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Dec 24[edit]

The 7 Players to look out for in 2018 EU LCSAlexandra "DrPuppet" Weber for Inven GlobalArticleEU LCS/2018 Season/Spring Season

Dec 25[edit]

The west is set for a cerebral battle between coaches like never before in 2018Esports HeavenJonathan YeeArticleEU LCS/2018 Season/Spring Season

Dec 26[edit]

Smeb to Faker: "What do you think of me?"Inven GlobalYeonjae "Arra" Shin,Dasol "Viion" JangInterviewCuVee, Deft, PraY, Smeb, Peanut, Untara, Faker

Dec 27[edit]

Professional Gamers Read Negative Comments From the CommunityInven GlobalHee Eun "Youii" Yoo,Dasol "Viion" JangInterviewCpt Jack, Edge, Flame, Fly, Ghost, Ian, Khan, Kuro, Mightybear, Revenger, Blank, Rascal, Roach, Score, MadLife, Crown
LCK Commentator CloudTemplar: "I want to invest everything I have into League. I want to be a part of it until the very end."Inven GlobalKi-Baek "Juneau" Nam, Youngbo "Roxyy" Sim, Woo "Ready" Hyun, James "Bick" Hong,,Takyun "Laff" PackInterviewCloudTemplar
Coming to America: Levi’s storyThe Game HausChristian MarcaleArticleLeviNA LCS/2018 Season/Spring Season

Dec 28[edit]

Flash Wolves Managed '4leaf' Visits Korea: "We're doing out best to find a suitable player than can replace Karsa"Inven GlobalHongje "Koer" Kim, Byungho "Haao" Kim, and Woo "Ready" HyunInterviewYoe Flash Wolveslogo std.pngFWAHQLogo std.pngahq
Golden Guardians' head of esports on fielding an all-NA roster, the "add" carry incidenttheScore EsportsThe Nexus PodcastInterviewGolden Guardianslogo std.pngGG
Bjergsen on his new teammates, the "TSM way" and ZoeRift HeraldAusten GoslinInterviewTSMlogo std.pngTSM
CLG Reignover: "As an NA player myself, I would be very proud if I saw NA do well in international tournaments."Inven GlobalSihoon "Maloo" Lee,James "Bick" HongInterviewReignover
Bjergsen on his new teammates, the "TSM way" and ZoeRift HeraldAusten GoslinInterviewBjergsen
1907 Fenerbahce Frozen: "When I joined Turkey, I swore to myself that I will either win TCL or retire and join the army"The ShotcallerAshley KangInterviewFrozenTCL/2018 Season/Winter Season

Dec 29[edit]

Why Ambition is ESPN's player of the yearESPNEmily RandArticleAmbition
Not just NA, EU, and the LPL... Korean Players Heading to the Turkish Champions LeagueInven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok,Dasol "Viion" JangArticleTCL/2018 Season/Winter Season
Burning 5: LCS questions following roster maniaThe Game HausDavid DemarcoArticleNA LCS/2018 Season/Spring Season

Dec 30[edit]