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Jun 16[edit]

Mikyx & Perkz rank the Pyke players at G2, why Wunder opening Paint is an advertisement for Pro ViewThe ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewPerkz, MikyxLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
Il lato rosso domina la quinta giornata del PG Nats. Gli Outplayed vincono il match of the dayPowned.itEugenio "Paesano" FofiArticlePG Nationals/2019 Season/Summer Season
Riot Azael: "Honestly, I think we should be seeing more enchantress Supports."Inven GlobalNick GeracieInterviewAzaelLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Winds of Change Blowing in the LCK... the Spring Champions, SKT T1 Struggling This SplitInven GlobalDongyong "Lubic" Seo, Yudae "Akiin" OakArticleSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKTLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
KT Score: "Mordekaiser is a good pick in jungle and top. He remains as a viable pick as long as he doesn't get nerfed.Inven GlobalKi-Baek "Juneau" Nam, Beom "Nswer" Park, Yudae "Akiin" OakInterviewScoreLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
AF Ucal on the Team's Performance: "How did Afreeca become such a strong team!"Inven GlobalHee Eun "Youii" Yoo, Yudae "Akiin" OakInterviewUcalLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season

Jun 17[edit]

Kirei speaks about his first LEC Match, why the decision was made that he played over MaxloreThe ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewKireiLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
Nisqy says Cloud9 is "the best team in NA right now"YouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewNisqyLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
We might see a completely different 100 Thieves next week confirms AphromooYouTubeChoi "Locodoco" Yoon-seopInterviewAphromooLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Xmithie says getting a FOUR PEAT is one of the primary concerns on his mindYouTubeChoi "Locodoco" Yoon-seopInterviewXmithieLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Biofrost explains Lux's versatility and why she's so strong right nowYouTubeChoi "Locodoco" Yoon-seopInterviewBiofrostLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
[Weekly LCK: Hot and Cold] Afreeca Freecs Extend Winning Streak, SK Telecom T1 Down to 8th PlaceInven GlobalDavid "Viion" JangArticleLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
Six-way midfield battle emerges in Europe as consistency reignsHotspawn EsportsIsaac McIntyreArticleLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
League of Legends: LCK Summer Week 2 Power RankingsThe Game HausRui Yang XuArticleLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season

Jun 18[edit]

Vizicscacsi: "I like that teams give younger players a chance. There is a lot of talent in Academy."The ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewVizicsacsiLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
Dread takes early lead in MVP race, guides Afreeca into battle for firstHotspawn EsportsIsaac McIntyreArticleDreadAfreeca Freecslogo std.pngAFLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
Zven reveals who he thinks is the best team in the LCSYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewZvenLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
EVC League of Legends: Samsung Morning Stars dominatori assolutieveryeye.itFrancesco LombardoArticleESL Vodafone Championship/2019/Summer Season
Brokenblade on their win over C9 and how surreal it is to play for TSMYouTubeChoi "Locodoco" Yoon-seopInterviewBroken BladeLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
No one can compete with the Rivens in NA - Viper on which region has the best Rivens in the worldYouTubeChoi "Locodoco" Yoon-seopInterviewV1perLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
CLG Ruin: "It seems that the LCS players have a much higher base level than the TCL players."Inven GlobalDavid "Viion" Jang, Nick Geracie, Lara LunardiInterviewRuinLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Vitality will fight for their lives this weekendUpcomerNicholas RayArticleTeam Vitalitylogo std.pngVITLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
PowerofEvil: "I’m confident that we can make it to playoffs"UpcomerSteven PaulInterviewPowerOfEvilLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Nisqy: "In NA, most people are playing safe. At C9, we're not scared."UpcomerXing LiArticleCloud9logo std.pngC9LCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Cloud9 Zeyzal: "My personality has shifted a lot more toward acting like Sneaky"UpcomerBrian ChangInterviewZeyzalLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Echo Fox Lost on beating Liquid: "It felt pretty random. Hella random."UpcomerBrian ChangInterviewLostLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
League of Legends: LCK Summer’s OP5 Week 2The Game HausRui Yang XuArticleLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
Team Liquid: Week 4 PreviewThe Game HausBrayden NazarianArticleTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTLLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season

Jun 19[edit]

Afreeca Freecs coach NoFe explains why he got emotional after SKT winESPN EsportsAshley KangInterviewNoFeLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
Mithy reflects on Origen's 2-2 Start, jokes that he wants to "smack TSM's ass" at Rift RivalsThe ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewMithyLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
Blaber explains the strengths and weaknesses of the Gragas Yasuo duoYouTubeChoi "Locodoco" Yoon-seopInterviewBlaberLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Lustboy rates TSM's head coaches from best to worstYouTubeChoi "Locodoco" Yoon-seopInterviewLustboyLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
"Back when he was the Solo King, I couldn't stand him" Apollo says remembering Solo's toxicityYouTubeChoi "Locodoco" Yoon-seopInterviewApolloLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
DWG Nuguri: "Every player on SKT is strong... they might just be experiencing growing pains from trying things differently"Inven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok, Woo "Ready" HyunInterviewNuguriLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
FlyQuest V1per: "My Riven I’m always confident with. If it looks good, I will pick it."UpcomerBrian ChangInteviewV1perLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season

