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Mar 31[edit]

DAMWON Micro on KT: "I thought that KT wouldn't prepare any risky plays since they'd know the pressure might come to them."Inven GlobalHee Eun "Youii" Yoo, Takyun "Laff" Pack,Yudae "Akiin" OakInterviewMicroLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
DAMWON Nuguri on His Slump: "I thought, 'Why am I this bad at League?' I decided to block everything out of my sight and focus on my solo queues."Inven GlobalYudae "Akiin" OakInterviewNuguriLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
What's happening in the LPL, and how will the LCS shake out this summer?YouTubeESPN EpsortsArticleLPL/2019 Season/Summer Season

Apr 01[edit]

Griffin Chovy reflects on the LCK split: 'I'm just glad that I haven't burnt out'ESPN EsportsAshley KangInterviewChovyLCK/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
FLASHBACK - LEC 2019 Playoffs Round 1 (Spring)LoL EsportsArticleLEC/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
MarkZ walks out after discussing FLY vs GGS and the All Pro Team votesYouTubeChoi "Locodoco" Yoon-seopInterviewLCS/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
Stat and Record Leaders of the 2019 LCK Spring Split -- Chovy MVP, Teddy Most Kills, Deft Highest DPMInven GlobalDavid "Viion" JangArticleLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season

Apr 02[edit]

Faker named to Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia 2019 listDot EsportsAdam NewellArticleFaker
Faker Included in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia Class of 2019 ListInven GlobalDavid "Viion" JangArticleFaker
Rebirth Esports y Dark Horse: Los grandes finalistas de la Liga de Honor Entel (Spanish)Prensa LoLVhania BarreraArticleLiga de Honor Entel/2019 Season/Opening Playoffs
LEC Mic Check: Playoffs Round 1 (Spring 2019)LoL EsportsArticleLEC/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
YamatoCannon reflects on Team Vitality's past split and favourites for the titleThe ShotcallerAlexander HugoInterviewYamatoCannonLEC/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
Santorin dedicates FlyQuest's win to his late grandfather, explains why he teared up after the gameYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewSantorinLCS/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs

Apr 03[edit]

FOX Panda: "I really look up to Santorin and Xmithie, they've been the two best performing junglers in LCS."Inven GlobalNick GeracieInterviewPanda
Nisqy on Goldenglue: "We just want C9 to win. It feels like a friendly rivalry"UpcomerIsaac McIntyreInterviewNisqy
DWG Showmaker: "There’s nothing really special about Corki because he’s a relatively easy champion. You just need to farm well."Inven GlobalDavid "Viion" JangInterviewShowMakerLCK/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
DWG Nuguri: "More than reaching the next round, I'm happier that we've secured a spot in the Rift Rivals."Inven GlobalYoungbo "Roxyy" Sim,David "Viion" JangInterviewNuclear, NuguriLCK/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
Road to Finals w/ Ender - EUphoria Season 3 Episode 12LoL EsportsArticleLEC/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
Santorin on why he was happy about GGS's draft in game 5YouTubeChoi "Locodoco" Yoon-seopInterviewSantorinLCS/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
Froggen's thoughts on why GGS didn't put him on a carry for game 5YouTubeChoi "Locodoco" Yoon-seopInterviewFroggenLCS/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
Zven explains how the TSM, TL, C9 rock, paper, scissors battle has worked so farYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewZvenLCS/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
Nisqy on Goldenglue: "We just want C9 to win. It feels like a friendly rivalry"UpcomerIsaac "Everin" McIntyreInterviewNisqyLCS/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
TSM vs. Cloud9: A clash of titans in the LCS Spring Split semifinalsDot EsportsTyler EsguerraArticleCloud9logo std.pngC9Team SoloMidlogo std.pngTSMLCS/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs

Apr 04[edit]

Schalke’s Dylan Falco on what went wrong in the spring, Fnatic’s resurgence, and the team’s plans for the Summer SplitDot EsportsAdam NewellInterviewDylan Falco
G2's Perkz reflects on the spring split as the LEC playoffs march onESPNAdel ChouadriaArticlePerkz
1-Second Interview With KZ Deft: Deft's short advice(?) to amateurs who wanted to become pros!Inven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok,Yudae "Akiin" OakInterviewDeftLCK/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
Fnatic Nemesis, after their first-round playoff matchup: "We basically read Vitality like a book. When you read a team like a book, they can't win."Inven GlobalAdel ChouadriaInterviewNemesisFnaticlogo std.pngFNCLEC/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
Fnatic vs. Splyce: The defending champs square off against the late-game kings in the 2019 LEC Spring Split semifinalsDot EsportsTyler EsguerraArticleSplycelogo std.pngSPYFnaticlogo std.pngFNCLEC/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
C9 Goldenglue: "High pressure used to be something I was terrified of, but now I live for it."Inven GlobalNick GeracieInterviewGoldenglueLCS/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
4 Thoughts: Anyone Can WinLoL EsportsKien LamArticleLCS/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
2019 LCK Spring Split Regular Season All-Pro First TeamInven GlobalDavid "Viion" JangArticleLCK/2019 Season/Spring Season
FLY JayJ on WildTurtle: “Sometimes he sees plays that we don’t, and[…] ‘if we all-in with you, it’s good, but none of us were ready for that, and so you shouldn’t have done it'”Esports HeavenIzentoInterviewJayJLCS/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs

Apr 05[edit]

Post Game Lobby - LEC Playoffs Round 2 - Fnatic vs. Splyce (Spring 2019)LoL EsportsArticleLEC/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
Ready Check - LEC Playoffs Round 2 - Fnatic vs. Splyce (Spring 2019)LoL EsportsArticleLEC/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
Vuelve el "Dúo Tropical"; Liga de Honor Entel suma a Tommy como caster para la Gran Final (Spanish)Prensa LoLVhania BarreraArticleLiga de Honor Entel/2019 Season/Opening Playoffs
KZ Deft: "Our efforts were to be regarded as the best, not better than expectations, so we’ll reach the finals and hear that we’re the best."Inven GlobalDavid "Viion" JangInterviewDeftLCK/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
KZ TusiN on his Teammates' Performances: "For today, Cuzz was the best, and I think Deft was a bit less sexy."Inven GlobalDavid "Viion" JangInterviewKingzone DragonXlogo std.pngKZLCK/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
Vizicsacsi on advancing in the LEC Playoffs, cheesing Fnatic, and top lane matchupsThe ShotcallerAlexander HugoInterviewVizicsacsiLEC/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
G2 vs. OG may be the first huge turning point in the LECDot EsportsXing LiArticleG2 Esportslogo std.pngG2Origenlogo std.pngOGLEC/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
FlyQuest Coach Cop on the good luck charm they'll be missing against TLYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewCopLCS/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
FlyQuest's Santorin presses on despite grandfather's deathESPNEmily RandArticleSantorinLCS/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs

Apr 06[edit]

Post Game Lobby - LEC Playoffs Round 2 - Origen vs. G2 Esports (Spring 2019)LoL EsportsArticleLEC/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
Ready Check - LEC Playoffs Round 2 - Origen vs. G2 Esports (Spring 2019)LoL EsportsArticleLEC/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
Team Liquid vs. FlyQuest: Pobelter strikes backDot EsportsPreston ByersArticleFlyQuestlogo std.pngFLYTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTLLCS/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs
LCS playoff preview: Team Liquid vs. FlyQuest, TSM vs. Cloud9YouTubeESPN EsportsArticleLCS/2019 Season/Spring Playoffs