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Sep 09[edit]

Consejos para Akali con Plugo y Rakyz (Spanish)LoL Esports LASTommyArticleCLS/2018 Season/Closing Playoffs
Tierwulf, jungla de KLG: “Nadie puede negar que soy un buen jugador y lucho por ser el mejor” (Spanish)PrensaLoLRagulolInterviewTierwulfCLS/2018 Season/Closing Playoffs
The European Masters Is Here!LoL EsportsKristine "Vaalia" HutterArticleEuropean Masters/2018 Season/Summer

Sep 10[edit]

CLS al Minuto: ¡KLG tricampeón! - Noticiero - Esports - League of Legends (Spanish)LoL Esports LASArticleCLS/2018 Season/Closing Playoffs
EU goes 13: your Ultimate Guide to EU Masters teams!MediumClockwork, MegalodontusArticleEuropean Masters/2018 Season/Summer/Main Event

Sep 11[edit]

How SKT can get through the Gauntlet and still make WorldsDot EsportsMalcom AbbasArticleGriffinlogo std.pngGRFSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKTKingzone DragonXlogo std.pngKZGen.Glogo std.pngGEN
Bjergsen on MEETING TYLER1 and fans yelling for him to play assassinsYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewBjergsen
What happened to G2, the old kings of Europe?Dot EsortsXing LiArticleJankos, Perkz, YoungBuckG2 Esportslogo std.pngG2
Doublelift: "I’ll probably be playing till… I’m ninety years old."Inven GlobalDasol "Viion" JangInterviewDoublelift
Hi Reddit! I'm Dardoch, Jungler for Echo Fox. AMAredditInterviewDardoch
VIT Kikis: "I had the respect because I am a veteran, but trust is something you need to earn and luckily I earned it very quickly since they knew they can trust me with the early game decisions."Inven GlobalAlexandre "DrPuppet" WeberInterviewKikisEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Playoffs
The Penta: Episode 25 (2018)LoL EsportsArticlePlugo, Fix, NateCLS/2018 Season/Closing Playoffs
¡Coordinación máxima para KLG! - Jugada de la Semana - Esports - League of Legends (Spanish)LoL Esports LASArticlePlugo, Fix, NateCLS/2018 Season/Closing Playoffs
Final CLS Clausura 2018 - Entrevista a Santiago Kegevic de Riot Games (Spanish)SKGCLArticleCLS/2018 Season/Closing Playoffs

Sep 12[edit]

Misfits Coach Hussain "Moose" Moosvi on the loss against Vitality and performance at the end of the splitInven GlobalAlexandre "DrPuppet" WeberInterviewMooseEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Playoffs
Movistar Esports - Entrevista a Nicolás "FIX" Sayago de Kaos Latin Gamers (Spanish)SKGCLRodolfo CamposInterviewFixFinal Latinoamérica Movistar 2018

Sep 13[edit]

Rookie heads to Worlds as China’s undisputed MVPDot EsportsXing LiArticleRookie
What’s next for Faker and SKT?Dot EsportsXing LiArticleFakerSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKT
Doublelift: winning summer finals, him vs Bjergsen, TL at WorldsYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewDoublelift
EU LCS Mic Check: Finals | Summer Split 2018LoL EsportsArticleEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Playoffs
Movistar Esports - Entrevista a Joaquín José "Plugo" Pérez de Kaos Latin Gamers (Spanish)SKGCLRodolfo CamposInterviewPlugoFinal Latinoamérica Movistar 2018
‘¡Estoy cargando la Q! ¡Ahí está!’ - Mic-Check - Esports - League of Legends (Spanish)LoL Esports LASArticleCLS/2018 Season/Closing Playoffs

Sep 14[edit]

Agenda de la #FinalMovistar (Spanish)LoL Esports LASRiot MaggicalArticleFinal Latinoamérica Movistar 2018
Movistar Esports - Entrevista a Zombyra & Corsario, casters de Riot Games LAS (Spanish)SKGCLRodolfo CamposInterviewFinal Latinoamérica Movistar 2018
Movistar Esports - Entrevista a Sebastián "Tierwulf" Mateluna de Kaos Latin Gamers (Spanish)SKGCLRodolfo CamposInterviewTierwulfFinal Latinoamérica Movistar 2018
Afreeca's Spirit: 'I've never thought of myself as a top tier jungler. I think that actually is my motivation.'ESPNEmily RandArticleSpiritLCK/2018 Season/Summer Playoffs

Sep 15[edit]

#EVOSRAWR 7: Hang Ổ mới, Chuyến Đi Săn mới - New Home - New HuntEVOS ESPORTS VNArticleEVOS Esportslogo std.pngEVS
FOX Dardoch: "In our eyes, we should have 3-0’d TSM."Inven GlobalNick GeracieInterviewDardoch
League of Legends: Peyton Riley obtuvo el premio a mejor cosplay en la Final Latinoamérica Movistar (Spanish)Depor.comRedacción DeporArticleFinal Latinoamérica Movistar 2018
Tierwulf: “hoy la copa se queda en casa 3-0” (Spanish)SKGCLChalangasInterviewSolidSnake, TierwulfFinal Latinoamérica Movistar 2018
League of Legends: los peruanos comentan su experiencia de jugar la Final Latinoamérica Movistar 2018 (Spanish)Depor.comRedacción DeporInterviewArce, Renyu, SolidSnakeFinal Latinoamérica Movistar 2018
League of Legends: Kaos Latin Gamers llega confiado a la Final Latinoamérica Movistar 2018 (Spanish)Depor.comRedacción DeporInterviewPlugo, SlowFinal Latinoamérica Movistar 2018