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Dec 31[edit]

CuVee Hits Liuhe Night Market of TaiwanInven GlobalByungho "Haao" Kim,Dasol "Viion" JangArticleCuVee

Jan 01[edit]

Narrative Wake Episode 20: Summoning Samsung White (feat. MonteCristo)YouTubeThorin, Kelsey Moser ft. MonteCristoArticleSamsunglogo std.pngSSG
Faker's year: The Demon King's best plays of 2017Dot EsportsXing LiArticleFaker
VOD Analysis: Small choices, big consequencesOracles ElixirTim SevenhuysenArticleDemacia Championship/2017 Season

Jan 02[edit]

Lee Ji-hoon on joining KSV and the New General Manager: "I will work hard to make KSV the world's best gaming oganization."Inven GlobalByungho "Haao" Kim,Dasol "Viion" JangInterviewKSV eSportslogo std.pngKSV
Católica será el primer equipo de Latinoamérica en tener equipo de LoL (Spanish)Cruzados.clArticleUniversidad Católica Esportslogo std.pngUC
The Chiefs Esports Club - Year of Destiny?chhopskyelmattoInterviewDestinyChiefs Esports Clublogo std.pngCHF
KaSing: "I always thought that if you go to NA you are going to become bad, no matter what"Dot EsportsAdam NewellArticleKaSingEU LCS/2018 Season/Spring Season
Universidad Católica Esports se une a la CLS (Spanish)LoL Esports LASRiot MaggicalArticleUniversidad Católica Esportslogo std.pngUCCLS/2018 Season/Opening Season

Jan 03[edit]

Demacia Championship 2017: Kha'zix's Rise in ChinaOracles ElixirAlbert CohenArticleDemacia Championship/2017 Season
From Doublelift to LemonNation, the oldest players of the NA LCSKyeongbeom "Its" Kim, Woo "Ready" Hyun, James "Bick" Hong, and Dasol "Viion" JangArticleNA LCS/2018 Season/Spring Season
Nate, toplaner de Kaos Latin Gamers: "Quiero demostrar que somos un equipo fuerte y ganar la CLS" (Spanish)Prensa LoLRazor SSArticleNateCLS/2018 Season/Opening Season

Jan 04[edit]

Vander: "Schalke was a full package-deal in my eyes"Dot EsportsAdam NewellArticleEU LCS/2018 Season/Spring Season
NA LCS Player's Union Silent in C9/Selfie DramaLiquidLegendsAdsMoFroArticleNA LCS/2018 Season/Spring Season
Narrative Wake Episode 21: S8 NA LCS Spring Mega PreviewYouTubeThorin, Kelsey MoserArticleNA LCS/2018 Season/Spring Season
What's the deal with the NA LCS Player's Association? - Travis TalksYouTubeTravis GaffordArticleNA LCS/2018 Season/Spring Season
El origen de los jugadores de Cruzados, el nuevo equipo de la CLS (Spanish)Tarreo EsportsCristóbal MatteucciArticleUniversidad Católica Esportslogo std.pngUCCLS/2018 Season/Opening Season

Jan 05[edit]

Reforged: EU LoLEsports in 2018LoL EsportsErin "Yuka" BowerArticleEU LCS/2018 Season/Spring Season
5 players to watch during the 2018 NA LCS Spring SplitDot EsportsAaron MickunasArticleNA LCS/2018 Season/Spring Season
NA LCS Team Logos Ranked Worst to BestDBLTAPEmsatthediscoArticleNA LCS/2018 Season/Spring Season

Jan 06[edit]

cCarter talks about his time as the SKT T1 head coach - "Faker, I believe, shed tears for many, many reasons" (English Translation)The ShotcallerAshley KangArticleSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKT
SKT 최병훈 "LoL 감독으로 지낸 5년, 새로 도전할 배틀그라운드" (Korean)FOMOS최민숙InterviewSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKT
Thorin's Thoughts - CJ Entus Should Have Made the Super-Team (LoL)YouTubeThorinArticleCJElogo std.pngCJ
No hand, no problem: Cougars top laner MistyStumpey thrives despite disabilityESPNCamden JonesArticleMistyStumpey
Turkish Champions League of LegendsThe Game HausIsaac ChandlerArticleTCL/2018 Season/Winter Season