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Sep 10[edit]

Cloud9 vs CLG | The Gauntlet (Highlights)Cloud9Article

Sep 11[edit]

Kelsey Moser: On Fnatic’s finishKelsey Moser for Slingshot EsportsArticleFnaticlogo std.pngFNC
Caps: I am very happy that we could improve our performanceSport1InterviewCaps
Broxah on going from SoloQ to Worlds within less than a year: “If you have a bit of luck and you’re dedicated enough, passionate enough, you can improve a lot in a really short time.”The ShotcallerAlexander HugoInterviewBroxah
Cop: 'There was a period where we got overconfident... we just didn't put enough time in practice'Travis GaffordInterviewCop
Before Worlds 2017, TSM Are Looking InwardRed Bull EsportsCass MarshallArticle2017 Season World Championship/Main Event
A brief, heart-breaking history of Unicorns of LoveThe Game HausThomas BakerArticleUnicorns Of Lovelogo std.pngUOLEU LCS/2017 Season/Regional Finals

Sep 12[edit]

Misfits Gaming - RISE: Episode 3 (Summer Finals)Team MisfitsArticleHans Sama
SKT T1 Faker on Worlds groups: "Except for our group, I think all other groups look easy."Inven GlobalInterviewFaker2017 Season World Championship/Main Event
Gambit's triumphant return to the world stage is a continuation of Anx's successesEsports HeavenJonathan YeeArticleGambit Esportslogo std.pngGMB2017 Season World Championship/Play-In
Worlds 2017 Draw Show ResultsLoL EsportsArticle2017 Season World Championship/Play-In
League of Legends Worlds 2017 WatchRed Bull EsportsJames ChenArticle2017 Season World Championship/Main Event

Sep 13[edit]

Stixxay chats CLG's failure to make Worlds, off-season, and why pros keep spilling their drinksTravis GaffordInterviewStixxay
SKT T1 Bang on Worlds groups: "I even thought about the possibility of being eliminated."Inven GlobalInterviewBang2017 Season World Championship/Main Event
Worlds 2017 group B previewThe Game HausChristian MarcaleArticleLongZhulogo std.pngLZImmortalslogo std.pngIMTMESlogo std.pngGAM2017 Season World Championship
Worlds 2017 group A : The Clash of TitansThe Game HausJared MacAdamArticleEDward Gaminglogo std.pngEDGSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKTAHQLogo std.pngahq2017 Season World Championship

Sep 14[edit]

(Moment of Truth) Immortals' Boot Camp in Korea: Olleh Has Had a Hidden Secret?Inven GlobalInterviewImmortalslogo std.pngIMT
FlyQuest WildTurtle goes to Korea to train: "I want to meet Pray, GorillA, and Peanut in Solo Queue"Inven GlobalInterviewWildTurtle
Ssol thanks ROX Tigers for being good practice partners, helping Kongdoo Monster re-qualify for LCKAndrew Kim for Slingshot EsportsInterviewSSol
Cloud9 ace Jensen wants to establish his team as world contenderESPNTyler ErzbergerArticleJensen
What is the 2017 World Championship?LoL EsportsArticle2017 Season World Championship/Play-In
Chase Your Legend - Doublelift - Worlds 2017LoL EsportsArticleDoublelift2017 Season World Championship/Main Event
Worlds 2017 Group A Analysis - Will Faker get more skins than Yorick, AGAIN?Kyeongbeom "Its" Kim and Jieeun “Meii” Baek for Inven GlobalArticle2017 Season World Championship/Main Event

Sep 15[edit]

Sneaky on play-in: 'I don't know if NA deserves to go through this, I guess we'll figure that out'Travis GaffordInterviewSneaky
Faker on SKT’s group draw for Worlds: “We’ve never really had an easy group for worlds, and this year’s group has a collection of formidable opponents.”Andrew Kim for Slingshot EsportsInterviewFaker2017 Season World Championship/Main Event
Worlds 2017 Group B Analysis - A chance for the underdogs to prove themselvesJaehoon "Laffa" Jeong and Jieeun “Meii” Baek for Inven GlobalArticle2017 Season World Championship/Main Event
Detrás de Cámara: Promoción/Relegación Clausura 2016 (Spanish)Riot MaggicalArticleCLS/2017 Season/Opening Promotion
Introducing Group A of Worlds play-in: Team WE, Gambit and Lyon GamingThe Game HausThomas BakerArticleWelogo std.pngWEGambit Esportslogo std.pngGMBLyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team)logo std.pngLYN2017 Season World Championship

Sep 16[edit]

Chase Your Legend - Xiaohu - Worlds 2017LoL EsportsArticleXiaohu2017 Season World Championship/Main Event
Worlds Group C preview: The Group of Death™, or a song of Fire and IceThe Game HausJared MacAdamArticleG2 Esportslogo std.pngG2Samsunglogo std.pngSSGRoyal Never Give Uplogo std.pngRNG2017 Season World Championship