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Feb 10

Week 4 - Top 5 Momentsesport1.huAioweenArticleMagyar Nemzeti E-sport Bajnokság/Regular Season
Meteos breaks down his LCS debut for OpTic Gaming, differences between academy teamESPN EsportsTyler ErzbergerInterviewMeteosLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
Youngbuck on the current state of Fnatic in the LEC & how the meta influences themThe ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewYoungBuckLEC/2019 Season/Spring Season

Feb 11

FLASHBACK - Fastest Win in European History (LEC 2019 Spring Split Week 4)LoL EsportsArticleLEC/2019 Season/Spring Season
Froskurinn on differences between the LEC & LPL, and why it is okay to be biasedThe ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewFroskurinnLEC/2019 Season/Spring Season
100 HuHi: "I feel a lot more comfortable in-game now that I'm on a team with Aphromoo again."Inven GlobalNick GeracieInterviewHuhiLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
C9 Sneaky: "I think Huni would have ended up with more gold if he had just taken Kleptomancy and farmed."Inven GlobalNick GeracieInterviewSneakyLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
Steve talks building TL for 2019, honest opinions on what LCS needsYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewLiQuiD112LCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
Licorice breaks down how C9 used Sylas to beat TSMYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewLicoriceLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
TL Impact: 'I hope we can 18-0, if Peter stays off Vlad we can 18-0'YouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewImpactLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
Olleh explains WHY he wants teams to think GGS is badYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewOllehLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
League of Legends pros 'expect a lot from Sylas'ESPNMiles YimArticleReaperedLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
Infinity continúa invictoYouTubeArticleLLA/2019 Season/Opening Season

Feb 12

Week 5 - Predictionsesport1.huAioweenArticleMagyar Nemzeti E-sport Bajnokság/Regular Season
LEC Mic Check: Week 4 - Spring Split 2019LoL EsportsArticleLEC/2019 Season/Spring Season
Wadid on Rogue's 0-8 start, what's going wrong, and his personal feelingsThe ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewWadidLEC/2019 Season/Spring Season
C9 Svenskeren: “A lot of NA mids, at least from solo queue, they’re just chilling back waiting to get carried. I think being confident in their ability to carry games is where NA mids lack”Esports HeavenIzentoInterviewSvenskerenLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
Rush explains why he always avoids going 0-2 in LCSYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewRushLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
Biofrost on his new role as CAPTAIN of CLGYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewBiofrostLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
Doublelift wants to hit RANK ONE and have TL go UNDEFEATEDYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewDoubleliftLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
FOX Apollo: "I 100% trust that Rush, over time, can become the best Jungler in the LCS."Inven GlobalNick GeracieInterviewLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season

Feb 13

Week 5 resumeesport1.huAioweenArticleMagyar Nemzeti E-sport Bajnokság/Regular Season
Liga Movistar: Honores de la semana 4 (Spanish)LoL Esports LatamCaliheaArticleLLA/2019 Season/Opening Season
Mithy talks about stress as a pro, life in Denmark, and Astralis Family FeudsThe ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewMithyLEC/2019 Season/Spring Season
SKT Teddy on Mata's 6th year anniversary and winning LCK "before he goes to the army".KorizonAshley KangInterviewKhan, TeddyLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
SKT Khan: "It may be unfortunate that Faker missed MVP, but I deserved it today and I hope he gets it next time."Inven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok,David "Viion" JangInterviewKhan, TeddyLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
SKT Teddy: "The worst meta ever was the Ardent Censer. It’s a radical meta where the performance on other lanes doesn’t matter."Inven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok,David "Viion" JangInterviewTeddyLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
HLE Thal on How to Play Against Frostmancy Karma: "If you just ease your mind and let her hit you, it’s not that bad."Inven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok,David "Viion" JangInterviewThalLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
HLE Sangyoon on his 1000th kill in the LCK: “You can land your 1000th kill at your next match if not this one, or the one after. However, a match result, once it happens, can never be undone.”KorizonAshley KangInterviewSangyoonLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
HLE Sangyoon: "I did think of going abroad before, but I’m a bit afraid... I'm comfortable here in Korea... Who knows? I may go someday."Inven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok,David "Viion" JangInterviewSangyoonLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
HLE Sangyoon Becomes the 8th Player to hit 1,000 Kills in the LCKInven GlobalDavid "Viion" JangArticleSangyoonLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
Hauntzer on beating TSM and knowing how to tilt his former teamYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewHauntzerLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
10 Thoughts going into Week 4LoL EsportsKien LamArticleLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
Episodio 4 - INF CotopacoYouTubeArticleCotopacoLLA/2019 Season/Opening Season
‘Los fracasados se rinden, yo no me rindo’YouTubeArticleLLA/2019 Season/Opening Season
Un estilo de juego infinitoYouTubeArticleLLA/2019 Season/Opening Season
‘¡Me morí igual! ¡Me snowballeo!’YouTubeArticleLLA/2019 Season/Opening Season

