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Sep 03

TSM Press Conference - NA LCS 2017 Summer FinalsTravis GaffordArticleTeam SoloMidlogo std.pngTSMExternalContent/2017-09-03
Emily Rand: Why Bjergsen is still the MVPEmily Rand for Slingshot EsportsArticleBjergsenExternalContent/2017-09-03
"I want to do this, I want this legacy behind me."LoL EsportsJeff LathamInterviewPerkzExternalContent/2017-09-03
"Worlds is a stepping stone."LoL EsportsJeff LathamInterviewMaxloreExternalContent/2017-09-03
DIG Keane on Finals: "Since TSM got us, I hope they win. I think they are better overall anyway."Inven GlobalInterviewKeaneExternalContent/2017-09-03
CLG HUHI INTERVIEW - TALKING GAUNTLET, WORLDS, AND THE TEAM ATMOSPHEREEsports HeavenAce JackInterviewHuhiExternalContent/2017-09-03
Doublelift on maintaining motivation: “At least for me personally, I didn’t have as much of a love for the game (last year) as I do now.”Emily Rand for Slingshot EsportsInterviewDoubleliftExternalContent/2017-09-03

Sep 04

Stixxay on scrims before playoffs: “If you get stomped then, you just think, ‘Wait, maybe everything I’m doing is wrong’ and you question your picks, your life, your everything.”Emily Rand for Slingshot EsportsInterviewStixxayExternalContent/2017-09-03
SSG Ruler: "Kalista's teamfight? just Focus the front line and you can't lose"Inven GlobalInterviewRulerExternalContent/2017-09-03
Interview Hans Sama - Finales LCS EUROPE ParisMilleniumInterviewHans SamaExternalContent/2017-09-03
CLG's Darshan: 'I didn't ever really question whether or not CLG would be part of the NA LCS, I always felt that it was a given'theScore esportsInterviewDarshanExternalContent/2017-09-03

Sep 05

Ssumday on Dig's chances: 'we have to play all 3 days, but it's something we can definitely do'Travis GaffordInterviewSsumdayExternalContent/2017-09-03
Darshan on Gauntlet: 'See you guys at Worlds, we're not gonna let you down CLG fans'Travis GaffordInterviewDarshanExternalContent/2017-09-03
SSG Ruler: "If I win the World Championship, I want a Xayah skin made for me."Inven GlobalInterviewRuler2017 Season World Championship/Main Event

Sep 06

What’s a Duke to a King – How SKT’s Toplane Approach Makes Them The BestThe ShotcallerTomasz MilaniukArticleSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKTExternalContent/2017-09-03
BFF Challenge - WHAT'S MY GUILTY PLEASURE? (ft. Caps & sOAZ)FnaticInterviewCapsFnaticlogo std.pngFNCExternalContent/2017-09-03
Altec on prepping for the gauntlet: “It’s actually really awkward since there’s not really teams to scrim. So going into practice, we’re going to play a lot more games, grind a lot more solo queue.Emily Rand for Slingshot EsportsInterviewAltecExternalContent/2017-09-03
Dignitas's Cop and Keane on Ego and the GauntletRed Bull EsportsCass MarshallInterviewCop, KeaneExternalContent/2017-09-03
Longzhu Gorilla: "One shot of Soju"Inven GlobalInterviewGorilla2017 Season World Championship/Main Event

Sep 07

C9 Explains: The GauntletCloud9ArticleCloud9logo std.pngC9ExternalContent/2017-09-03
'"`UNIQ--nowiki-00000000-QINU`"'Cloud9ArticleCloud9logo std.pngC9ExternalContent/2017-09-03
Four in a row: A brief history of G2’s evolution in the EU LCSKelsey Moser for Slingshot EsportsArticleG2 Esportslogo std.pngG2ExternalContent/2017-09-03
FlyQuest in Focus - Enter the Regional QualifiersFlyQuest SportsArticleFlyQuestlogo std.pngFLYExternalContent/2017-09-03
Doublelift on winning NA Finals, Travis's accusations, what fans should expect from TSM at WorldsTravis GaffordInterviewDoubleliftExternalContent/2017-09-03
LZ Khan & Bdd after their AMA: “We want to be the best at Worlds.”Inven GlobalInterviewKhan, Bdd2017 Season World Championship/Main Event
Crown on who he wants to face at worlds: “Bjergsen.”Andrew Kim for Slingshot EsportsInterviewCrown2017 Season World Championship/Main Event

Sep 08

Team ROCCAT Coach GrabbZ: “If you compare TSM to other teams in NA, you will also think the gap is so big between the top and bottom tier teams. But of course, in the middle it waters down. It’s the same in EU.”Kelsey Moser for Slingshot EsportsInterviewTeam ROCCATlogo std.pngROCExternalContent/2017-09-03
Kelsey Moser: The tragedy of Splyce’s executionKelsey Moser for Slingshot EsportsArticleSplycelogo std.pngSPYExternalContent/2017-09-03
C9 Jack: “The only thing that matters every year is, ‘Do you go to worlds?’ and how well you do at worlds.” — A look at Cloud9 heading into the NA LCS gauntletEmily Rand for Slingshot EsportsInterviewCloud9logo std.pngC9ExternalContent/2017-09-03
Olleh's Return to Stardom in North AmericaRed Bull EsportsXander TorresArticleOllehExternalContent/2017-09-03
LZ Cuzz: "I used to be an Akali main. But when she was nerfed, I switched roles to jungler"Inven GlobalInterviewCuzz2017 Season World Championship/Main Event

Sep 09

Madlife on Bdd: “When I first met him, I thought he was a talented Zed player that would be able to play any champion in the future.”Andrew Kim for Slingshot EsportsInterviewBdd, MadLifeExternalContent/2017-09-03
Moon discusses FlyQuest's game against Dignitas, shares expectations for his team's futureTravis GaffordInterviewMoonExternalContent/2017-09-03
After defeating DIG, FlyQuest Hai: "There are three important things to fight against CLG"Inven GlobalInterviewHaiExternalContent/2017-09-03
Interview with CLG Darshan: "We got some hints from LZ Khan's play"Inven GlobalInterviewDarshanExternalContent/2017-09-03