Jun 20[edit]

Bwipo reflects on his Spring Split, Hopes vs G2, Moving in together with his girlfriendThe ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewBwipoLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
Jankos rates SK & Rogue, why Sacre is good, jokes about counting his time due to Rookies taking overThe ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewJankosLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
CoreJJ talks Team Liquid's return to strength and America's fast foodYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewCoreJJLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
PGNats LoL: che ritorno per gli SparksCorriere dello Sport.itGECArticleCampus Party Sparkslogo std.pngSPKPG Nationals/2019 Season/Summer Season
Zaboutine: OpTic Gaming banking on the “rarest resource in the LCS”Hotspawn EsportsIsaac McIntyreInterviewZaboutineLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Can Fnatic take down the G2 Esports juggernaut in their first meeting of the 2019 LEC Summer Split?Dot EsportsTyler EsguerraArticleG2 Esportslogo std.pngG2Fnaticlogo std.pngFNCLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
Deftly: “We’re two different teams in practice and on stage”Dot EsportsElena EndresInterviewDeftlyLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
[LCK Summer] Griffin Tarzan, “If the early game goes wrong with Olaf, there’s nothing to do with him. But my Olaf is different. I’m confident to play him.”Inven GlobalByungho "Haao" KimInterviewTarzanLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
Hauntzer on NA LoL: "Sometimes there’s a clown fiesta, sometimes you just group mid."UpcomerBrian ChangInterviewHauntzerLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
League of Legends: G2 and Fnatic Fight for FirstThe Game HausNick ButtsArticleG2 Esportslogo std.pngG2Fnaticlogo std.pngFNCLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
Clutch Gaming: LCS Week 4 PreviewThe Game HausSteven ZamoraArticleClutch Gaminglogo std.pngCGLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Team Liquid: The Frontrunners in a Stacked LCSThe Game HausBrayden NazarianArticleTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTLLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
League of Legends: Counter Logic Gaming LCS Week 4 PreviewThe Game HausThomas BakerArticleCounter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCLGLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season

Jun 21[edit]

Sacre: "What makes a good Toplaner is his ability to use his Jungler - and when not to use him too."The ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewSacreLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
Olleh says he feels concerned for 100t and wants them to get happy and find successYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewOllehLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Wiggily explains what's holding CLG back from closing games out fasterYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewWiggilyLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
It’s Pizza Time! OP Brizz: “Tornare con Bullet dà grande sicurezza al team”Esport PizzaAndrea "Clockwork" BarresiArticleAnimale, Phantomles, BrizzPG Nationals/2019 Season/Summer Season
TL CoreJJ: "This patch makes Rakan players look dumb."Inven GlobalNick Geracie, Lara Lunardi, IzentoInterviewCoreJJLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
CLG Biofrost talks buying a house, work-life separation, and the double-edged sword of gaming housesInven GlobalIzentoInterviewBiofrostLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Rick Fox: "If you're in Iron IV, I wish you luck!"Inven GlobalNick Geracie, Lara LunardiInterviewEcho Foxlogo std.pngFOXLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
GGS Olleh: "I feel whenever Froggen gets a mage and I get Tahm Kench, it’s hard to lose the game."Inven GlobalIzentoInterviewOllehLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
C9 Blaber: "To be honest, Gragas/Yasuo is really strong. People aren't respecting it enough."Inven GlobalNick Geracie, Lara Lunardi, IzentoInterviewBlaberLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
GRF Viper: "I wasn't sure if bot lane Pyke was going to work out. Then I saw G2 using it, and it strengthened my reasons to try it."Inven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok, Woo "Ready" HyunInterviewViperLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
Cody Sun: "We have to prove that we’re a team that other teams ... need to fear."UpcomerBrian ChangInterviewCody SunLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
League Of Legends: 100 Thieves Week 4 PreviewThe Game HausCody HillArticle100 Thieveslogo std.png100LCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
LEC: Week 3 Power RankingsThe Game HausRobert HanesArticleLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
Golden Guardians Week 3 PreviewThe Game HausDeclan MclaughinArticleGolden Guardianslogo std.pngGGLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season

Jun 22[edit]

Bwipo and Broxah on their synergy, learnings from Worlds 2018, and the 2019 LEC Summer SplitThe ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewBroxah, BwipoLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
[Video Interview] GEN CuVee Talks about How To Deal with Internet Trolls, Negative Comments, and Who Cusses the Most in his TeamInven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok, Woo "Ready" HyunInterviewCuVeeLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
GRF Chovy: "It may look easy, but there’s no easy opponent to a pro player."Inven GlobalYoungbo "Roxyy" Sim, David "Viion" JangInterviewChovyLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
GRF Viper on Kleptomancy Sivir: "I also picked Klepto because it doesn’t feel good if I’m the only one getting all that gold stolen."Inven GlobalDavid "Viion" JangInterviewViper, TarzanLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
LCS Power Rankings: Week 4The Game HausNick ButtsArticleLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
League of Legends: TSM Week 4 PreviewThe Game HausJordan MarneyArticleTeam SoloMidlogo std.pngTSMLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season