Feb 14

¿Quién es Anáhuac Esports? (Spanish)LVPmexArticleAnáhuac Esportslogo std.pngANHExternalContent/2019-02-10
¿Quien es Lyon Gaming? (Spanish)LVPmexArticleLyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team)logo std.pngLyonExternalContent/2019-02-10
Norskeren about the Blast Cone, being picked up last second, & his LEC aspirationsThe ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewNorskerenLEC/2019 Season/Spring Season
Summit on SANDBOX Gaming’s base run: “Ghost suddenly called out, I’ll do it!”KorizonAshley KangInterviewDove, SummitLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
SB Ghost's Goals for Spring: "This split is such a great chance for us...I really want to make it to the finals."Inven GlobalYudae "Akiin" OakInterviewGhostLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
SB Summit on facing mid laners: "Grace was actually better than other top laners. That's why I had quite a hard time performing well in game 2."Inven GlobalYudae "Akiin" OakInterviewDove, SummitLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
DWG Nuguri: "I feel relieved since now my teammates proved that they're also capable of carrying our team."Inven GlobalYudae "Akiin" OakInterviewNuguriLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
DMG ShowMaker: "It's (building Frostfang) good for every single AP champ. I'm not that good on farming CS, so this meta goes quite well with me. It's a bummer that it'll end soon."Inven GlobalYudae "Akiin" OakInterviewPunch, ShowMakerLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
Lagrange, entrenador de Coliseo Dragons: “Sabemos que si jugamos lo que nos resulta cómodo, podríamos ser punteros” (Spanish)ar.lvp.globalOxacianoInterviewColiseo Dragonslogo std.pngCdRLiga Master Fibertel/2019 Season/Opening Season
C9 Licorice: "We weren't able to win LCS last year, but I think we can with our current team."Inven GlobalNick GeracieInterviewLicoriceLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
Reapered explains why Ezreal is so OP right nowYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewReaperedLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
The Undefeated and the 'New' Underdogs of the Four Major LeaguesInven GlobalDavid "Viion" JangArticleLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
Women in Esports w/ Sjokz - EUphoria Season 3 Episode 5LoL EsportsArticleLEC/2019 Season/Spring Season

