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Sep 24[edit]

#Worlds | Play-In Day 2 (Highlights)Cloud9ArticleCloud9logo std.pngC92017 Season World Championship/Play-In
Team oNe VVvert: "They made mistakes and I punished"Inven GlobalInterviewVVvert2017 Season World Championship/Play-In
Lyon Gaming Oddie: "I am totally confident that we will make it into the group stage."Inven GlobalInterviewOddie2017 Season World Championship/Play-In
Team WE Xiye: "I know for certain I do not want to go against Fnatic"Inven GlobalInterviewXiye2017 Season World Championship/Play-In
The 9 Best Players That Are Not Attending Worlds 2017The ShotcallerTomasz MilaniukArticle2017 Season World Championship/Main Event

Sep 25[edit]

Emergency Roster Addition for 1907 FenerbahçeLoL EsportsArticle2017 Season World Championship/Play-In

Sep 26[edit]

SKT Head Coach cCarter: "Clement Chu's statements about LCK teams during Rift Rivals are all lies."Inven GlobalInterviewSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKT
Interview with Locodoco Part 2: How Did Khan Become the Player That He Is Now? Korea's Virtuous CycleInven GlobalInterviewLocodoco
Interview With Locodoco Part 1: NA LCS Franchising, Will It Succeed?Inven GlobalInterviewLocodoco
Maxlore: "If Faker doesn't have a girlfriend I don't have a girlfriend"Inven GlobalInterviewMaxlore2017 Season World Championship/Main Event
Legends in Action: Worlds - PremiereFnaticArticle2017 Season World Championship/Play-In
Crash on filling in for 1907 Fenerbahçe at worldsAndrew Kim for Slingshot EsportsInterviewCrash2017 Season World Championship/Play-In

Sep 27[edit]

Un rinoceronte suelto en China (Spanish)Riot MaggicalArticleKaos Latin Gamerslogo std.pngKLG
Cloud 9 Sneaky: "I hope they booked their flight"Inven GlobalInterviewSneaky2017 Season World Championship/Main Event
All about Worlds - LCK Top 3 Head Coaches on one tableInven GlobalInterview2017 Season World Championship/Main Event
FLASHBACK // Two Pentas at Worlds? (2017 Play-Ins)LoL EsportsArticle2017 Season World Championship/Play-In
The Dive: Play-In Knockout Stage, Worlds Meta, & Patch 7.19 (Season 1, Episode 25)LoL EsportsArticle2017 Season World Championship/Play-In
Froskurinn on negative feedback: “If you’re in the right mindset, you might as well approach it.”Blitz EsportsInterviewFroskurinn2017 Season World Championship/Play-In
Impact talks worlds play-in stage, group draws and a potential matchup with HuniAndrew Kim for Slingshot EsportsInterviewImpact2017 Season World Championship/Play-In
Team WE AD Carry Mystic talks about worlds stage and how easy it is to carry himAndrew Kim for Slingshot EsportsInterviewMystic2017 Season World Championship/Play-In
B's Legacy: How Did SKT Blank Become One Of The Best Junglers?Yeonjae "Arra" Shin and James "Bick" Hong for Inven GlobalArticleBlank2017 Season World Championship/Main Event
Standout players from the Play-in Group StagesThe Game HausChristian MarcaleArticleWhiteLotus, Seiya, Naul, Contractz, Padden2017 Season World Championship

Sep 28[edit]

G2 Visits Korea for Boot Camp: "We want to show the real G2 at Worlds"Inven GlobalInterviewG2 Esportslogo std.pngG22017 Season World Championship/Main Event
Fnatic Jeziz: "I'm just really excited to vs SKT or Longzhu Gaming"Inven GlobalInterviewJesiz2017 Season World Championship/Main Event
#Worlds | Play-In Knockouts (Highlights)Cloud9ArticleCloud9logo std.pngC92017 Season World Championship/Play-In
Rebuilding the Turkish EmpireUnikrnChase WassenarArticle2017 Season World Championship/Play-In

Sep 29[edit]

Team WE Zero: "I want to fight against SKT T1"Inven GlobalInterviewZero2017 Season World Championship/Main Event
FB Thaldrin: "We all just want to play against Longzhu Gaming"Inven GlobalInterviewThaldrin2017 Season World Championship/Main Event
Bang reflects on the start of his career with SKTAndrew Kim for Slingshot EsportsInterviewBang2017 Season World Championship/Main Event
Taking stock of the play-in stage: EU and NA aren't wildcards, minor regions have some way to goEsports HeavenJonathan YeeArticle2017 Season World Championship/Play-In
Fnatic’s possibilities for the rest of WorldsThe Game HausThomas BakerArticleFnaticlogo std.pngFNC2017 Season World Championship
Is Riot taking a major step back going to best of ones?The Game HausChristian MarcaleArticleNA LCS/2018 Season/Spring Season

Sep 30[edit]

FLASHBACK // Four Teams Head to Groups (2017 Play-In Eliminations)LoL EsportsArticle2017 Season World Championship/Play-In