullInterviewBjergsen
Samsung's prodigal sons: Reviewing pawN, Deft, Mata, and Spirit's time abroadYahoo!Kelsey MoserArticleDeft, Mata, PawN, Spirit
North America's Exiting Top Lane TalentGAMURSCalvin WittArticleNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Forecasts for League of Legends NA LCS Spring 2017PVP LiveJames "Obscurica" ChenArticleNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
The 2016-17 League of Legends Roster ShuffleESPN EsportsArticleNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
5 Rookies to Watch This SplitThe Game HausChristian MarcaleArticleCody Sun, Caps, Contractz, Goldenglue, XerxeNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season,EU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season

Jan 05[edit]

Origen and the future of player-owned teamsDot EsportsXing LiArticleOrigenlogo std.pngOG
Selfie's contract issue with Cloud9, explainedRift HeraldAusten GoslinArticleSelfie
How CLG can get back on topGAMURSCalvin WittArticleCounter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCLGNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Torneo de Apertura: 10 bloqueos en profesional (Spanish)MeddlerArticleLLN/2017 Season/Opening Season

Jan 06[edit]

MadLife on Faker: “When I played games with Faker, he would say ‘I got him.’ I was puzzled at first as to what he meant, but then it would show that he got a kill five seconds later.”SlingshotAndrew KimArticleMadLife
Doublelift: 'If I come back in the summer, I'm probably going to smash everyone'theScore EsportsInterviewDoublelift
League of Legends - Meet Cloud9 ContractzCloud9ArticleContractz
Road to Season Seven: ImmortalsGAMURSMalcolm AbbasArticleImmortalslogo std.pngIMTNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
LeDuck Interview - Talking about the season premiereOrigenInterviewLeDuckEU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Freedom Dive entra al Circuito de Leyendas (Spanish)TommyArticleCircuito de Leyendas Sur/2017 Season/Opening Season
CDLN 2017 Apertura: Brawl, Kiki Clan y 6Sense (Spanish)Staff de eSportsArticleCircuito de Leyendas Norte/2017 Season/Opening Season

Jan 07[edit]

Rand: A look back at Longzhu's failings and Korea in 2016The ScoreEmily RandArticleLongZhulogo std.pngLZ
Team Dignitas LoL Roster Breakdown Part 1: Ssumday and ChaserDignitasC_LArticleChaser, SsumdayNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season