Feb 15

¿Quién es ARCTIC GAMING MX? (Spanish)LVPmexArticleArctic Gaminglogo std.pngARC.MExternalContent/2019-02-10
¿Quién es Mad Lions E.C. México? (Spanish)LVPmexArticleMAD Lions E.C. Mexicologo std.pngMLMExternalContent/2019-02-10
Infinity Esports finalizó la primera vuelta de la LLA invictos (Spanish)ESPN Esports MéxicoEitán Benezra,Andrés JamitArticleLLA/2019 Season/Opening Season
Post Game Lobby - LEC Week 5 Day 1 (Spring 2019)LoL EsportsArticleLEC/2019 Season/Spring Season
Ready Check - LEC Week 5 Day 1 (Spring 2019)LoL EsportsArticleLEC/2019 Season/Spring Season
Meet Fabian Broich, former professional goalkeeper, helping Origen succeed as a Sports PsychologistThe ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewOrigenlogo std.pngOGLEC/2019 Season/Spring Season
HLE Thal: "I made a resolution that I will never repeat what happened last year"Inven GlobalWoo "Ready" HyunInterviewThalLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
HLE Sangyoon: "Our team didn't practice the 'Frostmancy strategy' at all. We didn't mind it and just played like how we used to. It worked"Inven GlobalWoo "Ready" HyunInterviewSangyoonLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
GRF Viper on Griffin dropping a game against SANDBOX Gaming: “[League] is a game where you learn more when you lose.”KorizonAshley KangInterviewViperLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
Viper on Patch 9.3: "I don't think it brought a significant change to the bot lane meta."Inven GlobalWoo "Ready" HyunInterviewViper, TarzanLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
GRF Sword: "I believe I'm the best 'tank' top laner in the LCK. The only other top laner that's better than me on non-tanks is Khan"Inven GlobalWoo "Ready" HyunInterviewSwordLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
cvMax says Griffin is the next gen LCK teamESPNAshley KangArticleCvMaxLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
GGS deftly: "The main thing I took away from my first year on Golden Guardians was how to learn in defeat."Inven GlobalNick GeracieInterviewDeftlyLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
CG Piglet: "Since the results haven’t been good for me over the past few years, I began to think I was the problem."Inven GlobalByungho "Haao" Kim,David "Viion" JangInterviewPigletLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
TL CoreJJ Talks About his Ambitions in a New Region: "My hope is that Team Liquid will be the team that NA could be proud of."Inven GlobalByungho "Haao" Kim,James "Bick" HongInterviewCoreJJLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season
CLG PowerOfEvil: "I really enjoy playing in NA. I feel like I'm respected here."Inven GlobalNick GeracieInterviewPowerOfEvilLCS/2019 Season/Spring Season

Feb 16

SKT Faker on his performance on Zoe: “I think [the game] turned out well because I am just that good at Zoe.”KorizonAshley KangInterviewFakerExternalContent/2019-02-10
DWG Nuclear on the Latest Patch: "Only Ezreal managed to survive this vague situation where one can’t decide if this patch is a nerf or a buff, and it has caused Ezreal’s tier to rise."Inven Globaloonkyu "Lasso" Seok and Ji-Eun “Meii” PaekInterviewNuclearLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
All Knights aplastó a XTEN Esports con Yorick en escena (Spanish)SKGCLChalangasArticleLLA/2019 Season/Opening Season
Post Game Lobby - LEC Week 5 Day 2 (Spring 2019)LoL EsportsArticleLEC/2019 Season/Spring Season
Ready Check - LEC Week 5 Day 2 (Spring 2019)LoL EsportsArticleLEC/2019 Season/Spring Season
LEC in the Making - Episode 2: The StudioLoL EsportsArticleLEC/2019 Season/Spring Season
Drakos on the versatility of Caps and a little secret he is hiding on the internetThe ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewDrakosLEC/2019 Season/Spring Season
DWG Punch regarding his playstyle: “Ever since we got our coach [Kim] from iG, we’ve been playing more aggressively”KorizonKevin KimInterviewPunch, ShowMakerLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
DAMWON Hoit: “Bot laners don’t have much impact on the game nowadays unless they are playing Ezreal.”Inven GlobalBeom "Nswer" Park, Ji-Eun “Meii” Paek,Hee Eun "Youii" YooInterviewHoitLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
SKT T1 Faker on His Latest Mage Picks: "There were many cards our team could play, and we just used one of them."Inven GlobalJi-Eun “Meii” Paek,Hee Eun "Youii" YooInterviewFakerLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
SKT Faker on his performance on Zoe: “I think [the game] turned out well because I am just that good at Zoe.”KorizonAshley KangInterviewLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
SKT Faker: "I think there was a number of times I should have been picked as MVP... Next time, I’d like to get those MVPs rather than let other players take them."Inven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok,Ji-Eun “Meii” PaekInterviewFakerLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
SKT Mata: "Since I am a bot laner, I like it when Faker plays a more supportive role... If Faker goes for a carry pick, then the rest of the team focuses on helping him. "Inven Globaloonkyu "Lasso" Seok,Ji-Eun “Meii” PaekInterviewMataLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
SK Telecom coach kkOma on Sylas, the Frostmancy strategy and MSIESPNAshley KangInterviewLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season